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  1. That’s our boy.

  2. At least he is scoring.

  3. THANK YOU so much for posting!
    My favorite Guy.. I was just talking to Daryl Evens yesterday about Fro and he looked at my picture of him and said same. I said he has had grey in his beard for at least 4 years.
    I am hoping for a revied good season for him. If anyone has the online info on how I can watch Avangard games..Please
    .I would So appreciate it.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. …I haven’t seen the footage…but did he score on a “Spin-A-Rama?”…(love the Fro!)

  5. ALEX-AHDERD-FRA-LOFF! Love the Russian pronunciation. Respect the Fro.

  6. did You see the “A” on his jersey?

  7. If that’s how the play defense over there, Fro’s gonna do swell.

  8. I’m shocked Fro did not score on his signature move the wrap around.

    • Now that he doesn’t have a coach telling him to stay behind the net, or against the wall, he’ll probably score more of’em.

  9. Exactly right Steve.. he does have a good shot from below circle in front.. I really think his
    confidence was eroded trying trying to please the coaches.. I noticed last year with Torts he started taking the body along the boards.. and attemping to shoot the puck more in front of
    the net..as told to do. Hope he gets his game back on par.. I respect my Fro :)
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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