So you already know by now that the Kings have essentially signed Ethan Moreau to a 1-year, $600,000 contract. Technically he has not signed yet, but rather reached an agreement with the Kings on a contract to sign in the next day or two. You should also know plenty about Moreau. At 36 years old (come the start of training camp) Ethan is a 16 season NHL veteran, with 900 games under his belt. If you aren’t familiar with him, you are either 12 years old or need to pay more attention to the rest of the league. For those few, this is Ethan Moreau:

That’s enough to get an idea of what to expect from Moreau. He can pitch in some points, though he hasn’t scored more than 14 goals since he was on the right side of 30. He’s not here to score, he’s here to be a good teammate, hit some people, play responsible defense and grind, grind, grind. He was Edmonton’s captain for many a year and should fit in nicely on the Kings’ fourth line. Parse was never meant to be a fourth liner (Ethan is typically a LW, by the by), though I don’t imagine Moreau will be dressing for every game… then again, our coach is Terry Murray, so who knows.

This is the kind of signing teams who want to win make. Though there are infinitely more Ethan Moreau’s to choose from than Mike Richards’ or Simon Gagne’s, it is almost as important to bring quality veteran experience to your bottom six if playoff success is your goal. I can’t remember the last team to go deep in the playoffs without someone like Moreau pluggin’ away on the fourth line, changing their Depends at intermissions. Don’t have high expectations for this guy. He’s making barely above league minimum for a reason and no one would likely have blamed him if he had retired this offseason. But Moreau is a fighter, a tough cookie who gives it all he’s got, even if what’s he’s got is much less than what he had.

This is likely to be his last hurrah in the NHL (though one never knows who will pull a Recchi and play until their beards are as coarse as the hair on their testicles), and that is something that works in the Kings’ favor. Moreau doesn’t have a Cup, but I bet he really wants one. He came oh so close in 2006 when he scored 19 points in 21 games – Moreau has played in 46 total playoff games – and you can bank on him spilling his guts for the Kings in order to get back to the place from which the mighty have fallen.