Same 5 Year Question For You On Drew Doughty, With A Few Twists

We said before that Drew wants 5. We asked before how much would you pay Drew Doughty on a 5 year contract?

We got some great responses.

Now, I am going to add a few factors to the same question.

You are now at an impasse. Negotiations are done. You have made your best offer and that offer is more than 5 years and more than $6.8 million per season. Meehan says no. Meehan says he wants no more than 5 years and no less than $7 million per season or Drew holds out. Period. Assume Meehan is not bluffing. Assume Drew will hold out indefinitely.

Do you pay Doughty 5 years, $7 million per season knowing the alternative is he will hold out indefinitely? Think like a GM. You have a season ahead of you where you must win, must get past the first round, the expectations are there and no excuse will justify otherwise. You also know you will set a very dangerous precedent if you agree to such a contract and it may have a serious impact on the team, when thinking long-term.

If you answered yes and I increased the bottom line Meehan number to $7.2 million. What then?

Still yes? $7.5 million – an identical Stamkos contract. What do you say?

I am very interested in your responses.

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  1. $35/5 = hold out. No reason to blow up the salary structure of the team.

    Ducks told Ryan that he wasn’t making more than Perry or Getzlaf and Ryan’s reps tried to call their bluff and then signed for less just before camp.

    I don’t see Dean caving to Meehan. $28/5 is the highest I go. Take it or leave it. Makes him highest paid defenseman on the team.

    Let him hold out. He doesn’t deserve more than Kopitar on a five year deal.

    • So you let him hold out indefinitely? It is now end of November. He is still holding out. You still don’t budge? Do you trade him? Let him sit out the entire season?

      • He can sit the year. Team > individual.

        I can’t imagine any of his teammates feel he is being lowballed with $61.2 million on the table. Imagine if Johnson and Williams wanted max deals? What about Quick and/or Bernier’s next deals? Just give them what they want? You want Dean to show weakness? How did holding out work for O’Sullivan? I trust in Dean’s judgement.

        Doughty isn’t god. What if last season is what LA gets for the next 5 years at $7 million per? Is that a good contract? Quick wants Bryzgalov money on his next deal, do you give it to him? Soon the Kings are losing their depth to fit these inflated contracts. Dean has built the Kings with a solid salary structure, no reason to throw all of that hard work out the window for Drew.

      • It’s not only the good of the team, but the good of the entire league at stake. If every single player starts digging in and being willing to hold out for the absolute maximum amount they can get, then the whole structure is going to get screwed. Nobody wants to lose Doughty, and DL has always said he’ll do whatever he has to do to keep him. However, the Kings organization has fought to keep the business of owning a hockey team somewhere close to reasonable, if not actually reasonable. If the players don’t take team and league economics into account at all, then all of the true star players will have Marcel Dionne careers, playing for bottom dwellers with no chance of winning. It’s already going that way. I don’t want Doughty traded, but if he makes the choice that puts himself in Winnipeg, well… best of luck to him. You SHOULD take less to play for a contender.

  2. Pay him. 7.5 million is only 1m more than what most feel is reasonable. It doesn’t break the bank. This sets the kings up for five years of contention. Worry about it then. 40 years of thinking about the future has been more than enough.

    • Now Quick wants $7 million. Just pay him too? Bernier wants $5 million. Might as well just keep handing out an extra $1-2 million on every contract. Stoll wants $4 million. Penner wants $5 million. Soon the Kings have zero depth and a bunch of rookies on their ELCs in the lineup.

      If you start overpaying your RFAs, the UFAs are going to ask for even more.

      • None of the players you mentioned are currently in the same situation. The Kings can win without Bernier or Quick or Stoll or Penner. Not all of them, but one of them sure. None of those guys individually puts the Kings on the brink of being a Western Conference Champion. Doughty isn’t called the next Bourque for nothing. He truly has the pedigree to be a generational talent. He wins games on his own, as evidenced by his King record for points in a playoff game by a D-man (TWICE in 12 games). Bernier might be able to replace Quick. Jones might be able to replace Bernier. Lokti might replace Stoll. But you can be damn sure Hickey, Voynov, or anyone else doesn’t replace Doughty.

        Also 7.5M isn’t overpayment. Only in your opinion. Look at the Dman contracts handed out this summer and its not a stretch to say Doughty isn’t worth it.

        • You can’t replace Doughty, but you sure can replace his contribution. You might need 2 players to do it, but you could afford that. And if one gets injured, you might still win a few rounds. Doughty goes down, you’re done.

          • You are suggesting we play with 7 on the ice? :)

          • It’s not just about production. Its about the intimatidation factor of the team. A player like Doughty allows you to be dynamic from the back end. Allows you to attach in waives. He’s a bonafide threat everytime he’s on the ice, with minimal defensive sacrifice. Not many Dmen in the league are in that category. Its like when Boucher replaced Blake. Sure Ziggy had a right-hand shot to pass to at the point on the PP, but Boucher hardly caught the opposition’s coach’s attention.

          • Meehan, is that you? Drew isn’t as good as you think he is, at least not yet.

      • … We’re talking about elite players, like Doughty. Not average players, like Quick. If Quick leaves, he’s replaced in 2.1 seconds. If Doughty leaves, the Kings will be without an elite defenseman unless they go out on the market and pay more than they’re willing to pay now for Doughty.

        Drew Doughty does not owe the Kings anything. He has no obligation to sign a deal he doesn’t want just because training camp is on X day. If the Kings want to win, they will have to pay now, or pay more later. If they don’t want to win, that’s fine – trade him, don’t pay him; whatever; but I don’t want to hear them trot out any lines about how they want to win or how “the time is now” or any of that other garbage. The Kings can play dumb all they want but they’re not stupid. They know who their franchise players are, and they can either hold onto them, or not. They WILL get paid if they continue to play at a high level – if not by the Kings, then by someone else.

        Rob Blake left because the team didn’t want to pay him what he was worth. He went to a team that actually wanted to win, and won, Luc Robitaille did the same thing, Is this what the Kings want to see with Doughty?

        Public sentiment for Doughty can rot all it wants. It shouldn’t even factor into the equation, and I doubt that it does. That turns on a dime with most fans. Those who have turned on Doughty now will want his children (like they did before) once he’s out there getting the job done on the ice. It’s fickle and it’s insignificant.

        • Can you win a Cup without an elite defenseman? I believe you can. If you replace that elite with two standouts, and take your #6 off the ice. That’s just my opinion.

          • Can you win a Cup without an elite defenseman? I believe you can.

            … What fosters this belief? Do you have an example?

            – Boston had Chara
            – Chicago had Keith
            – Pittsburgh didn’t have an elite defenseman, but they had two VERY elite forwards
            – Detroit had Lidstrom
            – Anaheim had Niedermayer and Pronger
            – Carolina didn’t have one, and no real elite forwards besides Staal – they’re an exception (the only exception?)
            – Tampa didn’t have one, but they had Boyle as well as three elite forwards
            – New Jersey had Niedermayer and Stevens
            – Colorado had Blake and Bourque
            – Dallas had Zubov

          • That’s three exceptions. The question wasn’t ‘can you win without an elite defenseman and without several elite forwards’ 3 teams won a cup without an elite defenseman in the last 10 years.

          • @ J.T.

            Well, it’s an opinion that came only from my own perspective of the best 20 guys collectively winning any given series. Even if it had never happened, I’d still believe in the principle of it. But you did put 3 examples right up there. To me, it’s a sliding scale – with Doughty, you may not need your forwards or other defensemen to be as good as you would without him. But if you lose him, simply take his money, get another two Cup caliber players – a top 6 winger and another top 4 defenseman, or two top 4 defensemen.

            @ Scribe

            5 years, 7mil per? Honestly, I don’t think it’s that bad. But I also don’t think it’s been earned. If they really can’t compromise on this, they should just do what an arbitrator would have done – 2 years somewhere in the middle. Give him the opportunity to earn his way to where he thinks he can be. If you put him above Kopitar for the next 7-9 years and he doesn’t become the dominant force on the team, it makes it a distinct possibility that you end up renegotiating Kopitar’s deal before it’s up.

        • Do you have an answer on the questions posed in the article?

          • He did. His answer is that the Kings have no leverage and should give Doughty whatever he wants.

          • Do you have an answer on the questions posed in the article?

            … I think I’ll just let others make up my answer for me. That’s easier and more amusing. Besides, I’ve already answered these questions in previous threads.

            He did. His answer is that the Kings have no leverage and should give Doughty whatever he wants.”

            … Hey, there we go! It’s nothing related to what I’ve said, but hey – go hog wild!

          • You said the Kings will have to pay now or more later. How does that not equate to giving Doughty what he wants? It relates rather specifically to What you said. Bringing up Blake further affirms that.

          • Yes, in fairness, you did say the offer of $34,231,146 total which averages to a $6,846,229 cap hit was fair in your view. But the questions here are different and more direct. You are the GM in the question posed and you face the circumstances presented. I am asking because I am interested in your perspective.

          • … I don’t see how anything can really be assumed here, since we don’t know what’s holding up the deal (time or dollars or both) and we don’t truly know what’s been in play and how close the two sides are. This is why I don’t really enjoy speculating about it.

            The Kings need to do this if they really are serious about winning more than nothing, and Doughty needs to do this if he’s really serious about building his legacy as an elite in this game. I think that Drew is at least as valuable to this team as Kopitar is – Drew’s the one who’s had an award nomination, he’s the one who’s younger and has more upside, and it seems to me that when the chips are down, this team goes how Doughty goes.

  3. Nickle and diming sonofabitch.

  4. No way Doughty gets that much. Especially for 5 years. If it were longer, maybe I could be more flexible, but if he is seriously going to hold out because he wants 7.5 million for 5 years, I wouldnt even want him and that attitude on this team anymore. He is not worth that much yet. He does not deserve to have total control over his contract demands like this. I pray that this will not become a reality because I really like Drew, but if he were to be this selfish and arrogant about what he is worth and hold out indefinitely, trade him. I know he is a great young defenseman and one of the key pieces to this core, and he does deserve a nice payday, but not 7.5 for 5 years. This would show that his heart is not in LA with this team. I know he is trying to do whats best for his career but this would be downright greedy. I would not want this kind of selfish attitude in the locker room. If he were to be traded, the Kings would get a huge bounty in return. I dont know exactly what or from what team, but one of those Canadian teams like the Leafs or the Jets would give up a lot to have him on their roster and would be able to pay him what he wants. I hope Lombardi doesnt blink first in these negotiations because it would be bad for the future success of this team cap wise, and would allow other up and coming players to do the same. I have been trying really hard to still like Drew after this, but I just dont know if I can, at least for now, if this is actually what he wants. Some of this has to do with the agent for sure, but in the end it was Drew who hired him and Drew who actually has control over what his agent does. Again I really hope that this will not become a reality, because I do think Drew is better than that.

  5. Trade him. If he wants to remain a King, he’ll take a deal that works for the team, and a bit for him. If not, we can get something good in return. For me it’s that easy, and I am a huge fan of Doughty

  6. Trade the FAT BASTARD to Jersey for Parise and Adam Larson. Let Voynov come into his own as a top 4 Dman. Then lets all booooooooooo Doughty when Jersey comes to town.

    • Exactly the trade I was thinkin of. Jersey would probably want another player comin back for Larson but yeah that’s a good move

      • Yeah, great trade! Trade a star defenseman that in the worse case scenario you have for four more years, for a winger who will be UFA after this season. Brilliant!

  7. If the deal all hinges on a 5 yr, no matter what, then you drop the amount he makes to 5-5.5. If he still holds out then its all on him and his agent.The Kings already sent him a 61 mil offer and he [ excuse me …MEEHAN] didn’t accept it. And I don’t see Dean caving at all, even if it mean Doughty holding out for an entire season.Just wait til Drew starts missing hockey and we’ll see who caves.

  8. huge fan of doughty’s. have a couple of his jersey. however he is being unreasonable and is truly putting himself in front of the team. we have lots of depth at d. trade him if he threatens to hold out indefinitely. period.

  9. Agreed send him with kovalsuck and let them both count each others millions

  10. Love the comments. We are fortunate to have a passionate and intelligent fan base as our readers. I wonder what kind of pressure Leiweke will put on Dean, if any, if we get to the season and Drew is holding out?

  11. I absolutely let him hold out too. I don’t think this:

    “You have a season ahead of you where you must win, must get past the first round, the expectations are there and no excuse will justify otherwise.”

    is true. Holding the line financially and keeping the locker room reasonably intact are good enough excuses for AEG. And, if they survive the year and get through round 1 anyway, DL can actually increase his stature in the organization (and the league?). Sure some fans will be disappointed but my guess is that DL is not vilified — Meehan will be.

    I’d say no matter for any term under 7-8 years the line is at the $6.8mm average value of #11’s contract. Kopitar has earned it by delivering on potential; and showing more. #8 hasn’t.

    Just my 2 cents.


  12. That is easy. The Kings are loaded with depth on the blue line. DD does not make any money if he doesn’t play. Moreover, I bet he gets a lot less tail in London, ON than he does in LA. Play hardball, Dean. The most valuable life lessons are learned when one is young. Time to teach him one.

  13. His a moneyslave we don’t need that guy.his a problem .hi plays for money. Not 4 a respect 4 him.just trade that …….his not going to lead anybody 2 d cup.! Go kings!

  14. Who takes Drew’s spot? Yeah, we have depth but does Martinez move up? Then, a rookie in Muzzin or Voynov takes number 7 next to Greene? Martinez has never played those kinds of minutes and you are trusting an unproven D man in your bottom pairing. If Drew holds out, it may force a trade but how can Dean make a trade for anything worthwhile when the day after the trade, Drew could sign and then you have the cap issue?

    For those that say, screw him, hold out, tell me how do you address these issues?

    • Martinez rookie year: 5-11-16 in 60 games

      Doughty rookie year: 6-21-27 in 81 games

      Johnson rookie year: 3-8-11 in 74 games

      I’m okay with Martinez playing with Scuderi or Mitchell as a #4 defenseman. I expect his confidence to be even higher this season and I would hope the Kings will have more possession in the offensive zone with Richards, Penner and Gagne all season.

      Voynov, Hickey, Muzzin & Drewiske can all battle for the #6 defenseman next to Greene. Who knows, Voynov could impress enough to get the #4 spot and 2nd PP spot.

  15. I’d let him rot for an entire year without a contract, then maybe trade him the following year if nothing was settled. To lose a year as a professional athlete, considering how short careers may be, should never be an option. If this is Drew’s choice, to sit out, then you have to make it harder for him to come back, not easier. He has no leverage besides holding out, and it’s not much of a hand to play. Unfortunately for Drew, in many an eye, he’s already lost this battle, and if he continues, will be held in infamy like Rob Blake.

  16. Like a typical young canadian hot shot the boy is over his head.

    Sounds like this kid is depressed over the lost of party bus driver Simmonds. Oh well shit fucking happens in life Drew. Fuck you and your secret agent Donald.

    Your infamous missed hip check on your homeboy Logan during a playoff game is the many reasons why you do not deserve the brinks trucks to be backed up on the porch of your rental condo.

    If FATBOY does not want to come to terms on a contract then deal his sorry ass to the Islanders and let him rot in hell 44444444eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever.

    Or Dean needs to make his life miserable let him sit for the rest of the year and let him gain weight like Kristie Alley did years ago.

  17. by the way Bobby Scribe replacing this FAT Bastard will be called defense by committee.

    On another note I would let him walk for 1 year to the KHL. He will love the weather in Russian it will feel like he is back home in Canada.

  18. To answer your quesiton: If Drew were to hold out, the obvious choice is to give the Voynov, Muzzin and/or Hickey a shot early in the season. If no combinations bear fruit, you dangle picks or prospects for a veteran stop gap. It’s not ideal, but it’s the obvious choice. There is also the possibility of bringing in a veteran free agent who is out of contract. The pickings get slim real fast, but the longer a guy like McCabe goes without a contract, the cheaper his contract gets. Again not ideal, but may be better than trusting a Cup run to a defenseman that’s barely seen action in an NHL game.

  19. i love doughty but if hes wants to be greedy and be a team player trade him were sure to get something great for him go after weber or somebody whos already showed the talent.

  20. Im interested in seeing Voynov considering all the bitching he’s been doin about being ready for the NHL. I’m getting tired of Doughty and his bullshit, if you really cared about this team he would have signed already. Aren’t we lucky JJ acted as his own agent.

    • And for all the flack JJ takes for his play, he got his deal done and showed he wanted to stay and be a part of this franchise. What does it say about DD turning down the numbers that are out there?

  21. If I were GM I wouldn’t pay him that much right out of the gate. If DD truly wants a 5 year deal than I would structure it with some different levels of pay based on performance. I can play that game too. I read somewhere that DD turned down the latest offering from DL. I just don’t understand what the big deal is with absolutely having to get past the $7+mil mark? Is it some bet that him and Stamkos have going? Between 6-7 mil instead of 3 Ferraris now he can get a 4th? Didn’t he say that he wants to get a deal done? What’s the problem then? $6 mil/year isn’t enough money? Is it some minor detail in the contract that he doesn’t like? There’s gotta be. It can’t just all be based on money or else DD is truly a greedy, egomaniacal bastard. If he can guarantee the team a cup within 3 years it’s a no brainer, done $7.5mil/season you got it but he can’t and if he says he can he’s full of shit and anyone with half a brain can see through that bullshit.

    If we didn’t trade Teubert away, I’d say put him in for DD since now DD thinks he’s gotta better pot to piss in. Makes me wonder why DL stocked up so many Dmen because maybe he had a gut feeling that DD was going to play this game and be this way. We don’t necessarily Need a scoring defenseman. We need a guy that’s solid and can shut down the opposing teams O. It’s very interesting to me how Mitchell made that comment that JJ reminds him of Niedermeyer. I think JJ’s time is coming real soon. I think he just wants to play and win.

    We’ve finally got some really good forwards in the lineup now with experience, grit and speed that, knock on wood, will stay healthy and put the puck in the back of the net.

    • You may have a point there even in the current negotiations. Could it be that the contracts offered already by DL are laden with performance payouts instead of even money, and that’s the reason for DD’s holding out? Just a thought.

      To play league acquisition advocate, wouldn’t his potential earnings diminish the moment he becomes a holdout and increase exponentially with each passing day? That’s a precedent he doesn’t want to set for himself, and it’s a bad reputation to be stuck with. The longer Drew holds out the more the intangibles look like a bogus sob story. I’m a fan of the guy, but the bit about LA was his favorite hockey team and wanting to bring a cup here are starting to wear thin.

      All this nonsense makes me wonder if DD reads any of these blogs, or has any idea what this negotiation is doing to his public persona.

      S&S – Do you guys have anything in mind for replacing #8’s signature on the site if he holds out past training camp? Maybe two donuts making an 8…

  22. Doughty better show up ready to go. If he looks out of shape at all, i know a dozen donuts that would love to be thrown at him.

    • Shit, I though he signed months ago. Well, why doesn’t he just augment his contract as a spokesperson for Tim Horton

  23. It’s a tough decision, and a lot of us are very emotional about the whole situation. But, $6.8m/year is about the max I’m willing to pay for a 5 year deal. If he’s willing to go 7 to 9 years, then I might be willing to go to $7.5m. As GM, you gotta draw the line somewhere. Overpaying and setting a new (very high) precedent is a bad idea, and will hurt you more in the long run.

    The question of do you let him sit out a year or trade him, can only be answered if you know what you can get for him. and It’d have to be a top 2 defender or top 6 forward for me to do the deal. If not, make an example of him and let him sit. It will probably hurt the season, but, it will be better for the long run and bigger picture.

  24. Sydor25, I’m with ya pal!! I agree completely! Let DD sit, or trade him. DD does NOT deserve Kopitar money!!

  25. let him hold out,, there is no other choice……besides making a trade depending on how long he holds out for. He doesn’t deserve what he is asking and he is screwing with the team. Love DD, but buddy, you are F-ing this one up royally….he will probably come into camp out of shape anyway…

  26. If DD holds out, then it is what it is. The offers will start coming in, no need to ask. First from rebuilding teams, then contenders. The offers’ll fatten up during the stretch drive, and DL will see what other teams are willing to part with to purchase his contract rights. At that point, our man has become just an asset to be exchanged for maximum value as DL and the rest of us focus on our team’s future.

    As for his replacement, prior to that trade (if he holds out), training camp is when young guys make their case to join the team. One of them will. We’ll just have to suck it up and compete.

    This isn’t very sentimental, but I haven’t been through the wars with Drew. We aren’t mates – its just too soon.

  27. PLEASE PLEASE deal him to Toronto for Dion/kessel whoever
    he is the equal force of stamkos
    no D under 25 as good or better
    over the next couple of years will move into the shea Webber/Duncan keith/ category
    so do you want a guy worth 7/8 comparable makeing 5
    he was the #1D in his draft often do you have the opportunity to have a great player

    nowhwere near as talented as Drew..this kid has the blades and the head

  28. Well said by everyone. DD will sign though. If he mature, wants to win, and keep his fans we will sign for 6.8 for 5 years or 5.9 for 9 years. Kovy lost a lot of fans with his contract. We never seen a player sit out for entire season bc of contract issues that I know of. He needs realize your in the NHL and on successful team at the age of 21. Look at Brain cambell contract.. They had trade him bc of contract issues flordia…. Is that where DD wants go? Or Deon Phanuef contract issues to Toronto? Want to succeed and win the cup? Then take little less money for the team. Williams, Quick, Brown, Johnson, Richards… Look at their contracts.. I believe all of them should be making million dollars more. GROW UP DD!!!!

  29. I love Drew, but don’t weaken the team for the good of one player. Dean offer s fair I number if he don’t want it sit him and he can watch hockey like us. I know people don’t think JJ. is that great but I feel he is solid. And obviously a team player and don’t just care about himself. GO KINGS GO!

  30. F*ck Em………..

  31. I think all the offers that have been floated out there are more than fair. 5 years no more than 32.5 mil. I don’t care what some of these other guys made in free agency, it’s different circumstances and guys who have more than 3 seasons. I’m more than willing to see what we’ve got in Voynov, Muzzin, Hickey et al. The offense is much improved, our goaltending is solid and it’s the same D corps minus #8, with replacements with good upside I think it will be fine until he comes to his senses.

  32. So, he’s so great that all the other teams in the NHL will fall over themselves to give us a big package to sign him, but he won’t be missed at all because guys like that are easily replaced?

    You can say “let him hold out,” fine, but let’s not kid ourselves, losing him would hurt the team.

  33. This deal will send a message to a lot of potential others around the league about the Kings. I have a problem paying him Stamkos money without Stamkos production. I get that he plays defense. This team has great chemistry. I worry it will send the wrong message to the rest of the team. If I’m the GM, like the question asks, I stick to my guns which is a 7 year contract with the salary range the player wants. Each side is giving. The organization on the money side and the player on the contract length side. I hope that gets it done. Allegedly that has been offered and turned down. As the GM I’m about winning now and the long term competitiveness of the team. If I do this deal now incorrectly it will hurt now and will hurt long term. Doughty is still being paid for his potential, being that he is only 22. He was up for the Norris, once. He has been in the league for a short while and has been a bit inconsistent. He has also had a concussion that kept him out for a while last year. One concussion can lead to another, and another and another. Okay I’m rambling.

    Bottom line 7 year deal and Drew gets paid, 5 year deal and he gets paid less. If Drew and his agent don’t want it he holds out until he realizes this is only hurting him. The Kings bring up Hickey, Voynov, etc. None of them are Drew but it sounds like these kids have lots of potential.

  34. Did he sign yet?

  35. 5 years would be a mistake of epic proportions. You don’t want Kopi, and Drew (our 2 highest paid players) being eligible for free agency at the same time, unless your wanting to commit cap suicide.

    A 2 year at this point is exceptable. That gives both sides a year to take a step back with no pressure of impending doom, and the last year of that contract would fall on next summer. The Kings would be able to re-open negotiations, have a full season to work things out, and hopefully close something long term.

  36. Not that Dean could have waited, but i’m wondering how much the timing of the Richards trade effected Meehan’s leverage here. Everyone clearly sees the KIngs making the push to win in the next few years. Everyone assumes (at least they did) Doughty will be integral to winning a championship. Had Richards not been brought in, would Meehan be asking for extremely high value? Does the contract length revolve around the win now notion as well? You guys made a past indicating that a 5 year deal wasn’t that scary if you expect the team to win at some point over the next 5 years because, Doughty will likely resign with us as part of a now winning team.

    The money available to sign a top notch winger is very enticing given a. our need for one, and b. our plethora of skilled defensive prospects. If JJ and Martinez were to find a new level this season, and/or one of the AHL kids shows some capability in the preseason, things would get very interesting in that regard. I wonder if Lombardi is content to see the negotiations drag on a bit in order to see the rookies play this preseason.

    • A common misconception is that Meehan even is asking for more. To this point, Meehan hasn’t asked for anything, and all this fandom pandamonium over DD being greedy is hyperbole. He hasn’t signed a 9 year deal. That must mean DD’s greedy because 9 years can’t possibly be an issue. Lets trade him.

      A 5 year deal isn’t even an option on a hypathetical deal, because DL isn’t offering him 5 years. As far as the reports I’ve read, speculation hasn’t even went below 6. So get mad everyone, but until a 5 year is actually offered by DL, or counteroffered by Meehan, there’s no reason to get your panties all in a bunch.

      • I don’t follow. He isn’t greedy because he hasn’t been offered 5 years, which he never will and he shouldn’t?

        • I messed it up. Never mind me. My typing skills, and train of thought suck donkeys sometimes.

          The 5 year deal is hypothetical because DL will not settle for that. The only thing he has to offer, to make DD sign for more than 5, is money. Throwing money at it doesn’t change the original need for DD or he would of signed already. I suspect that if money was the issue then there would of been a counter offer to raise the price, and there hasn’t been one yet.

          DL has revised his offers however and changed the years, and amounts to those years. Lowest offer being reported is 6 (without actual numbers on price). I haven’t seen the offers, but I wonder how competetive the 6 year deal even is. DL will try to make the longterm the most enticing, and the shortest un-enticing.

          I’ll bet he doesn’t want 5 or less even if DD misses the entire season.

          If there’s a hold out, DL is just as much the bad guy as Meehan here, because he could come down on years and turn it around without throwing more money out there and keeping the stalemate going.

          Heck, if money really is the issue then give him 2 years at 6.9 and sign him already.

          • All i was trying to ask was how much leverage does the move to acquire M. Richards give Meehan.

            This was clearly the summer whereby everyone sees that the window has opened on the KIngs cup run. We pushed for B. Richards pretty hard by all accounts. We landed Mike Richards in a shocking trade move. We picked up Gagne.

            The pressure to win now would not be as strong without the Richards trade and it’s my belief that Meehan is using that pressure to his advantage to dictate the terms of the Doughty deal. Without Richards, we wouldn’t have picked up Gagne (i believe). And without those two moves we’d be looking at another season of developing Schenn and Lokti. We’d, more than likely, be waiting until next season to pick up anybody of note. That means the window to win doesn’t realistically start for another couple seasons. Now the window is open, and it’s a favorable position for Meehan if he’s looking for a short/mid term contract.

            My panties aren’t in a bunch unless asking a question and wondering how certain trades and situations might be effecting this negotiation qualifies.

          • Sorry. Like I said earlier I messed it up. The panties comment wasn’t directed at you, or anyone specific.

          • Two years? ha ha. That is worse than 5. You think Dean wants to go through this again 2 summers from now?

  37. I’m so tired of reading about this hobo. His impact is overrated, just trade the bum and let someone else deal with his tantrum

  38. Beginning to think of Dale McCourt when I think about Doughty.

  39. Doughty really doesnt know how much respect he has lost from the fan base

  40. This is all part of the negotiating process… Meehan and Lombardi are gonna get this done. Meehan is trying to squeeze every f@ckin’ penny out of the Kings but Deano is doing a phenominal job by not giving in… Drew wants to play and he wants to play in LA. This is exactly why players higher agents, to negotiate (and that’s why we hate the agenets so much). I’m guessing a 9yr/64Mil contract with a 7.1 cap hit… Meehan knows he wont get the 5yr deal he’s looking for… he’s just trying to get as much $$$ as possible.

  41. This is getting ridiculous. The only “winner” here is going to be Meehan. He’s going to get his commission and bank it. Doughty will be a King for the next 7 years (my guess), the caphit is going to be 6.8 per year or more and he is going to be under enormous pressure to deliver. Maybe he thrives under pressure, I don’t know. I hope he does.

  42. I am soooooo over Doughty-mania at this point. How about he pays me $7 million to stop the eternal headaches of hearing about will he sign/how long/how much..???

    Can we all say “grandstanding”????


  43. Getting tired of DD. He has not proven himself to be All That. He needs to come back down to earth and be a part of our team.

  44. Eklund loves you this I know, for hockeybuzz tells me so.

    • Yuck. Stop that. What are you talking about?

      • Read his blog. Tell me if it doesn’t sound eerily familiar.

        • Wait, wait, wait, is he writing articles that plagiarize us or are you claiming he is piggy backing on what we write about the stuff we hear?

          • Nah, just piggy backing. He’s not dumb enough to plagiarize you guys. He just has sources that I believe he doesn’t truly have, just stuff he reads off other peoples blogs, etc. Unless he has the same source as you guys or you feed him the info lol. But this was posted on Sept 7 at 1 eastern time. So I mean I don’t think any other site had it but you, so it had to have come from your site.

            “It is exceptionally difficult to talk about anything other than the tragedy in Russia today. There will be further update blogs on the horrendous plane crash in Yaroslavl as well as Sidney Crosby’s media availability session.

            However, it is also my duty to pass along information that I received earlier today: Drew Doughty and the LA Kings may have come to an agreement late last night on a new contract.”

            Nothing plagiarized or anything bad, just found it kinda funny knowing how Ek gets his info.

          • I am suspecting he is doing that as well and, no, we don’t have the same source lol. Then again, I have no idea who his source, if any, is…oh noze!

      • Or at least his one from yesterday

  45. I’d call Meehan and tell him how excited I am to put a 2008 draft pick alongside Mitchell but his name is Viatcheslav not Drew

    The Team always takes precedent before a 21 yr old player who gets high and refuses to work out

  46. One benefit of him holding out into the season is the ability to see some of the rookie stars show their stuff and develop in the nhl. Let’s say voynov kills it and martinez shines as bright or brighter then the kings have the benefit of holding their line and having confiin their depth. If the rookies are weak then you still have DD at whatever figure is hovering.

  47. No way I would give him the 5 year deal. If 5 years and $35M is the only thing Doughty’s camp will accept, then let him sit and make nothing or play in Europe.

    Lombardi appears to be willing to make Doughty the Kings highest paid player. It is not unreasonable for the Kings to get some of Doughty’s UFA years in the deal. Nine years may be a little much, but 7 or 8 is not unreasonable.


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