So, Drew wants 5. He sure as hell doesn’t want 9 and has balked at 7. I would prefer 7. Actually, I would prefer as many UFA years taken away as possible, but we will put that on the “want but won’t get” list.

$7 million cap hit for 5 years? Stamkos got $7.5 per season ($37.5 total) for 5, right? Some look at Weber’s 1 year award as the benchmark but I wonder if Steven Stamkos (another Don Meehan client) is the measuring stick with which Newport Sports Management wishes to beat Dean Lombardi down.

Do you go there? I don’t. No way do I give Drew that kind of money or absorb a $7.5 million dollar cap hit for a short-term deal. I know why Drew would want it. It’s his ideal scenario. Big dollars followed by the potential of bigger UFA dollars. Pretty sure a deal can’t be win-lose if it is going to be compromise between two positions. Is there a win-win here?

Don’t fret too much if you hear Dean has made take it or leave it offers or the parties are at a serious impasse. Funny thing about take it or leave it offers is they can change with one phone call, one concession, or one act of good faith. Everyone, please keep your feet off the negotiation table. Nobody goes into negotiations of this magnitude for it to fail. Everyone wants a deal…there is that word want again.

Back to the original question – 5 years. What do you give?