The New Signature Plan

We have acted in reasonably good faith towards He Who Shall Not Be Paid for the last few months. We have displayed his signature on the site as a show of solidarity and belief. We have been rebuffed with a holdout.

As such, each day that the holdout continues will mark another stamp on the signature. A visual mar to hearken the emotional, psychological and physical mar of his missing camp and it’s growing intensity with each passing day. Initially uncertain, much like us, the picture will reveal itself as we near the end of camp if he Who Shall Not Be Paid remains without a contract. Should that time come, his signature will be replaced with a more appropriate message, to remain until he decides that monetary posturing is less important than playing hockey.

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  1. So… actual days or business days?

  2. If Drew doesn’t sign this week, he will miss regular season games.

    • Why do you say that? If he’s in decent shape and gets a few rubs through th dru=ills you could put him on the ice. The linchpin is whether he did the Doughty/Penner Fitness Plan from the summer of 2010 or, did he do the Penner Plan of 2011..

      If has some semblance of fitness he’ll play. His minutes will be light at first to protect certain situations until he’s fully fit and has shown his head is in the game. Then he claws back time.

      • Just a feeling that if he goes an entire week without signing, he is ready to wait until the Kings play meaningful games to put pressure on Dean. Seems like Doughty is hoping that the team he claims to love has a horrible start to the season so that Dean will cave and pay him more money.

  3. Sweet! This should be fun, knowing you two. If he does sign, do we still get to see the picture? Say yes! YES! <— See that word? Say it!

  4. I am trying not to think about it.

  5. Meehan . . . that louse Meehan . . . Off with his dick!!

  6. Just to be clear, drew is not “holding out.”. He is not under contract. A holdout is when a player under contract sits out in order to renegotiate his deal. Either way, if he was my kid I’d punch him in the nuts and tell him to sign.

  7. We really can’y claim we don’t want im paid — that implies he doesn’t skate. Period.

    Our position is really: He Who Shall Not Be OVER Paid. (HWSNBOP)

    Or for those who like their position to be clad in optimism: He Who Shall Be Paid Generously But Fairly (HWSBPGBF)

  8. Are you all old enough to remember the knuckle sandwich? For every 5 slashes, He Shall Not Be Paid, shall receive a knuckle testies sandwich!

  9. OFF Topic:

    Ryan Lambert must have the title “Troll” underneath his name on his Yahoo business card.

    It’s the only explanation for today’s installment of his long standing string of complete idiocy.

    • correction .. IN his long standing …

      • Well, I think he’s definitely off with regard to his second point (and clueless as to the cap implications of giving Doughty +6.8) but I must say that I agree with him about the level to which he is publicizing the negotiations, or lack-thereof. I know Dean likes to talk (understatement of the year?) but I don’t see much use in airing so much publicly.

  10. Day 2 tick coming up or do you know something the rest of us don’t?

    • lol. We have lives. it’ll get up there. The current days photo is for the PREVIOUS day of holdout (or sit out, non contractual commitment whathaveyou Tim prefers). So he holds out a day, the next day he gets another stamp on the sig.

  11. Did “he who shall not be named” sing yet?

  12. What do you guys think Doughty is doing right now? You think he is practicing somewhere and making sure he is in shape just in case he decides hmmmm 6.8 is a nice number after all? LOL

    Just wanted to say great job on your blog love reading your articles.

  13. We have displayed his signature on the site as a show of solidarity and belief. We have been rebuffed with a holdout.

    … This ranks up there pretty high on the unintentional comedy scale, as with most of the paragraph following it.

    Why don’t you put Lombardi’s signature over there as well? He’s part of this, right? He’s just as responsible for the failure of the deal to get done, right? At least, as far as we know, anyway.

    • Its not unintentional comedy because I knew you would have that reaction. It would seem that you think we don’t want the kid to sign, or that we want to screw him over, which is ludicrous. If you find that quoted statement comical, it can only be because you interpret our actions as contradictory to that statement, which would mean you believe we put up the signature as something other than solidarity and belief, which I can only assume would be discord and mocking.

      There is no bias towards the wunderkind. If the offer on the table was unfair (say offering him 7 years @ 5.something) and we still thought “screw you kid, sign the damn deal!”, then yes, bias against the player would be a factor. Not the case, as much as you’d like it to be so that Lombardi could be a bigger asshole here.

      Yes Lombardi is partially responsible, because he could also cave in to Meehan’s demands. However Lombardi is not the one deciding to miss camp AND from what we know, the offer on the table is pretty goddamn fair. It’s not penny pinching, but it would seem that Meehan is squeezing pennies.

      I have to assume that you think Dean’s offer is unreasonably low. Is that your position? Because if you belief the reported offer to be fair, and yet the player refuses to sign it and is asking for more, then you can’t really say the blame is equally distributed amonst both parties, can you?

      • … My position is that the failure to get a deal done rests with both Drew and Dean. I have no clue what is holding this up – money, term, trust issues, a mixture of all three, I don’t know. What I DO know is that Dean, up to this point, has had a very easy road with the players he’s signed within this organization and those he’s brought in via free agency. Drew’s situation promised to be different, because of the fact that he’s the jewel of this regime and also because of the fact that, for the first time in this regime, there is real expectation to do something successful here. I went on record a long, long time ago and said that if there ever came a deal and a scenario where Dean didn’t hold all the power, he likely wouldn’t get that deal squared away, and that he would trade or otherwise dispose of the offending player (e.g., Cammalleri). When has Lombardi ever completed a high-profile, high-money, give-and-take type of deal when the pressure was on?

        Lombardi signed an over the hill Rob Blake for $6 m/y, and traded for an over the hill Ryan Smyth who was making more than that, so honestly you’ll have to forgive me when I glaze over when I hear talks about “salary structure” or some other such nonsense. Here is a terrific young player who apparently wants to be on this team. There is an argument to be made that there may be no one in the NHL who has a brighter future right now than Drew Doughty. I was called out time and again for saying that selecting him in the draft was a “no-brainer” for Dean; that Dean had all of this discussion with Drew, that Dean did all this homework on what type of person he was bringing aboard at that time, etc. Well, what happened with that? Was that another line of B.S. trotted out by this regime? Where was the communication and the dialogue between the two parties in anticipation of this deal needing to be done? I mean, shit; this isn’t some scrub we’re talking about here, this is arguably the best player on the team – at the very least, he’s the second-best player on the team and has a two year head start on the best player.

        Ultimately, it comes down to results. If Drew and Dean get the deal done before the first game of the season, and Drew has an outstanding season and the Kings do well for themselves – great, both of them deserve high praise for getting past this hurdle. If Drew misses part of the season and/or has a poor season, obviously he’ll be impossible for me or anyone else to defend and his value and perception around the rest of the league will suffer until he rectifies the situation with another exceptional year. But any failures resulting from this situation would be just as much on Lombardi as they would be on Doughty. If Dean can’t get this done, he’s continuing to show that he isn’t the one to hammer out a high-profile, high-money contract. Is that the kind of guy you’re going to trust as the one to get your franchise over the hump? This situation didn’t come as a surprise, did it? This is the most critical point in this regime … hell, it’s one of the most critical times in the history of the Kings. He knew it was coming, and still couldn’t produce. I don’t want to hear all of this crap about “culture” or “Dean’s guys” or whatever else. That doesn’t get the team’s name engraved on the Cup. Both of these guys need to show me the results – or they both get the blame.


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