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Maybe its just because I’m in the middle of all this nonsense, but I loved The Royal Half’s post about this supposed blogger war. Some serious gems in here. Enjoy, and for the love of god (whoops, I meant ‘source’), someone vote for us already! Is it lame to post lol? Probably. Fuck it, lol.

Training Camp Battles: Principles Office

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  1. someone vote for us already

    … Uhhh, oops? I cast my vote for Tom Preissing’s blog, because – well, hell yeah Tom Preissing! He led all Kings’ defensemen in plus/minus for two seasons running.

    Well he actually didn’t but he tried really hard.

    • Lol. Have you been away or lurking?

      • … Lurking, I guess.

        I don’t really have much of an opinion on this whole deal – the offseason usually degenerates into little back-and-forth passive-aggressive shots like this. I don’t believe the source in question would pass along anything he or she knows to be untrue, and it’s hard for me to get worked up about it or take the time to analyze it, anyway.

        The resolution of the Doughty situation is obviously the most important and significant episode in this current regime, and no one wants to give any information up or admit to anything. I get that. I think Drew’s dead-on in the recent video; he has a number in mind, a ballpark – and it’s up to his representatives to get there. Everyone loves to hate player agents, but what’s Lombardi? He’s the agent for the owner. So, it’s two agents “battling it out”, I guess. Not very interesting to me.

        Lombardi needs to sign Doughty. If he doesn’t, the legitimacy of this whole “the push starts NOW” thing loses traction immediately. Doughty knows this; he’s pretty intelligent. How bad does Lombardi want him? Up to now, Dean has had the upper hand in every negotiation, and rode any player out of town on a rail that he needed to in order to maintain that upper hand. Now, the player – at last – has the upper hand. Can Lombardi check his ego at the door and get it done? We’ll see, but I don’t think he can.

        • Gotcha… I agree in many ways. It’s not that interesting to actually witness… Because there is nothing to witness really. All we do is hypothesize and try and bore wormholes through walls to talk about something we know is happening and care deeply about how it resolves.

          Hey, here’s an idea, write an article about it. :)

  2. I think you just revealed that your source is God.

    • Shhhhh!

      Damn Quisp, always blowing our sneaky cover. This is war i say, war!

      Now where can I find a glove to slap you with? Might as well make this official, if we’re gonna put on a show, the laws of the stage say we must give the crowd what it wants.

      By the way, it’s not god, our source is judas. He’s still finking on god.

  3. I truly don’t know what to make of all this other than both sites are truly die-hard Kings sites and both at times a little to deep for me… especially you Quisp but I love your site anyway, and I book marked the Royal Half… because of the Heidi pic. I must say, he scooped you both on that. My next observation is it is summer and let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot to discuss. But if I may, I would like to throw out a question. Do you all think that the Kings may resign Matt Greene or use him in a trade later this season? The Kings are deep at defense. Trying to change the subject a bit.

    • Well Greene is signed through three more years. He may not play all 3 of those years as a king. Maybe he’ll play more. I don’t think he gets traded until Muzzin becomes a damn solid and very physical NHL defenseman. I guess that could happen this year, but likely not till the next really, and even that may be early. Greene isn’t the smartest of players, but he’s our heaviest defenseman, a great penalty killer and probably the most vocal guy on the team. I really like Greene and think his strengths easily outweigh his gaffes.

  4. Hahah this summer may turn out to be more controversial then last summers Kovi fiasco.

  5. I voted for Boobs on Quisp’s page

  6. I voted for “butt tattoo” because there’s one thing I know for sure… I got mine. Doughty’s got his. Surly and Scribe have theirs. Quisp has his (though it may look a little different with those Spock ears). Rich… yes, even though he’d never admit it, Rich has his. And while I can’t say I’ve seen it with my own eyes, I would even bet that Helene has hers. Ass to ass, cheek to cheek, we’re all in this together, folks.


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