I don’t believe these are yet “official” but this is what I have read:

Zach Bogosian has signed for 2 years, $5 million (though I have also read $5.7 million). That is a $2.5 million dollar cap hit.

Tyler Myers signed for 7 years, $38.5 million. That is a $5.5 million dollar cap hit.

John Tavares signed for 6 years, $33 million. That is also a $5.5 million dollar cap hit.

Brad Marchand also signed for 2 years, $5 million. Again, a $2.5 million dollar cap hit. I just threw Marchand in for the hell of it.

Bogosian’s 2 year deal is a wait and see contract. It is similar to Jack’s second contract – the transition – that gave him an opportunity to show what he had so the Kings can show him the money.

Myers’ 7 year deal tells us the Sabres love this kid, see him as a top 4 D and are willing to pay accordingly.

Tavares’ deal is the least surprising. He is the cornerstone of the New York Islanders’ franchise. They got him locked up for 6 years at a manageable cap hit on a team that has oodles of money to spend. He is probably more important to NYI than Drew Doughty is to us (for a few that may have reading comprehension issues, that is not the same as Tavares being more talented or having a higher ceiling than Doughty).

So, what does all of this tell us?

Nobody got a 9 year deal. Nobody got crazy money, even on teams (NYI) that has the room to pay it. These are all marquee players although, in my humble opinion, Bogosian and Myers are neither as talented nor do they have the ceiling Drew Doughty does. As for Tavares, he was supposed to be the “Next One” remember? So far, only the currently concussed Sidney Crosby has even sniffed Gretzky’s shoes in that regard.

If I input these numbers in the recently upgraded and digital S&S Magic 8 ball and look for what they tell us about Drew Doughty, I get…

…hmmm, it’s broken.

Damn it. 

In the meantime, what do you think is the “message”, if any, these contracts send to Lombardi and Meehan about Drew?