Surly & Scribe Will Be At Frozen Fury XIV

Tickets to Frozen Fury – $80.00 per seat
Round Trip Flight – about $190.00
Room @ New York, New York – A little less than $160.00

Unleashing Surly & I on Las Vegas to join our brothers and sisters of puck in the annual bedlam – priceless

In honor of the impending insanity…

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  1. Sooooo jealous you got a room at MGM Grand….I need to get my reservations…got the important part…TICKETS. Watch out Vegas Kings fans coming!

  2. Usually I stay at the Palms but I want to try to be closer this year. Why drive when you can walk or run or just hide under a poker table and wait for a King to walk by?

  3. Gallagher’s Steakhouse at New York, New York, I thought, was pretty good. Also, if you want a Vegas show before or after the game, Zumanity is beyond amazing. But who needs classy, nude comedy when you got hockey to watch?

    • I found Zumanity to be a little too odd for my liking (and trust me I like my oddities) maybe because we got ‘free tickets’ which turned out to be two fold out chairs in the lighting booth. Then went backstage where my girlfriend said the muscular midget was hot. Come to think about it, that’s probably why I have a bad memory of the show. Feeling even a flash of jealousy towards a midget is not a pleasant thing. But I digress… is it possible to digress when you didn’t have a point in the first place?

  4. Just don’t eat at Craft Steak . . overrated

  5. I will be there rocking the new frozen fury tattoo and my custom new crown (if its done by then) I can’t wait let’s all meet up for a shit load of beer before the game! Go Kings! !!!


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