What Do Drew Doughty & Voldemort Have In Common?

As Voldemort was “he who shall not be named”, Drew Doughty is “he who shall not be paid.”

Surly & I were at camp. The players and coaches were at camp. The usual blogging and media peeps were there and we chatted with a few. Everyone showed up to do their job. He who shall not be paid was a no-show. As such, from this day forth and until he who shall not be paid does sign, he shall be referred to as he who shall not be paid. This name is not political, it’s practical. He wants more money than Dean Lombardi is willing to pay and he who shall not be paid is currently off the payroll.

I encourage you to adopt this new name when referring to him anywhere and anytime. If you so wish, let it go viral.


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  1. He who should not be named or paid needs his name & sig removed from the right column!

  2. Jewels from the Crown:

    Overheard at the rink: “If you can’t stand up to your agent, you’re not a leader, and you aren’t ready to be paid like one.”

    Was that you Surly?

  3. What happened to the autograph??? =====>

    I seem to recall a claim that it would stay up until he was paid….

  4. I think we should just simply stop talking about “him” until this is resolved…he is not bigger than the team which is more important right now.

  5. Even TM has said, camp will go on as if he is injured. He cannot suit up. They will run drills without him. Even Hextall said, holding out is a bad idea. Who knows what he has been doing during the offseason. He may show up out of shape. If that is the case, he most definitely isn’t worth what he is asking.

  6. Drew Doughty

    Drew Doughty

    Drew Doughty

  7. Oh and as a bit of a “joke” change the name on the roster to HWSNBP.

  8. Twistedly hilarious ..or am I the twisted one?
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  9. it’s nice to see the signature of he who shall not be named has been removed from the right-hand column…. it was starting to get kind of frustrating


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