Will This Nonsense Ever End?

Finnish blight Teemu Selanne signed on for one more year of vile Duckdom.  Every season I think I’ve seen the last of this putz and every year he decides at the last minute to disappoint me.  There are plenty of race cars for him to crash instead of crashing the NHL party.

Hey Selanne, the Jets are back, why don’t you go wither the end of your career away where it started?   That would be nice because he’d be in the Eastern Conference AND it would piss off Duck fans. Win-win.

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  1. Naw. Teemu’s cool. Just sad that he’s the only Duck you can say that about. The rest are all overrated cheap shot artists, with a side of Oscar winning dives. ;-)

    • I people like Teemu, but I just can’t. I know he’s talented, I know he’s gonna be a hall of famer most likely, I know he doesn’t do much worth hating outside of scoring against us, but he is one of the faces of the Ducks and therefore, I have to hate him.

      Also, the drama of “will he play another year???” happening for what, the last 4 years? is getting older than he is. I got highly annoyed with him when he decided to drag it out until he knew if the Ducks were gonna be any good or not before signing.

      Play for the love of the game or lace them up.

      • Hating someone simply because they are a Duck is retarded at best. No harm rooting against a team while still watching in awe. Teemu is a class act and is one of the greats. He waited each season for his body to recover and see if he has another season left in the tank….not to see if their team is any good.

        • One season he waited to see if they were good. The rest, who knows, probably the body.

          Either way, being a sports fan is retarded at best in general, so hating someone based on that sport fandom (when that hate only applies within the context of the game… should go without saying), is no less retarded. If Teemu decided to join the Kings for his last season, I would cheer for him. If he went to the Jets I wouldn’t care about him either way. So long as he is a Duck he receives just as much hate as any other Duck…. the same way I cheer for anyone who is a King, I detest anyone who is a Duck. The moment you try to add logic into any of this, the entire concept of being a sport fan falls apart, so let’s not go there.

  2. Fucker is talented. He will probably score 30 goals again.

  3. Fucker or not. Having him on the Ducks roster when we eliminate them from Stanley Cup contention would make that victory all the more sweeter. So I have no problem with him coming back, and even welcome it. I hope it gets them a good playoff seeding. No guts, no glory, so, bring it on!

  4. You gotta hand it to this guy. He does not need the money, but plays because he enjoys it. At 40 he can still compete. As much as I dislike the Ducks I have no difficulty admitting that he is an awesome athlete.

    • I guess I needed to add That I have plenty of respect for Teemu, however respect has nothing to do with like.

      Quite frankly, I’m disappointed in all of you. Has the Doughty stress hampered the part of your brains that has irrational fun ragging on all things Duck?

      • See! now if you would have said Habs, or Devils, then no matter how irrational it may be, I would say they suck balls still. For some it’s Vancouver, and for others it’s anything non Kings, but for me, it’s the Habs most of all.

        I do hope they make the Stanley Cup finals though, so we can destroy them and take back what should of rightfully have been ours. Those Bastards.

        • Yes indeed.

          Van. is a love-to-hate thing – they don’t deserve more. Shame on us for being held back by the likes of them and SJ.

          Montreal really is another matter – serious unfinished business. The SOBs we really owe one to. I’ll call that hate. No contempt – just 80-Proof ill-will. The very thought of our lads skating off without the Cup that year really makes me sick. Screw them and everything about them. Another reason I enjoyed watching B. win the Cup. I sometimes wonder how a certain retired goaltender feels now that the glory is over and he will soon have to make payment on the contract he made with a certain prince. His wife certainly didn’t want to stick around and find out (nothing is too petty or in bad taste for me to mention on this subject).

          I hope to God we see them in the finals when we get there. I’ll never feel right until I get to see Mr. McNall and all the boys sitting behind the glass watching us pay them back.

          • I believe a likeness of a Montreal Canadians goalie burning in effigy will be in order on every street corner in LA if we ever meet them again in the finals, and I’ve played it over, and over in my head a million times, and it’s always the Habs that we take it from.

  5. With a title like this I was sure you were talking about DD…

  6. … I can’t bring myself to love any of the Ducks.

    Except Lubomir Visnovsky, of course.

  7. I hate the Mighty Disney Ducks of Anaheim more than a wicked case of blue balls but Teemu
    at his age is an elite player and still better than most in the league. Wish he didnt sign but he’s still got a lot of hockey in him.

  8. Hate theplayer not the game.

    I hate Corry Perry’s guts, but the fucker can play.

  9. Surly… love the suckduck hater in you..Love it!
    but.. ya had to say but.. the Teemu is a Skill/Elite.. got to give him his kudos for that..
    He has been a King toment for years.. but the guy that drives me crazy is Shane Doan..
    every game.. there he goes .. scoring yet another goal against us..ahhh
    This year.. what I want to see is a shut down of that guy. That is a stat I will be watching
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. dominick..ferelcat.. exactly.. I think I save my revengeful and insluted by feelings for
    the bastards who dare to knock us out of what we want! Why I can appreciate the skills of
    individuals ( by the way.. still sad Lubo ended up in enemy camp) when it is a team that has
    taken us out.. I have nothing but hatred in my heart.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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