Reviewing Puck Daddy’s L.A. Kings Season Preview

Greg Wyshynski, possibly my favorite blogger, writes for Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy. They have been rotating through the teams in alphabetical order and, voila, we’re up.

Here is Puck Daddy’s L.A. Kings Season Preview. Here are some choice quotes from the article although you do have to read the entire Puck Daddy preview to get the full flavor.

Richards is still one of the best two-way forwards in the NHL, but his goal-scoring took a tumble last year and he just wasn’t the same difference-maker he was in 2009 when, for example, he had seven shorthanded goals. Chemistry issues, off-ice concerns … whatever they were, hopefully Richard left them behind in Philly so the Kings can have one of the best one-two punched as center in the league.

This is true, but he was also put in more of a defensive / shut down role. We saw this last season with Wayne Simmonds and Ponikarovsky…on a different scale of course.

Dustin Penner… was a bust. Six points in 19 games followed by a disappearing act in the playoffs. GM Dean Lombardi said Penner is at a career crossroads: “He can choose to use his athletic ability to either become a dominant power forward in the National Hockey League or be a dominant number four hitter for the El Cid Lounge in a men’s softball league — the choice is his.”

(Wouldn’t it be great if he skated out, tossed his stick to center ice, saluted the crowd, then picked up a bat and a six-pack?)

Only if he threw me a beer from the 6 pack. Otherwise, that would suck.

Outside of Doughty’s contract status, though it can be tied to it, we’ll go with the power play. It ranked 21st in the NHL last season at 16.2 percent, which is unacceptable given the talent on it. Richards and Gagne will try and bolster a unit that has shown potential — it went 5-for-24 in the playoffs. But that’s far too many goals being left off the board in a tough conference during the regular season.

So, when “talent” that should produce doesn’t, we look to…Jamie Kompon, Jamie Kompon please pick up the white courtesy phone.

As for the action blockbuster that defined the team, Greg gives us the only movie wherein I wanted to see Lori Petty naked…and in the back seat of my Mustang (my car at the time).

Hey, James Cameron directed was the executive producer so not too shabby. As for why he picked Point Break, read his article.

And then we get this gem:

Gotta love this photo..and does that car have a dent in the front bumper / quarter panel?

As for his conclusion as to where the Kings will finish? Come on people, read his article and comment.


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4 replies

  1. we finish 4th overall but win the cup!

  2. I say we take the Pacific away from San Jose. We end up 2nd in the West, and 2nd overall in the league. This is the year the “If’s” payoff. I do reserve the right to change that prediction if the Kings don’t open the game up a little, and the power play still refuses to pass laterally down low (or backdoor), but until I see them play I have no way of knowing ahead of time, so I’m assuming that changes will ensue with the different line up, and everything comes together.

  3. Kathyrn Bigelow directed Point Break (married to James Cameron at one point, so close enough)


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