RFAs Are Dropping Like Flies – What Does It Say About Drew Doughty?

I don’t believe these are yet “official” but this is what I have read:

Zach Bogosian has signed for 2 years, $5 million (though I have also read $5.7 million). That is a $2.5 million dollar cap hit.

Tyler Myers signed for 7 years, $38.5 million. That is a $5.5 million dollar cap hit.

John Tavares signed for 6 years, $33 million. That is also a $5.5 million dollar cap hit.

Brad Marchand also signed for 2 years, $5 million. Again, a $2.5 million dollar cap hit. I just threw Marchand in for the hell of it.

Bogosian’s 2 year deal is a wait and see contract. It is similar to Jack’s second contract – the transition – that gave him an opportunity to show what he had so the Kings can show him the money.

Myers’ 7 year deal tells us the Sabres love this kid, see him as a top 4 D and are willing to pay accordingly.

Tavares’ deal is the least surprising. He is the cornerstone of the New York Islanders’ franchise. They got him locked up for 6 years at a manageable cap hit on a team that has oodles of money to spend. He is probably more important to NYI than Drew Doughty is to us (for a few that may have reading comprehension issues, that is not the same as Tavares being more talented or having a higher ceiling than Doughty).

So, what does all of this tell us?

Nobody got a 9 year deal. Nobody got crazy money, even on teams (NYI) that has the room to pay it. These are all marquee players although, in my humble opinion, Bogosian and Myers are neither as talented nor do they have the ceiling Drew Doughty does. As for Tavares, he was supposed to be the “Next One” remember? So far, only the currently concussed Sidney Crosby has even sniffed Gretzky’s shoes in that regard.

If I input these numbers in the recently upgraded and digital S&S Magic 8 ball and look for what they tell us about Drew Doughty, I get…

…hmmm, it’s broken.

Damn it. 

In the meantime, what do you think is the “message”, if any, these contracts send to Lombardi and Meehan about Drew?

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  1. every day i get more and more over dd8 and less care whether and when he signs. whether it is him pushing this or his agent it doesnt matter. for now my doughty jersey is hanging up and thats where it will remain. most likely i will be hitting up the shop at staples to get the number and name changed. perhaps to a kopi jersey or even perhaps a clifford jersey. either way i think my hetrosexual man crush with drew is over

  2. They should settle on 7 years 6.8 AAV that makes him top paid D on the team. Fair and reasonable for both sides. Unless of course Drew is about the ego after all.

  3. “Tyler Myers signed for 7 years, $38.5 million. That is a $5.5 million dollar cap hit.”

    This tells me that Dean should have drafted Myers instead of Teubert.

    It also tells me that Drew should not get north of $6.8 million on a 7 year deal and nothing more than $6 million on a 5 year deal. It also tells me that $61.2 million dollars over 9 years is $22.7 million more than Myers with only 2 extra years.

    Drew is showing his true colors if he isn’t in camp on Friday getting his physical.

    BTW, is the Myers deal confirmed? I thought it was still in the rumor stage.

  4. This is just getting annoying.

  5. I just don’t get it. How can Doughty, with a clear mind, turn down 7 years at 6.8. it’s just insane. I’m not seeing the logic. He wants a shorter contract in case LA starts to suck? Fine, if you had a banner year last year. Fine if you’re shea weber. Not fine if you got the nickname drew doughboy because you were out of shape.

    • Because his agent is going “No, you want 5 years. Why do you want 5 years? Because you’ll be a UFA at 26 and will get 8.5+ if you get 5 years at 7 mil. You want to play for the Kings but they probably wont keep you for a long term deal that’s over 8.5 million? Oh…. Well.. You want 5 years anyway because I.. I mean you, get more money. Yeah. You……. That’s who I care about….”

  6. I am way over “what’s his name”. Very beyond over and not really caring any more about “that guy?”.

    Drew Carey lost too much weight to properly play hockey right? Was that his name???

  7. At this point the whole thing is rediculous. Drew is starting to look like an asshole…

  8. It’s starting the scream that Drew Doughty is not a team player!

    The “Dreeeeeeeeewwwwwwww’s will soon switch to Booooooooooooo’s at Staples Center.

    They already have at my house…..

  9. “Further, Bob McKenzie of TSN reported late Tuesday night that the Kings won’t do a deal for less than seven years” the Kings will also not pay more than 6.8 as reported by ESPN. Guess the short term offers aren’t exactly flowin here. Too bad for DD.

    • The short term deals will come once he holds out. He should lose the big money guarantee of a long term contract if he holds out.

    • I really think this is the issue here. DL wants to lock him up. Doughty wants a chance to prove himself and then renegotiate. If that’s the case, then I side with Doughty actually, AS LONG as he is willing to take a pay cut on the shorter deal while he proves his worth.

      ex. 2 year deal at 5.5. If he shines, then 2 years from now DL has to let him do the backstroke in Anshutz’s money pool.

      • From what we know DD is not looking for a “prove himself” deal. He is looking for a big money to take him right up to UFA. A prove yourself deal leaves the player as an RFA at the end of term, but Drew is looking to be a UFA at the end. Considering the looming CBA and Doughty’s inconsistent performance in 3 years, I don’t think DL would mind doing a 2 year deal…. he already did that with Johnson and it worked out nicely. I think the “won’t go lower than 7” thing assumes they are talking about deals which take Doughty to UFA status, which is anything at or longer than 5 years.

        • Makes sense. Who really knows what goes on with these things. But as you said, I’m sure Lombardi has little problem with a short, 2-3 year deal with a chance to renegotiate or even arbitrate. So in the next two days, when it comes down to “sign and report” or “hold out”, it’s hard to see where a 2-3 year deal would harm Drew’s situation significantly, so the right answer would have to be “sign and report”, or else you’ve just shown your true colors and harmed your value in the process.

          • The reason a guy like Drew wouldn’t want a short term deal is because of the risk of injury. He’s already had one concussion and if he only signs for 10-12 million on a short term deal, then goes down for the count, that’s all he’ll ever make. However if he signs for 30+ mill, he’s basically set for life regardless of how his career goes.

          • I say that as if you can’t live a fine life on 10-12 million… geesh, but I guess if you have the potential to make over a $100 mill in your career, which Doughty certainly could if he plays long enough and well enough, then 10-12 mill suddenly becomes measly.

          • If you expect to make 100 mil, then even the 30 starts to look measly…

  10. as much as i’d like to be optimistic about all the signings today — i don’t think it says anything about drew’s negotiations. they’ve been operating in a vacuum all summer long. meehan is only concerned with what HIS client will get and no one else.

  11. I have a feeling that he will sign tomorrow…. just a feeling

  12. I have a little different take on this. I check in regarding Doughty every couple days or so, but I have lost zero sleep this summer for one reason…..we have a team that can compete on any night against any team with or without him. Yes, of course, we’re better with him, but we finally have the talent to win without the services of any singular entity no matter who it is. Two years ago, I would have been in panic mode, but those days are in the past. Go Kings!

  13. Oh, did anyone watch the rookie game? If so, I would like some input on what you witnessed. I love to hear fan reports.

    • Toffoli, and Kozun looked really good offensively. I talked to a Kingsfan who was actually there and he said he was impressed with Toffoli. He didn’t realize that Toffoli was so good both ways. Gibson needs a few more games to get into a groove.

    • I was most impressed with Kozun and Vey. They have some nice chemistry. Deslauriers was very impressive also. He’s a very good skater. I would have liked to have watched more of Muzzin. Toffoli looks like the guy who is always at the right place at the right time. Andreoff looks like he loves camping in front of the net.

  14. Is Fisting legal in California..???………I know it’s legal in Canada….well at least while Corey Perry is there.

    Drew must get FISTED……Start with Kozun and work up to Westy

  15. 16th and no signging.. I read and read all the comments.. etc. and I wonder..
    What is going on in Drew’s head right now..He loves the game.. as everyone who has ever
    watched him knows..all this bullshit is keeping him from coming to camp to start the season with his team… isn’t that bothering him? His favorite team as a kid.. isn’t it a Priority to get
    back to ‘work’..
    this certainly leaves a sour taste in my mouth.. and it should in Drew’s as well.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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