Today, we got this Q&A between Rich Hammond and Dean Lombardi.

I was thrilled to read all of that. Rich asked some good questions. It helped get some insight into Dean’s thinking. I found the whole 275 days of work presumption to any offer and the insinuation (not threat) of a day-to-day reduction in the offer fascinating. The answers about the offer ostensibly being off the table, rejecting a short-term contract idea as being mutual, etc. was gold. This was as candid as I have ever read Dean Lombardi to be about the Doughty contract and negotiations. We even got a video bonus of Lombardi’s comments in a different interview with Daryl Evans.

This article however isn’t at all about what Dean said. We can chat about that later.  This is about the following statement on September 8, as reported by Helene Elliott.

Lombardi said Thursday through a team spokesman that he and Doughty’s agent, Don Meehan, have agreed not to comment publicly about the negotiations.

In case you’re wondering, Don Meehan gave the “no comment” response when asked about Dean Lombardi’s statements.

I doubt seriously Helene’s report of Dean and Don’s agreement was incorrect. In fact, during this time period, neither side was talking. Thus, their actions were consistent with an agreement. Such an agreement makes perfect sense. Regardless of the fan / blogging / media appetite for quotes and perspective from the horses’ mouths, keeping the negotiations quiet and away from the peeps and tweeps helps avoid a quote from being taken out of context and also evens the playing field so neither side is accused of propaganda or negotiating through the media.

So, what the hell happened? Why did Dean go into so much detail and discuss the negotiations. There are a lot of options to choose from here:

1. The negotiations have fallen apart, they are at an impenetrable impasse and there is no end in sight;

2. Lombardi decided, the hell with the agreement not to talk publicly, it’s camp, he is not here, all bets are off;

3. Dean and Don’s agreement had an end date…this one is a  stretch but I threw it out there; or

4. What Dean said was really not “about the negotiations.” Well, ok, that may be an even bigger stretch but I suppose it is one way out.

That brings us to the next issue – if I am Don Meehan, I believe our agreement not to talk publicly about the negotiations was firm and not subject to unilateral change and I read what Dean said, I am pissed off. What are your thoughts about this? I just hope the comments don’t hurt the ongoing discussions…if there are even “ongoing” at this point.