September 12, 2009. I still remember the very first article and its call to action:

Kings fans enjoy discussing their patience through decades of hope. They cherish its pain. There is a masochistic pleasure built within our foundational loyalty to the team that we feel gives us a right to distinguish ourselves from other hockey fans who have tasted the success of their respective franchise.

Those days are over.

We shall not lament the past for it is irrelevant to our present.

The Los Angeles Kings shall no longer accept a good effort as the hallmark of success. We will not take solace in the fleeting reward of a team that is hard to play against. We should be mindful of the journey that has brought us “here” but we cannot set our goals or take action in any direction that will return us to those inglorious days of resolve.

1,316 articles written from then to now. Today, S&S gets as many visitors in one month as we did then in nearly an entire year.

I was recently asked why Surly & I do this. It was an easier question than I anticipated. Think about your life for a moment. How often do you do exactly what your heart tells you? Do you not compromise, do what you “must” or “need”, versus what your instincts call to you? How often do you recklessly follow those instincts for the love of the journey?

We write in fearless disregard of compromise, are motivated solely out of love for our team and yield to nothing. That love, like yours, is fervent and boundless. We write what you feel. We write what you think. We write what you want to scream…or at least we try. Some won’t understand us. The casual hockey fan won’t get it. To them, we are unnecessarily zealous and obsessed. The mainstream media may consider us brash and unkept savages. Those whose ambition is profit or enterprise see no end to our means, sacrificing their own journey for a comfortable stay in a whitewashed tomb. But if you understand what it means to love this sport, our Kings, its players and look at our history as a long sufferable series of steps that will only make the reward sweeter, then you understand us as well as you do yourself.

To those who have been with us since the early days and help us steer the ship, I say we have only begun this journey. To those who joined us along the way, I say come to us more and often. To those who are new, welcome, you’re in for more than you may have imagined.

Let’s make the myth. This ride doesn’t end until the Cup is ours and then, we chart another course to bring it back again. Let our terrible twos begin.