So, “We” Does Mean Something Other Than…

Do you all remember the discussion we had over the word “we” and what Dean Lombardi meant when he stated the following?

“I think it’s fair to say that in the last conversation, we set the parameters, as to where we feel his contract should be. We talked about a number of scenarios, and I guess now it’s their move. They never really responded.” [Emphasis added]

Recall that quote came from Rich Hammond on August 10.

Surly did a fun write-up about this “we” issue thereafter. The link is in the preceding sentence.

After much reflection, I think we are wrong. We read it again and again and then, in hindsight, looked at the events that occurred thereafter (the offers, the tweaking of them, the time that has passed) and “we” more likely than not means he & the Kings in the context the words were spoken and not he and Doughty’s people. For the same reason, I think we were wrong about the deal in principle issue as well. If they had one, it wouldn’t have taken this long. I felt compelled to post this since there was much discussion about it. I will take my requisite Neo / Mr. Anderson position now…fire away…

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  1. When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. However when Quisp is right, he’s still wrong ;)

  2. Well, to be honest, it’s refreshing to know you’re not perfect…..

    BTW, I’ve been missing the last week or so, and I’m just now catching up with all the posts. Have to say, they are some of the best yet. Sorry I missed the discussions. I love the drum and chant idea. I might have to get a game package in 315 or 301 this coming season. You two goofballs actually have thinking about it….

  3. So is there a deal or not?

  4. O.o…. how could you?! I… I don’t what to say… I’m going to need some time to think about this and us

  5. Did he sign yet?

    • Suffice it to say, our source and I are both not very confident in that as a fact because he doesn’t have the term. It’s too easy to say the deal is done without terms and until we get terms, it is take the information with a grain of salt

  6. I just reread Surly’s post.. it was just as twisty as the first time.. like the Colorado river..
    My initial thought was the We was meant to be Deano and team. I think he had already presented the Parameters of what the Kings will except, and he was just reiterating it.
    Sometimes you just can’t translate a sentense word for word esp when it is Dean talking..
    and I am glad to know I am not the only one who listens to the man and ends up going WTF did he just say?
    In wake of the Russian Team tradegy I hope Doughty realizes life needs to be lived fully
    Every day and pushes forward to join his team.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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