VIP Ticket Giveaway Tease & General Frozen Fury Hysteria

I want everybody prepared when we announce the first contest (likely in about 3 weeks) for the VIP Kings ticket giveaway. Consider this your heads up. You will need a few things for each of the contests. We’ll start off simple, as you will only be required to own a camera and a Kings jersey to enter to win the first pair of tickets. What you need to do with those items you won’t know until the competition is a go. Any camera will suffice as we won’t discriminate based on quality, so your camera phone will do just fine. If you don’t have a jersey, shame on you, go buy one. No T-Shirts, these tickets are for crazy King fans (our favorite kind), and crazy King fans have jerseys. You’ll need one not only for the contest but also to wear to Staples if you win the tickets! That’s all on that for now. Be excited… and afraid.

As to Frozen Fury, I just wanted to take your temperature. Who is going? Have you been before or is it your inaugural romp? Who isn’t going? Why the hell not? This will be my 4th trip to Las Vegas to watch the Kings kick the Avalanche’s asses through heavily blurred vision. Besides the playoffs this is the Kings’ event I get the most excited about. More importantly, when you are in Vegas skulking through the casino with your fellow 8,000 King fans, what will you do when you spy a black jersey through the crowd that reads ‘Surly’ on its back?

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  1. I will be going to Frozen Fury for the ??th time in a row. I honestly have no idea how many times I’ve gone, but it’s become a family tradition. Thanks to my mom’s crippling gambling addiction, I get free tickets and a free room at the MGM. Why the **** wouldn’t I go? A great time!!!

    GO KINGS!!!

  2. This will be my 2nd year as a season ticket holder and my first trip out to Frozen Fury. I’m freaking amped. It will also be the first opportunity I’ve had to wear my newly minted authentic Anze Kopitar home jersey out in public, and I can’t wait to show that puppy off!

  3. WooHoo! I can’t wait. Frozen Fury is the one weekend jaunt I look forward to the most every year. BTW, when I see ya I’ll scream “Hey Neighbor!” Look out for me. I’ll be the one holding glass of whiskey in one hand for me and another in my other hand for you.

  4. I’m going! First time…

  5. Wouldn’t miss it! 5th year in a row!

  6. I’m going…again…..yeah!!!!! This will be my third year.
    Walking the gauntlet back to the arena through the yelling throngs of Kings fans is an experience that I recommend for all Kings fans….

    Oh yes and I look forward to my beer(s)???? But that is just a Vegas normal thing…

    And remember to yell GO KINGS GO very loud no matter where your are…casino, bar, restroom, out your car window, in people’s faces….EVERYWHERE!!!

  7. Frozen Fury virgin here. catching kings and bluemangroup in the same weekend. woot!

  8. Well frozen fury sounds really great to go but unfortunately I don’t have the funds to go for the first time. But maybe one day I can take my family and share the experience with them.

  9. Been to every single one. Usually go with a big group. The smallest group was 3, the first couple of games, biggest group 16.

  10. 5th year at Frozen Fury! On my bf’s birthday this year so extra special!!! GO KINGS!

  11. Not going for a couple of reasons.

    1) I’m a poor 26 year old who has finally found his “way/path” after 8 years of stupidity and partying (not to mention fun), which means I might be in school (school starts Sept 26, forgot when Frozen Fury starts).

    2) I moved up to Portland, OR about 3 months ago after living in LA my whole life, so that few hour drive turned into a long drive or an expensive plane ticket/room/losing-money for tables, etc.

    I’m sure it’ll be fun though. One of these years I’ll get my ass down there and see all the balmy Kings fans and the demure Av fans.

  12. My wife and I are going and we’re bringing a friend who we’ve been mostly successful at turning into a Kings fan. This will be all of our first time. Super excited.

  13. First time going. Cant wait. Going with a very large group..and when i see u surly ill yell “Go Kings Go! Let me buy u a beer”

  14. First time attendee as well. Tickets, flights, room are all booked.

  15. This is my First time getting to go to FF ..So Excited!!!
    I have wanted to go forever ..always a question of $$
    Put it top of my priorty list and finally!
    Will not be able to attend King’s Fest for the first time :( As could not take that many
    days off work.. That has always been a great event..
    But so ready for some days of merriment in Vegas.. will be doing some Poker stalking and
    who knows what else..
    Yea for the contest to start.. this will be great fun..
    TG I do have a jersey.. and I am a Crazy if not so wealthy King’s Fan.. The games I am
    luicky enough to go to.. I also tape.. cause what if Bobbie or Foxie say something to
    increase my knowledge of the game.. or what if there is an amazing play I have to watch
    over and over.. then I have to make my highlight tapes of the season.. friend’s call me
    obsessed.. It is the love of the game and our Boys!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  16. I’ll be going again with the usual suspects, plus 2 additional friends . . see you both at the Jell-O Shots bar . .

  17. Better late than never….sorry for the late response. Of course I am going! I hope to see you there so I can buy you several drinks! Can you post where you will be sitting so I can bring you a drink?


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