Zach Parise Must Come

Each time the subject of Zach Parise comes up, I partially tune out. It’s not because I don’t want to see him as a Los Angeles King. I do. It’s because I used to find the odds about the same as Heidi Androl having a secret and not yet exercised desire to be my GFF (girlfriend forever)…that is assuming the wife approves and she already has so long as Matt Damon reciprocates, despite the fact I am better looking.

But many things have to go right for Zach Parise to become a Los Angeles King, right?

First, the Devils would have to suck again this season so the odds of Zach Parise walking as a free agent goes up because he won’t want to re-sign on a team that isn’t a contender or close to it. Actually, that is not all that far-fetched. Their goaltending is suspect as Marty Brodeur is half the man he used to be (cue STP) and they are weakest on defense and center depth. Not a good recipe to make the playoffs. Lou could make a splash I suppose but what do they have that anyone would want? Easy. Zach Parise.

Second, Dean Lombardi would have to want Zach Parise something fierce…well, let’s see. We have LW Dustin Penner that is in a contract year so we should and hope to get a good performance out of him, but what about after this season? Does Dean keep Penner? Guest writer Howard Roark will bring you an article on that. As for Gagne, if he is healthy, he is gold but we can’t put our eggs in that basket and, even if he remains healthy, we still need a top line, left wing if Penner is not retained. Is there a better one in the league who will be a UFA on July 1, 2012? Hell no. Parise is the hops to our barley, kids. Kopitar, Brown, Parise, Richards, Williams, Gagne…are you kidding me? I just got a semi. Dean Lombardi would have to be crazy not to want Parise.

Third, if it is a trade, what do we have that New Jersey needs? Other than our strengths being their weaknesses, nothing. We have depth at center and, tremendously so, on defense. Don’t go crazy and think I am proposing we trade someone like Jack Johnson for Zach Parise (I am not) but with the prospect pool of top talent on D, we can afford to lose one + center package + picks it may take. All of this assumes Zach would be locked up long-term. Not so out of the realm of reality, is it. Is it?

Fourth, Parise would have to be healthy. This is a risk and we won’t know how healthy he will be until the season commences. His knee injury (meniscus tear) is sometimes called a “whoa boy” because it does exactly that to the player. It can be a career changer.

Fifth, we would have to be able to afford him. That is the easy part. If Penner is not re-signed, that is over $4 million in freed cap space. We have already told you who the LA Kings’ UFAs are next season when, on August 18, we fast forwarded to 2012. We have the cap space boys and girls, more than enough to sign Parise mid or long-term and still have money to play.

So, is getting Parise at the deadline or, if he makes it to free agency, signing him then a long shot? You know, I don’t think it is. In fact, I will go out on a limb here and say it is more likely than not Dean Lombardi will make a strong push to bring Parise to L.A. “But what makes you think Zach will want to come here and play or, if traded, sign mid to long-term?” Other than the fact this is the best Kings’ team assembled since 91-92 and we finally look like a contender, nothing. If you don’t believe the LA Kings are good enough to contend for the Cup, you likely don’t believe Zach Parise will sign here if “winning” is priority 1a or 1b. If you do, then you have answered your own question.

Remember this article if and when the fateful day comes…GO KINGS!

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  1. Amen Brother!!!! Is it Hockey time yet?;?

  2. How about we get Doughty done and focus on this season before we entertain fantasy?

  3. I’d trade Jack Johnson for Parise every day of the week and twice on Sunday. In addition to whatever other prospect(s) we’d need to throw in to complete the package.

  4. Question to you guys off topic. Logan Couture just signed for under 3 million per season for two seasons. The Sharks seem to have this all-in-the-family thing going where their players sign in-between contracts between their ELCs and their next big contract. I always figured this is only natural when you’re talking seventh round picks like Joe Pavelski who wouldn’t even have a contract if the Sharks hadn’t drafted him (so he owes them, basically). Or when you’re talking a Devin Setoguchi, who had a 30 goal season but it came playing next to Joe Thornton, and despite that he’s still very inconsistent, and not very good defensively. Or Clowe, another late round pick. So when the Sharks or other teams are pumping out their PR about how they’ve created a team fist mentality where all the players take paycuts coming out of their ELCs, I thought yeah yeah yeah, so do other teams.

    But now we’re talking Logan Couture. He was bar none their best player last season, better than Thornton or Marleau any anyone else. He was better than Drew Doughty on the Kings. He scored more goals than Martin St. Louis. He was 20th in the entire NHL in goalscoring, while also being a great 2way player. So while I thought yeah, for a seventh round pick like Pavelski, he owes them, he will take a discount. But when it comes to stars, it’s just the way it is now, if you’re already a star when you finish your ELC, then you get paid like a star in your next contract.

    So my question is, why is it that, and how is it fair that, the Sharks get to keep their young franchise player for less than 3 million a season for two extra years, and the Kings have to pay Doughty 6-7 million per season coming off a bad season where he was out of shape? Logan Couture is worth at least 4-4.5 million after last season, and a lot of teams would love to have him at 5 million per year. But he re-signed for less than 3.

    I’m sure people will say Doug Wilson is a genius here, but I think I’ve figured out his brilliant plan, which must make me a genius too. Here it is. Let’s take our stars, and just have them get paid half as much as they’re worth. Sound good, stars? You cool with that, Doughty?

    What I mean is, if the Sharks have this system in place where no one gets big contracts right after their ELCs, why doesn’t Lombardi? It’s not really fair in and of itself, but here I believe is the reason it happened, and it’s even more unfair than the contracts themselves.

    It’s all about the agents. Drew Doughty has an agent who is not affiliated at all with the Kings, does not care about the Kings, who is in Doughty’s ear telling him he can get more money, and if the Kings don’t give it to him he will get it for him elsewhere. His agent is telling him to hold out as long as possible until he gets what his agent says he is worth.

    Then there’s Couture. His agent has worked almost exclusively with the Sharks GM for years, and that is because he is John Thornton, brother of the Sharks captain Joe Thornton. And Im sure he is telling Couture, “Ehhh, you’re not really worth as much as you probably think, plus trust me, all 29 other franchises are terrible, they abuse their players, every turnover you make you get whipped for after the game in the locker room. Plus, you know my brother who is getting paid more than Pavel Datsyuk and Jonathan Toews, he took a real hometown discount to stay here, so you should too. That’s how we do it here. What’s that? You want five million per year? No! Out of the question. You are taking a discount, period. I am your agent, and you’re taking a discount buddy to stay with my team, cough cough I mean the Sharks, they’re not my team, why would they be my team? But really, even though you have a full season before your contract runs out, you probably shouldn’t wait another day to get a better offer. Just take the first one you offer you, no good agent has their client wait or attempt to create any leverage at all. Only stupid agents like the ones who are trying to get their clients money do stuff like that. Trust me, you may think you have a year to wait, but sometimes a year goes by like it’s just a day, which means if you wait until tomorrow, your contract may just be up before you realize it…Yes it does make sense! Just sign motherfucker I own three of your jerseys and I don’t want to sell them!”

    It’s just unfair. It’s collusion. You have the brother of your team captain taking in the young impressionable players who come into your organization and giving them the pro-Sharks spin from day one, not representing their best interests, but those of the team. There’s a definite conflict of interest there and it benefits the Sharks in an unfair manner, which means it is unfair to the other teams. Shouldn’t the league be looking into this? What do you all think?

    • Do you recall Jack Johnson’s second contract? The one after his ECL? There is your answer. The players want to stay, recognizes the next contract is the big one because he still needs to establish himself on the team and in the league and is willing to be paid accordingly. Doughty believes (perhaps rightly so) that he is a generational talent, as did Stamkos. There is your difference.

  5. Uhuh, this is more fodder for the Quisp mill.

  6. Bobby, generational talent vs none is a good point. But non-generational talents get paid big after their ELCs too. He had 32 goals in limited powerplay time. The only players I can recall who got as little as he did after scoring 30 goals are Grabner and Moulson, and that’s because it’s the Islanders. Those players couldn’t even crack the top 9 on other teams, so the team can argue they only scored 30 because they got so much ice time and opportunity on a bad team. With Couture he did it behind other players, on a good team. Like I said he was a better player than Patrick Marleau, who played on the same team. Marleau is making 7 million. Im not saying Couture should have gotten 7 as he’s only proved himself for 1-2 seasons unlike Marleau. But at least 4 million. I cant think of any non-islanders who scored 30 goals in limited PP time, while also being called the team’s best all-around player multiple times by the coach and GM throughout the season, and got less than 3 million. Seems like collusion to me. I doubt he would have gotten that little if Don Meehan was his agent, or anyone else who doesn’t have a conflict of interest.

    As for Jack Johnson, coming out of his ELC, what year was that? I dont remember. But before last season he had two 11 point seasons, both -18 or worse, and then a 36 point season which was -15. That would be why he didnt get big bucks. People saw his potential but he hadn’t proved anything yet, and he wasn’t very productive yet. Couture’s is a different situation. He’s much further along than Johnson was even in 2009-2010.

    What do you think about the collusion thought?

    • As BAD as the Islanders are, Moulson finished at -10 and Grabner +13.

      Having said that, IF and now it’s a big IF, the Kings and Canucks could get a Mulligan on not signing or releasing either one of these guys, do you think they would???

      Bad team or not, not many players will light it up like these 2 did, with 5 to 10 minutes more of Ice time a game. Moulson did it 2 years running, and we will see what Grabner can do this season, having earned a spotlight, and every team will be aware of him. But that didn’t stop Moulson.

      SO here’s a question for all of you……….

      Which of our top 6 forwards would you replace with either Moulson or Grabner?
      IF none…..Which of our 3rd line guy’s would you sit for their services?

      My answers……

      Moulson could replace Penner or Williams , and if Gagne can’t stay healthy, him too

      Grabner over Williams, and any of our 3rd line wingers.

  7. vs non, not none. generational talent vs non-generational talent is what its supposed to read.

  8. Perhaps Couture is thinking that if he becomes what Doughty thinks he is now he will get a lot more as an UFA down the line. It would not be unrealistic that 3 years from now (still pretty early in his career), he could get a Kovalchuk career type contract that would dwarf anything he could possibly get now. Moreover to get an extra few million may not be worth the intangible cost esp. this early in his career.

    What I hope for is that Drew takes the cue and accepts what is a very good contract.

  9. How did a blog about Parise become about Doughty?

    No way in hell does Parise sign with LA without Dean trading for him at the deadline, if available. I still think he will re-sign with NJ.

  10. I would hope and love to see Parise become a King, one problem, I hope it won’t become like the Kovalchuk deal where it was a wild goose chase for nothing, teams like Vancouver and San Jose might make a move on Parise, it’s up to him and his agent where he goes when he’s a free agent.

  11. Bernier would be the key to this deal……as much as we are poised to bring up young talent to replace Jack Johnson, we have some young goaltenders that could backup Quick.

    Bernier will have to play a decent amount of games, and shine to be the chip we need for a Top name player via trade. Johnson on the other hand, will have to outplay any kid ready for his spot. But a Johnson + Bernier for Parise deal sounds good to me.

  12. Great title to a porn!!!

  13. As far as JJ, I would argue that he’s better than Scuds, and not quite as dependable as Mitchell, but good enough in different ways to call a very close #2. We’ve spent years building up every level in our line up, and now we’re on the cusp of something special. Screw Parise at least till the trade deadline to see what we have. Even then, Screw Parise as a rental. Next season if we played lights out with the line up we have this season then Screw Parise for next season also.

    I have that feeling that this season is going to seperate the wheat from the chaff, and when everybody (even Kingsfans) see how good we are, they’ll stop crying for Parise. I say screw him till it’s obvious that we need him. If the line ups good enough now, don’t F@#K with it, and let the chemistry flow.

    • Yes yes and yes to you sir, spot on, z.p would be nice but not a bone in my body is shakeing with the ergency to get him. Let the team we have now play, lock up d.d and play some damd good hockey. Im not trying to sound like a party pooper but d.d is realy pissing me off, he said he wants and has always wanted to be a king ( big b.s talk ) he has become nothing but a distraction to this team. I dont care how great he could be, I dont care how great he thinks he is, he is only siderailing the progress of this team. If you want big cash, put up big #s, how many times in life have we seen this crap, from elementary school( your child is advanced ) lets treat him like a pre madona, at 20 when he is still liveing at home jobless, dont you wish you made him work harder for that gifted title. I say to you drew , prove your worth making more than kopi on the damd ice, than ask for your payday, if you want to be a king, pick up the pen and sighn on the dotted line. keep this crap up and not one person will give a crap what your opinion is. Sorry to all of you fans who love d.d, I think he is a good hockey player blinded by money and fame, he is young, but if he gets his way one time( much like a little child ) he will expect it every time…

  14. Zach Parise will not come to L.A. Lou Lamoriello will nail his foot to the floor like a Strassbourg goose.

    So stop this pointless, spastic daydreaming and give some thought to replacing the size and muscle we lost so far this summer.

    Again I say it: Parise will die in the Eastern Conference. He will never, ever, ever, ever-never, play in a Kings uniform.

    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let us all pray that I am completely fulla shit.


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