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There’s only one annual event that is almost as exciting as the start of the NHL season and that is when the year’s new iteration of EA Sports (Electronic Arts) NHL hockey game comes out. I have my copy of NHL 12 reserved, do you?

This year is a bit different for me as I haven’t been keeping track of the game’s development throughout the year. Whatever new features are in store will be surprises, hopefully of the pleasant variety.  The series has improved steadily from year to year so I expect to merrily waste numerous hours of my life in the coming months like I do every fall.  Nothing says “I’m a hip dude” like spending a Saturday night playing game after game of NHL against a buddy, yelling and gloating over the hilariously devastating hit I delivered with Chara or the sick deke I pulled off with Kopi.  One year we created our own teams and went so far as to keep track of our stats from game to game.  I’ve since gained a shred of self-respect, but not enough to keep me from getting giddy like a child over a shiny new game to play.

I’m kicking around the idea of doing a review of the game for the blog. How many of you play NHL by EA?  I guess maybe some of you play the 2K series, but that’s your problem, not mine.  Also, Xbox or PS3?  I think a poll is in order. If there is a lot of interest and enough people who play online, perhaps one of our VIP ticket giveaways can be determined by an tournament.  Also, just to nip it in the bud, no, Bobby does not play video games. Maybe he did once upon a time, when he was young and spry and his eyes weren’t so bad and years of picking at canker sores hadn’t made the tips of his fingers too sensitive to firmly grasp a controller.  However, never shun the power of goading someone with a large ego.

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  1. I can’t wait to sit down with NHL 12 tomorrow and play some online games. Xbox is the only way to play.

  2. I want to get the legends and have them on the kings.

  3. I buy the game every September (xBox 360), but usually end up playing during the summer when there isn’t any hockey on TV.

    Just swept Columbus out of the first round and face the Ducks in the second round.

    • See I love playing with rookies and young players during the season to see how the rankings by EA compare to how the new players actually do.

      I also like developing Kings prospects. Looking forward to Kozun & Vey this year. Toffoli should be ranked much better this year as well. Last year you couldn’t develop him for shit.

      I bet Jeff Skinner will be a lot of fun to play with as well. I really hope they continue the trend last year where there was a little something in player’s swaggers that made them feel like the real players. Like Kopitar had that frankenstein feeling… though maybe that was just me.

      • I’m picking up a copy for my Squirt son and I to play. He’s just started travel hockey this year, and playing NHL has helped him with positioning, using ice space, and anticipating plays. (At least that’s what I tell my wife when I let him stay up an hour past bedtime…)

  4. GAME ON:) I have not played the EA hockey game in about three years so this will interesting. I will go out and get the new game for my Xbox 360. After I practice a bit I will be ready for some type of tournament. I may not place very well but I bet it will be fun.

  5. PS for life!! I was never a Nintendo or Xbox kid, Sega to Playstation to Playstation 2 to Playstation 3…. but someone stole my PS3 a year ago and I havent been able to afford a new one yet :(…. so I propose an NHL 12 night at Surly’s!

  6. I never have anyone who is any good at these games to play with, so I’m also not that good. I may pick this up, though I can’t decide what system I’d want to get it for… Also, making time to play video games is really tough these days. I’ll have to check out whats new and see if it seems like a proper plan.

  7. No “both” vote? I don’t play online, but I have both systems, and always try to get my hands on the hockey games. I don’t play them that much till the summer, and spend most of my time playing first person shooters, but love both systems for different reasons.

  8. I haven’t played an NHL Videogame since 08′ I think it was.

    Thinking about picking it up this year if it’s any good. I haven’t read any reviews (or Previews) so I really have no idea except it will only be on my PS3.

  9. The improved physics engine has actually helped the game a lot more than I thought it would. Hitting is way more awesome and puck movement feels much more natural.

  10. I spent so many hours making three-yard gains, kicking field goals and then burning the clock as the Chi. Bears playing Joe Montana football that I will avoid this and all other hockey, boxing or football (either version) games. I wasn’t even married and I was spending Sat. nt. doing this – at my future mother-in-law’s house! The girl would give up and watch old movies with her mother. I admit this because I can see that you are no better. Life is short, and there I was, getting up by 3 or 6 and gleefully “killing the clock” (my life) against the computer, feeling victorious – and always suspecting “it” of taking resentful countermeasures. I’m sticking with Star-Trek reruns and moderate heroin use, but thanks.

  11. Come on now – I know I’m gonna die anyway, but you don’t have to be in such a hurry to “speed up” the process! As I tell myself (usually with relief, on occasion with spirit): “We’re all gonna die…But not today! It’s that “not today” part (while breathing out) that does the trick.

    But do enjoy your multiple parallel, intersecting and overlapping hockey universes – if they get mixed up into your posts during the season, I at least will understand.

  12. NHL on the 360, gonna pick it up tomorrow morning :)
    But I have yet to meet anyone online who.is a kings fan

  13. So then I should get the 360, so I can play against you folks? I have a Wii. Because I never play anything, thats why. Dont laugh. I have been kicking the idea around for a while. If I get a 360, I would defintely love a late night skate sesh with you all!


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