My source says that I should shut up and stop saying what my source says.

In this case, my source is you, the Kings internet community at large. It’s the best source there is and the only source I really care about. Well, there’s one other source I care about more, and he just can’t stop laughing. That source would be me.

Am I allowed to cite myself as a source? No one ever told me the rules. Why are there rules?

Someone told me there was a war going on… some kind of blog war. All I see are a couple of guys in a bar having an animated conversation while the drunks in the dark corners sip their drinks and pray for a spectacle. They won’t get their wish. I don’t like this new reputation of being a rumor site. In fairness, we have posted what would have to be categorized as rumors. Still, we’ve posted a video with boobs in it and I don’t consider this a porn site. Further to that point, for those who accuse us of making stuff up in order to drive traffic to the site, posting the word BOOBS drives much more traffic here than posting any sort of rumor ever will. So in an effort to simultaneously affirm and mock the same group of people…. boobs boobs boobs. Tits too.

I guess its only proper (since we are accused of needlessly riling up the masses I may as well satiate them) for me to give a response to Quisp’s assessment of our accuracy. So here it is… he makes some good points. One of those good points is that he inherently doesn’t believe anything that falls under the category of a rumor. Quisp has always been fantastic at proving his own points and he has given us another good example of that. I don’t mean that sarcastically, it would be kind of weird (not to mention booooring) if he wasted his energy proving other people’s points. So he has convinced a group of people who insist that they shouldn’t believe what we say over here that they should think the way he thinks over there. The wheels on the bus go round and round.

As I said before, I’m not the spreadsheet guy. I quit debate in high school because I hated this whole notion of evidence. Not because I think its wrong, but because I find it tedious. I’m the creative guy, logic and amusement are my weapons. Now you may jump and say “see! you are just being creative and making up these Doughty rumors!”, but you may then, Mr. Evidence, look to the fact that Bobby has posted every single one of the Doughty rumors. He’s the lawyer, he’s the one who enjoys doing things properly, even if he has a mind for the fantastic once in a while, he’s mostly the meat and potatoes, black and white, prove your point and I’ll prove mine, kind of guy. So I’ll leave any real response to him, assuming he cares to make one. I’m the grey matter, the flavor in between. I’m here to tell you how much I love the Kings, how much I hate the Ducks, and how amusing it is to watch the blogosphere freak out, a phenomenon that can’t seem to be helped. It’s like gravity.

It wasn’t Quisp’s point to make the blogosphere freak out with his vetting of this site’s rumor track record. Nor was it Scribe’s point to do the same when middle-manning Doughty information to a group of hockey fans hungry for anything to tide them over until something interesting happens when the team we love finally gets back on the damn ice. However, the fact that myself and Quisp can sit here and calmly say – hey, we like each other – and the blogosphere interprets that as a war and presumes some sort of feigned contention between S&S and Jewels, does prove its own point. That point would be that regardless of what you say, the massive game of telephone that is the internet has a deaf person every few turns. We say “Hey, such and such may happen”, Quisp says “I disagree because of x, y, z”, then the deaf person says “HrMmmnllll Aaaammnnnreee”, which the next person interprets as:

I guess I constantly take for granted that most people like to take life seriously. I’ve never been afflicted by this curse.

The reason I wanted to start this site was because I like discussion and I wanted to generate it with interesting writing. An amusing side effect is that the discussion has gone beyond, been repackaged and sent back to me in a different box for my own consumption. The instigator has become the reactor. The writer, the reader. The wheels on the bus go round and round…

I will promise you that when we make shit up out of thin air here on Surly & Scribe, there will be zero equivocation about its origin. People who intentionally want to be creative don’t need to hide that creativity behind a “source”. That would be like Leonardo DaVinci claiming he didn’t really make any of his artwork, but rather, was told to make it by someone else.

Maybe if we replaced the word ‘source’ with the word ‘God’, people would be more inclined to believe it.

So take us seriously, or don’t. The prerogative is yours. Trust that we have an innate disdain for lying under the guise of fact. Believe that there is a difference between information and fantasy, and that depending on the day or our mood, you can get either one here. Or carry your cynicism where you travel and leave cookie crumbs for the rest to follow. Most importantly, carry on, because it’s nice to be reciprocated. I’m having a blast.