In life, experience brings lessons. Lessons bring change and/or adaptation. Those who have been our readers long enough know we do this solely for the love the game & our team. When we were fortunate enough to develop a contact (a source) that could bring us information before it became news, our first reaction was a positive one and Surly & I decided to post what we were told. What we did not anticipate is that some would take the information as gospel. In retrospect, we should have anticipated that. When providing information, any information, that turns out to be right sometimes and wrong others, regardless of the caveats that led into and permeated the words, some people will rely on it as if it came with 100% accuracy. Who are we to question human nature?

There is a large contingent of our readership that accepts the information for what they are – rumors. Though I am a big Fleetwood Mac fan, I resisted that word in this context in the beginning because I hated its definition. Now, I realize that, absent confirmation from the horse’s mouth, rumors are exactly what they are.

Life experience. Time for adaptation.

We are no longer going to post the information we hear on the main page of our site. That will keep it away from anyone who does not wish to read it. To satisfy the majority of our readers who want to know what we hear and have the necessary grain of salt firmly planted between the cheek and gum, there will be a separate page at the top of the screen which will be updated with information as we receive it. The working title of that page (subject to change) is “Blasphemous Rumors”. If you can’t find the humor in something, might as well skip it, right?

We haven’t yet thought out the structure of the page and in what manner the information will be conveyed. We will figure that out sometime this week or this weekend. However, what Surly & I believe this will do is give an outlet for those who want this information and voluntarily make that journey to the page. As for those who don’t care for it and don’t want to read it – they won’t.

Were Surly & I tempted to eliminate the rumors all together? Yes. But, we are going to experiment with this first and if ongoing experience tells us (and the readers confirm) they would rather not hear or see any of it, then so be it.