Screw Dean & Don & Drew. I Care About LA Kings

Right now the LA Kings does not include Drew Doughty.  As such, he can find himself a filthy little corner of my thoughts to rest in until he decides to wear the crown again.  Until then, I will focus on people wearing the uniform I love.

So more importantly than all this other garbage, who is going to the opening of training camp tomorrow?  Bobby & I will be there for a good chunk of the day, probably from around 10am until 3pm.  We hope to see a good cross section of the 3 groups.  This is our first chance to see Richards and Gagne on the ice in our sweaters.  Tomorrow will be the first time we get to see Kopitar skate since that awful moment back in March.  I miss the feeling of seeing my favorite King glide over the crisp white surface.  Hungers will be satiated and some questions will be answered.  We’ll get to see if Penner can skate for more than 30 seconds without getting winded.  We’ll get to see how 3 year AHL veteran Voynov stacks up against NHL defensemen and forwards.  We’ll get to see if Brandon Kozun can keep up with the big boys.

Until Drew is on the ice with those guys, he can do whatever the hell he wants on the wrong side of the border.  He is dead to me until that time.  This is not to say I blame him entirely for his hold out, not at all, it has nothing to do with blame but rather simple fact.  The time, thought and energy I reserve for love of hockey and the Kings is wasted on him until he is again a part of the team I am so overly passionate about and to whom I remain so dedicated.

Bring on the gap toothed smiled of Dustin Brown and the awesomely tawdry jokes of Matt Greene.  Give me a face-off drill with Jarret Stoll.  Show me Mitchell and Scuderi disarm and frustrate all the kids leftover from rookie camp and show the youngins the ropes.  I want Clifford’s intensity and Williams’ puck handling on display.  How much better has Alec Martinez become?  Does Muzzin stack up?  Will Hickey finally make the team?  Will Trent Hunter earn a contract?  Will Richards and Gagne find chemistry with Brown?  Who does Moreau play with in drills?  Will one of Lewis or Richardson pull away from the other?  Did Westgarth learn to skate over the summer?  Will Scott Parse make it through a day of skating without getting hurt? How much muscle has Jack Johnson put on this year?  Will the drills indicate Murray opening up the system and/or Kompon utilizing the skill of his players?

I expect a massive turnout tomorrow.  I expect, no demand, that when I start the call to arms of “GO KINGS GO!” that you will all cheer on our boys with me. Loudly and proudly.  Remember guys and gals, we are one.  We are the 7th man.

There are more important things than Drew Doughty.  Let’s enjoy them.

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  1. I am going on Sunday….do I get a penalty for not going tomorrow???

  2. “Right now the LA Kings does include Drew Doughty.”

    Huh? Did he sign already?

  3. That’s a nutshell version of Dean’s position right now. We did everything we could before camp because at that point, it’s all about the team we have and we are gonna focus on that. This was made clear to DM and DD and Deano is driving it home right now.

  4. Check out….Dean’s comments are on the front page.

  5. I’ll be there with bells on :) GO KINGS GO!

  6. I’m with you. I’m soooo sick of all this Doughty crap. The Only news I wanna hear about the guy is if he signed or not. We’ve got a damn cup to win man!!!

  7. Exactly. I wish I could be there. San Francisco is so far away. Go Kings Go!

  8. Well done Surly! Well done indeed.

  9. I had a hell of a time watching the two kid games online and can’t wait for the next or first team game. We are so freaking deep on D that we will be just fine if needs dictate we must be and if you aren’t walking around your house praising Kozun and hoping that he gets the 3rd line RW spot and that AA Friend of Bills get the 4rth liner then you have missed a couple of great kids early performances and will be doing so by the end of camp.

  10. Dear Gents,

    Would you please post an article about the recent UFA signing of Bob Miller. “The Los Angeles Kings are headed to the Stanley Cup finals” was a fine moment, and we still have him.
    This is the moment to write it – he doesn’t hold out, and he doesn’t let us or his profession down.

  11. I will be there tomorrow :)
    Can’t wait for the season to start, with or without doughy.

  12. It’s funny, i’m actually more excited to see if Trent Hunter makes the team than i am worrying about Doughty… Love to see Hickey and Voynov get their shot

  13. Could not make this weekend as I have to work.. this blue collar girl working hard for her $$ to go to FF and makes as many games as possible this season! Was able to go to last Monday’s Rookie Camp and Big Boy’s unofficial practice.. So great to be in my Happy Place.. one foot from ice.. nose pressed against plexi glass..taking it all in.. If I ever have a second and some energy will post some nice shots my two photo friends took ..
    My observations were this..
    They all had a Great time being back together out on the ice.. Browine with his toothless smile ..priceless.. Greener with his ever present gameface scowl.. Willie laughing and smiling the entire time he was out there.. and Richards and Gange chatting it up with the other guys..
    this is a close knit group.. you can tell they like each other.. I am so ready for HOCKEY!!!
    HWSNBP is foolish for missing this..
    Thank you all for the tweet updates and keeping us posted..
    And did anyone catch Bobbie Miller on Sports Central with Jim Hill? He was signed to a new contract.. horray.. least we know where his loyalty is. He said Kings are being talked about not just here in LA but all over the U.S. and Canada as a team who will be making a serious run for the Cup this season.. everyone is getting the Fever :)
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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