Drew spoke “recently” (writer does not state when) with thegoodpoint.com…who? Exactly.

For those who don’t like links, here are Drew’s quotes:

“Some people were on me for my point production, but I feel like I improved in areas people didn’t really notice last year,”

“The Kings haven’t made it past the first-round in how long? Since the current management and coaches came on board, they’ve been bringing in new faces,” he said. “They’ve done a great job building.”

“I always aim to be the best, most consistent player on the ice.”

“I was in good shape last year but I worked out really hard this summer so I can make a bigger difference out there.”

“It’s always bittersweet with the summer ending,” he said. “I look forward to getting back on the ice, so I get really excited, but at the same time I don’t want it to end.”

Is there cause for concern because he referred to the team by name or used the word “they’ve” instead of “we” or “us”? I don’t think so. In fairness to Drew, he is talking about past L.A. Kings teams, not the present one and, as a 21-year-old kid, I doubt seriously Doughty pays that much attention to every word he uses. I remember being 21. I said a lot of dumb things. Surly still does.

A thank you to one of our readers, James, for sending me the article.