And Now For Something Completely Different…

Gotta love the KHL. Here is the official (no joke) HC Metallurg team video…don’t be concerned if you don’t speak Russian. You are not watching this for the linguistics. Thanks to Puck Daddy for its revealing first look at this issue…and shame on you for asking if there is an “unedited” version of it. After you watch this, go back to the article about elevating the fan experience at Staples…there is serious fun left to be planned.

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  1. … Play this before the game, and watch beer sales decrease by 500% and relationship breakups increase by 500%.

  2. ess veedioh from da chcoowmland

    aye shall raayte das article lowley yet watch multiplel toymes

    (i said REFRESH Yuri!!)

  3. Doughty’s first offer sheet?

    A Rosetta Stone production? Don’t speak a word but sure understood the language.

  4. What’s with the little black boxes? I thought this site was tops in google searches for boobies? That just left me feeling ripped off.

  5. gaahhhhh blackboxes, why must you taunt us so??!!! *pout*

  6. Don’t show this to Voynov!

  7. Svetlana sure is limber…

  8. That’s Russia…and Ukraine is even better, trust me.

  9. Good stuff

  10. I don’t normally like watching black boxes but when I do I like watching hockey’s cheerleaders…stay hungry my friends. :D


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