We said before that Drew wants 5. We asked before how much would you pay Drew Doughty on a 5 year contract?

We got some great responses.

Now, I am going to add a few factors to the same question.

You are now at an impasse. Negotiations are done. You have made your best offer and that offer is more than 5 years and more than $6.8 million per season. Meehan says no. Meehan says he wants no more than 5 years and no less than $7 million per season or Drew holds out. Period. Assume Meehan is not bluffing. Assume Drew will hold out indefinitely.

Do you pay Doughty 5 years, $7 million per season knowing the alternative is he will hold out indefinitely? Think like a GM. You have a season ahead of you where you must win, must get past the first round, the expectations are there and no excuse will justify otherwise. You also know you will set a very dangerous precedent if you agree to such a contract and it may have a serious impact on the team, when thinking long-term.

If you answered yes and I increased the bottom line Meehan number to $7.2 million. What then?

Still yes? $7.5 million – an identical Stamkos contract. What do you say?

I am very interested in your responses.