Hold Out? Only If Doughty Is Suffering From Temporary Insanity

From Nick Kypreos:

Where does LA go next after Doughty rejects multi offers including 9 yrs.61.2M. The 6.8 aav would have matched Kopitar’s as #Kings highest

From James Mirtle:

I’m not going to be surprised in the slightest if Drew Doughty misses the start of training camp…


Doughty situation is a bit of a mess from what I’ve heard.

As an aside, Kypreos’ statement about a 9 year, 61.2 million dollar offer sounds right to us – we had heard the same thing (9 years, under $7 million per season to be exact) on August 16 as one of Lombardi’s offers. That is a lot of coin. Kyper also tweeted about multiple offers but he doesn’t expand further so we don’t know if the other one, as far as he knows, is the 7 year, $50 million dollar offer we had heard and reported or something else. Regardless, and no matter where you stand on the Drew Doughty issue, 9 years, $61.2 million dollars for a $6.8 million dollar per season cap hit is beyond fair (absurdly so) to reward Drew for past performance and future potential. Can anyone reasonably dispute that?

Mirtle then tells us that he has heard the Doughty situation is a mess. A mess? Didn’t we just get these quotes from Helene Elliott?

Lombardi said he spoke Monday with Doughty’s agent, Don Meehan, and made an offer that “codifies what we’ve been talking about for a while.” Lombardi said the offer includes “different lengths for him to consider,” likely six to eight years.

“Everything’s been amicable. We’re waiting to hear back from them. They said they’d get back to us in a day or two,” Lombardi said. “So in terms of distance, I’ll probably have a better handle on that when we hear back.”

So, Dean did some tweaking of offers, sent them off, and was waiting to hear from Meehan while everything was amicable and now it is a mess?

Helene gave us this today from her the LA Times blog:

Lombardi said Thursday through a team spokesman that he and Doughty’s agent, Don Meehan, have agreed not to comment publicly about the negotiations. However, it doesn’t appear that an agreement is imminent.

That is not consistent with what we heard about the deal being done and, on this issue, we defer to Helene. Looks like we were wrong although, in fairness, there is no quote from either Meehan or Lombardi that it is not “imminent.” Rather, that is written more in the form of an opinion, one that is of course informed.

So, that brings us to the question: Would Drew Doughty have to be out of his mind to hold out? In a word, yes.

The offers are public.

Helene gave us the 9 years, $6.5 million per season a while back.

If you completely disregard what we have written about the 7 year, $50 million dollar offer (feel free), you still have a confirmation of the other offer of 9 years, $6.8 million dollars per season according to Kyperos today.

That is Kopitar money.

Public perception will slather Drew with the reputation of a greedy, self-absorbed, me-first prima donna if he holds out with those kinds of numbers on the table. There is no justifying it. “I am leaving it in my agent’s hands” won’t work. If he is mature enough to handle that kind of money, he is mature enough to step up and know when he is being unreasonable or his agent is. The fans will slowly turn on him (that has already started). He hasn’t been low-balled. In fact, you could even call Lombard’s offers generous (read: beyond fair) and you wouldn’t be wrong. This has bad written all over it for Drew today and worse with each passing day after the start of camp.

For those reasons, if you ask me, there is no way Drew is holding out. If there is no deal and the delay is not the result of waiting for the right time (and to the designated person) to announce it, this has become a game of chicken, one that Drew will lose unless Don Meehan blinks first (the irony should not escape you)…and if this has become, in any way, Don Meehan letting his past issues with Dean Lombardi affect these negotiations, he is doing his client a tremendous disservice. Look, by all means, squeeze all the money you can for the benefit of your client. That is, like it or not, in a sports agent’s job description. But, the moment you do so in such a short-sighted manner that you sacrifice your client’s reputation in the process and alienate the fan base and his employer (even with the hope that all will be forgotten and forgiven when it is all done), then you play a dangerous game at your client’s expense. Drew isn’t crazy. Neither is Meehan. They know or should know they have little leverage here based on Dean’s offers and any leverage they have gets less and less after September 17.


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  1. I think its more about term for drew doughty. I havent heard any reports of anything less than 7 years being offered. I feel drew wants to either a) get to free agency faster or b) does not know if he wants to be here long term. I really dont see deano blinking first. drew will become more flexible as the days get closer to training camp. like you said he is not crazy. lets not stress or lose sleep over this anymore guys, this will get done.

    Go Kings Go!

    • I am not stressing at all actually. I find this whole thing fascinating. If Meehan pulls off Stamkos term and dollars, he is a god among agents. If Drew holds out, public perception will crucify him.

  2. Meehan wants a 5 year deal and Dean doesn’t = Drew hold out. Meehan doesn’t care if Doughty holds out, he just wants Weber money on a short term deal.

    Look closely at Stamkos’ contract, that is exactly what Meehan wants and I’m sure he told Drew that Dean will cave once camp starts. Stamkos got insane money and will be an UFA at 26 years old. That is pure gold for Meehan. Meehan doesn’t care where Stamkos’ plays in 5 years, he just knows that he will get a huge commission when Stamkos hits the market.

    Brad Richards just got insane money at 31, just imagine what Stamkos will get at 26. Meehan is already imagining what Drew will get at 26 too.

    I completely side with Dean if Drew holds out. $61.2 million at the age of 21 is insane. Drew is insane for turning it down.

  3. Whatever the reasons if camp starts without Drew I will lose respect for him. I don’t care how good the player is he makes a mistake if he thinks he is above the team. So if it’s only about money than hold out. If it’s about hockey figure out what works for both sides.

  4. Give him his 5 year deal but no way does he deserve Kopitar or Stamkos money….His missed hip check in the playoffs keeps getting replayed in my head.

    • lol. Man, that is one expensive hip check.

      • Haha, yeah I mean if he’s gonna be the same guy who only relies on his talent and too lazy to hit the weight room or eat properly. well then I would let his fat ass walk. But apparently he’s been working hard this off-season, but who knows….first season without his party bro (Simmonds) might be a plus

  5. I say deal this premodonna and package him with another player if possible. If this fat fuck wants to be apart of the Kings then he should dump Meehan like a bad habit.

  6. I figured the last obstacle had been cleared with the departure of the off-season training coach.

  7. I agree that Drew wants short term but also big bucks. Which I don’t think DL is going to give him. DL said in that interview he would be willing to make him one of the highest paid on the team if he can get enough free agency years. A 5 year deal aint gonna cut it for DL I believe unless its a really good AAV. So it goes…
    If I’m DL I put the best offer on the table and wait. If Drew wants to sit out the first half of the season so be it, he does it at his own peril. The fans will turn on him. Meanwhile his trade value will still be very high and teams will be offering all kinds of deals to get him.
    The only thing that would suck (and its possible that this is meehan’s strategy) is to shoot down everything DL offers and wait it out, hoping eventually another team will give Drew the 5 years at 7mil per, they are probably asking for via an offer sheet.

  8. All this BS is frustrating and saddening…the Kings have a chance to be an elite team, and this sh*t head agent is filling Doughty’s head with all this nonsense. Doughty’s going from my favorite player to someone I’m becoming disgusted with.

  9. Very well put, I couldnt have said it better. The time has come for Doughty to put pressure on his agents, he should have already started that. Nothing but his reputation is on the line. I believe Dean can plug that hole, it won’t be another Doughty, but it would be good enough. I also agree with the fact that the offers made to Drew were more than generous. We can sit here and say what a great player Doughty is going to be but we wont really know until we see for ourselves, at this point you cant blame the agents for doing there job, Doughty had to have stepped in by now handled it. Sorry if my points are all over the place but i wrote em as they came. In Dean I trust.


  10. In thinking this over lately, it seems to me that “Kopitar Money” pretty much defines the “top end of the reasonable value range” (my quotes) for DD. As we have discussed, that top end, with respect to “fair market value” and the league, is not a “black line” number. It really is debatable, and reasonably so (refer to numerous prior discussions). That number, however, is by definition distorted by DDs not being an UFA. He is therefore presently worth less than the top end of what that number could be defined as. I think that Kopitar becomes the best “comp”, because a) His number falls very reasonably within what DDs UFA range would be, were DD a UFA, and because his contract is with the same team – the team with the primary rights.

    Kopitar’s pay has been affirmed as legitimate in general and to the Kings because he has played like he deserves it since signing it. DDs value to the Kings is similar, but less proven at this time. Offering him the same money would require similar assumptions about character as were made about Kopitar at the time of his signing.

    I would add that Kopitar’s contract numbers will also set the bar politically. If DD holds out form more than AK, most observers will blame DD. If DL insists upon less, most will blame DL.

  11. Further, the “open market” restriction on DDs present market value is lifted if DD is traded.
    I don’t mean that he becomes a UFA, but that the Kings would (obviously) not apply that discount to his value were they to trade him.

    Not to be overly unpleasant, but if this is a Camalleri-type situation (motives), then Meehan may be saying: I want open market/UFA money, and will take no discount due to DDs rights presently being limited. The unspoken (but not unthought) assumption is that, if such money is not forthcoming, then the Kings can trade my client and essentially nullify the limited-rights discount. It courts real uppopularity, but it could really PAY. It is more agent-type thinking than player-type thinking, but, Meehan does have influence here (I’ll leave that term loosely defined). I think of Lindros, but that wasn’t about the money – at least not only. I have no evidence that anyone is actually thinking this way, but it is possible. Just the influence of such a line of thought could do a lot of damage here.

  12. I’d let Drew sit the entire year if he and Meehan were to only sign a 5 year deal. It truly is the perfect deal for Meehan, and a worst case scenario for the Kings. FA years are vital to the contract, and the team’s strenght/depth allow them to play hardball for those years.

    I’m a Kings fan before and after Drew Doughty, so how he handles himself in this critical time will give me a better perspective on who and what kind of person/player he is, and what kind of legacy he is casting as a King. The most esteemed players are always those that show commitment to team before self, so it remains to be seen whether DD is really a King, or just another selfish mercenary. For Meehan, this would be perfect.

  13. I’m getting pretty pissed at Drew right now. He’s taking a chicken shit posture letting his agent run all of this and he is in over his head. I agree with the post above that his agent may be twisted enough to exploit this for every cent he can get and Drew may be passive enough to let it happen.

    Dean is offering an excellent deal. Turning his nose away from it makes Drew look greedy and stupid. Hope he wises up soon…

  14. As I read these comments, 3 things are obvious 1) Most people do not anticipate that DD will hold out. 2) Most people believe that Dean’s offers are “more than fair”. 3) Most people are losing respect for DD. So, what if DD does hold out? How long should Dean wait to end this? I have been a big fan of DD for 3 years now, but if he holds out, he is a liability! If he holds out, trade to some team that won’t make the playoffs. How ’bout Jersey! That God forsaken hell hole. Get Parise and draft picks. The Kings have a glut of defensemen and need another winger, right?

  15. One has to believe this is all speculation. Because as was mentioned, DD would be outta his f n mind to pass on this.

  16. If DD holds out, we see how good VV really is. And Muzzin is no slouch. I’m not worried. The only one that should be worried is Drew.

  17. While Meehan is holding off for Big Bucks / No Whammies right now, his strategy seems short sighted. A 5-year deal is the chief objective for him because the real money as DD’s agent comes twice, not once. He is looking to get paid a second time on the next contract via a top dollar, bidding war. Moreso in that current contract expirations in 5 years leave few young defensemen to sign long term.

    Here’s the rub: the end result -and- team/league sentiment of how THIS contract negotiation goes will necessarily impact future negotiations for the next contract. (Unless DD signs with a different agency in the future.) Meehan is trying to cash in on DD now with a timeline for the future, but he is hindering that future signing by the way he is setting up his dominos now. I, for one, am glad to have a cool headed GM at the helm. The “extra $1MM here and there” slippery slope argument is very valid. Just ask Rangers fans.

  18. Two words Drew: you’re replaceable

    Just ask the much cheaper Voynov!


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