Don Meehan is one of the most successful sports agents out there. In the hockey world, he is “The Don”. He has likely made enough money to last him 5 lavish lifetimes. When you make that kind of money, you sometimes (not always) develop a condition called a “God complex”. That is one who believes themselves omnipotent and, symbolically of course, omnipresent. The ego grows the size of a small state (in Canada, a “province”) but can become perpetually bruised by a pin prick. The balls require a wheelbarrow for travel. Patience and tolerance become nearly non-existent.

Today, we got this beauty from Helene Elliott

The Kings have offered Doughty an average of $6.8 million a year and were open to durations of six to eight years and to putting the 21-year-old defenseman’s average annual salary on a par with first-line center Anze Kopitar, an older and more proven player. But Doughty’s agent, Don Meehan, is believed to be requesting an average of $7 million — and here’s where it gets complicated.

Meehan used to represent Kopitar but lost him as a client to Pat Brisson, another powerful agent whose roster includes Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby. Brisson is a close friend of Luc Robitaille, who is the Kings’ president of business operations. Robitaille had access to Kopitar and could have helped steer Kopitar to Brisson, costing Meehan a high-profile client.

Meehan now wants Doughty, who has enormous talent but has had one good season, one extraordinary season and a bumpy season, to be paid more than Kopitar. That would be a coup for Meehan in recruiting future clients and, some in the industry suggest, an in-your-face to Brisson.

Good stuff. I had previously heard Kopitar left Meehan. I even knew that Robitaille and Brisson were close. What I did not know is what Helene laid out here – that Luc “could have helped” steer Anze away from Don Meehan (in retrospect and coincidentally, thank God?) and The Don’s ego took a beating for which there was bound to be retribution in the form of a fuck you to Brisson, among others…fascinating. If this is true, the plot indeed thickens.

But is this how you do it? If what Helene wrote and theorized is correct, isn’t Don Meehan showing himself draconian and so self diluted so as to disregard his client’s best interests? Then again, isn’t that part of the whole God complex? 

You know who I want to hear from? Mark Guy.