Contest! An Extra Ticket Giveaway For 9/21 Game Against Coyotes

As you know and we announced on July 29, we are giving away 4 LA Kings tickets each month for the months of October, November and December. At the LA Kings’ camp today, Surly & I came up with the 6 contests (2 each month for 3 months) and they are beautiful in their simplicity and potential for enormous fun. More on that coming very shortly. The ticket giveaway wouldn’t have happened without VIP Tickets. Their logo appears on the right side of your screen. Click at the bottom of that icon for contest details and click at the top (and on the VIP logo itself) to visit VIP for all your ticket needs.

We recently got an extra bit of good news. We were given a pair of tickets to the Kings v. Coyotes home exhibition game this Wednesday, September 21. We are going to make this ticket contest as simple as it gets.

Here is how you enter:

1. Create a Kings’ sign that you would take to the game with you. Be practical. It can’t be too big or they won’t let you in. It also can’t be offensive (cursing, etc.) because, again, you won’t get in. The goal is to create a sign that you will hold up at the game. What is the content? You decide, as long as it is LA Kings (or showing disdain for the Coyotes) related. In addition to making a sign that will actually make it inside Staples, we only have one other requirement – it has to read “I love Surly & Scribe” somewhere on the sign – nothing too big that distracts from the message, just something subtle to declare your love. If it is a real close call between the signs and who will win and Surly & I need a tiebreaker, we may take the creativity of the photo (strike a pose or otherwise get weird) you send us into consideration.

2. Email us a picture of you and the sign no later than Tuesday, 12:00pm to with your full name (as it appears on your California driver’s license). We need this so, if you are picked as the winner, we can give VIP Tickets your full name and they will have your prize waiting for you to pick up. Make sure you take your ID because they will be checking to make sure it matches the name you gave us. VIP Tickets is located at:

951 S Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
800-328-4253 or 213-621-2222

3. Surly & I pick the winner. The tickets will be in the upper level and while we don’t where yet, seriously, who cares! It’s free tickets to the game! The first Kings game of the season and one of only two opportunities to see some of the Manchester and Junior bound players play on Staples Center ice.

4. Your picture and that of your sign (for all of those entering) will be posted on the site. Once you send it to us via email, we own it – you don’t and you don’t get any compensation if we post it for everyone to see. So, if you don’t want your work to be seen, don’t enter. If you do, go nuts! If you’re a shy sourpuss then we can block out your face upon request when posting your picture to the site. But you have to ask, otherwise, photos go up exactly as they are sent. If you win, we will post your first name (but not your last) unless you again go above the call of email duty and specifically say you want your last name on the site.

5. Yes, this is a bit last-minute – the other contests during the regular season won’t be. You will have several weeks to come up with your entry. But, remember that the turnout here and during the regular season could influence VIP to give away more tickets to us so, don’t wait, DO IT!

Good luck to everyone who enters.

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9 replies

  1. Sooo stoked!!!

  2. I’m thinking “Screw you Drew” with a cocktail glass colored in orange in place of “screw”, and the stir stick being “I love Surly & Scribe”. What are my chances of getting in with that?

  3. JZarris, you better get started on it. That’s a good one. I need to start brainstorming. I’m guessing GO Kings GO isn’t good enough …. unless I hold it while topless.

  4. Depends if DD is signed by tuesday. If he is, I’m gonna put 2 doughnuts together to make an 8, and it’ll say “Doan, How do ya like them doughnuts?”. I’ll hold it up everytime DD hits him.


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