A Few Goosebumps For Your Sunday…

The hero of the night is Sgt. Daniel Smith. His brother, Josh, is one of our avid readers and a Die Hard LA Kings’ fan. Josh is currently in the army and we may see him next season on the big screen.


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  1. Goosebumps is right; I get ’em every game for this segment.

  2. Yep thats my pink eared lil brother. He did me proud this game though. When he did this Brownie looked up towards him and pointed. Then about 10 seconds later we scored. Goddamn cant wait fot Oct. GO KINGS GO!

  3. That was a spectacle. Many more to come this season. I can’t wait until the puck drops in a few weeks.

  4. … I’d love to see all of those heroes back home as soon as possible.

  5. Thank you Sgt. Smith. You’re service is loved and appreciated

  6. God, I have the worst grammar of any poster ever . . . LAKingsNews needs a “edit” function”


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