THAT is what I would offer Dean Lombardi if I am Drew Doughty’s agent.


When I do a balancing test of what is most important to Drew, contract length becomes more important as the gap in dollars becomes less relevant. In other words, if I can get the dollar amount close to high market value (read: $7 million ish per season), then the length becomes the key to this whole deal and we all know that Drew Doughty wants to test the free agent waters.

An offer like this immediately puts all the pressure on Dean. He cannot possibly come back and claim a $6.5 million cap hit is unreasonable. He offered it to Drew, except it was packaged in a 9 year deal. I am just shaving 4 years off that term.

Can you still call my client a greedy son of a Blake? Hell no. “But I want more years!” Tough. Drew wants to play his ass off, help the Kings win a Cup and earn that contract that every superstar in the league covets – the long-term, big dollar, carry him through his 30′s deal that gives he and his future family (wife, mistress & little Drews) complete financial security. That doesn’t mean he won’t stay in L.A. It’s not like he is demanding a 2 year deal. 5 years is a long time. In Brian Burke land (where everyone thinks they are the smartest man in the room), that is nearly a lifetime contract.

What would the media and fans think if they learned I, as Doughty’s agent, offered 5 years and a very reasonable $6.5 million dollar cap hit, Dean said no and is refusing to budge? But for the long-term thinking, analytical type (which is the small minority of any fan base) most of our fans would boooo Dean over the delays. The pressure would mount. Dean would be forced to make a counter offer, he may come back with 6 years, $40.5 million to $40.8 million for a $6.75 to $6.8 million dollar cap hit. That may do it…and you have me and King Solomon (the biblical one, not Jeff) to thank for it.

Now, some of you are asking, “Bobby, are you saying that Drew Doughty’s agent has offered Dean 5 years, $32.5 million?” These are hypotheticals. Don’t ask silly questions like that.

So, you’re Dean Lombardi. I offer you the 5 year deal with a $6.5 million dollar per season cap hit. What’s your response? Oh, and remember, camp is right around the corner…