Surly is one of the loudest people I know. If Staples Center was filled with 18,118 Surlies, the new speakers could blast any selection of funky music and you wouldn’t hear a thing. For goodness sake, last season, he started the DUN DUN DUN DUNDUN chant followed by the opposing team SUCKS and I could hear him in section 119…and he is in 315 (clear across the arena). He did that at least once a game, sometimes several.

So, I have moved to section 301 and got great seats in the process. I want to surround myself with the Diehards. Saving a few thousands dollars didn’t hurt. While I made some permanent friends in 119 and had the pleasure of sitting a few rows behind The Mayor, arguably the best chirper in the league (though he was more mellow this past season), I set forth a goal of getting a “team” of fans together in the 300s that would raise the roof. I don’t buy that those in the lower bowl are any less passionate. Perhaps older, perhaps more “corporate” (whatever that means) but I will admit, from game to game, the 300 sections are louder, sometimes much louder.

So, what the hell do I have in mind?

It’s actually simple.

Imagine you are at a game. You are also in section 301. In the beginning, there are 10-20 of us who are part of this, throughout said section. We coordinate. I start it, you start it, doesn’t matter, it builds. The soldiers in the adjacent rows (302-305 to the left, 331-334 to the right) pick up on it and spread it. What are we spreading? While Go King Go and Let’s Go Kings are certainly an option, I had deeper, more original and inspired creations in mind – each of whom would roll off the tongue. I will share those later and we can brainstorm about it as we draw closer to the season.

What about Surly’s side of the 300s? Those in sections 314-322 are most certainly invited. Surly will be your host and he can coordinate with you the chants and directed insanity. Remember those sections have a distinct advantage, in that they are near the media. Get loud enough in coordinated chants and everyone hears you. Can you imagine Bob and Jim hearing the deafening sound of “Anaheim Sucks!” followed immediately by an equally loud “Anaheim Swallows!!” That may be too graphic…or is it?

I look at section 304 and others that have built a reputation of being a vocal core of the fan base during games. I am very proud of those boys and girls. However, I refuse to believe that 1/2 the sections in the arena, especially in the 300s, cannot challenge 304 and then take it to a higher level. If anything, I would expect this experience and venture will spread like a virus throughout the arena. Fast forward – you are at a Kings v. Ducks’ game and you hear this starting in section 301 (this is off the top of my head so forgive its simplicity):

“Who Sucks?”


“Hey Corey Perry!”


“Hey Ryan Getzlaf!”


“Hey Teemu!”


…and this just spreads through the arena to the point the players, coaches and the media hear it all.

This is only the beginning. We are talking about an experience that, when in full effect, will get picked up by major media, blogs and other fans. I want our fan base to build a reputation as the loudest in the league. I want youtube videos posted, questions about the suddenly elevated fan experience posed to Dean Lombardi by the media and listen to his answer of, “I have never seen anything like this. Our fans have literally become the 7th player on the ice.”  As a side note, I am kicking around the “7th Man” as the label for this. Sounds pseudo prophetic doesn’t it? I want to see opposing fans (especially those of the Red Wings, Canucks, Ducks, and others who make the journey) to sit in awe of the experience unfolding around them. We don’t even have to direct anything at them. To us, they don’t even exist. They are lamb among lions…they can watch because we’ll let them. They get too close and we feed.

I can’t do this alone. I need you. We have thousands of readers every day on this site. 5 participants will become 10. 10 will become 100. 100 will become 1000. Together, we will own Staples Center until the league takes notice and next time a major media outlet does a poll of the most diehard fans in the league, there is L.A. at number 1 and everyone else a distant second.

This won’t cost you a cent. You won’t have to travel one foot further than you already do to do this. I need your lungs. I need your passion unleashed during games.

Where do we start? I need to know who is in. You can comment below your confirmation and ideas. You can also email me at if you want to lead your own section. I am realistic and I don’t expect to get a 1000 people in the next 7 days. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will this Kingdom. This is a season long effort but it starts here. All it takes is vision, fortitude and the ever important momentum.

Let’s make the myth.