First, watch:

So, for him “personally, it’s not about the money.” I quote that because the video presents the statement as if that came directly from him. There are several ways to take this:

1. The “personally” part renders the rest of the statement meaningless. Those words are sometimes spoken by people who want to convince you that money is not the issue, it’s about “respect”, “love”, “the principle”, etc. when it is just about the money.

2. Taken literally, it could mean, it’s about something other than money, which means it is likely about the years. Imagine this – they all agree to $6.8 million. That’s not the issue. He wants 5 years at $6.8 million per. Dean wants no less than 7 years at $6.8 million. Take that $6.8 and turn it into any number you want. If you knew the money was agreed upon (and had been agreed upon for a while) but it was just about the number of years, what would you think then? Is Lombardi being unreasonable by demanding no less than 7 years? Is Meehan by asking for 5 and no more.

3. Everything he said was crap. It’s about the money, it’s about the years, it’s about him not showing up to play until he gets what he wants.

Then we get to the fun part – in the video, he is quoted as saying, he wants “all of the contract dealings behind the scenes to come out” so he “wouldn’t look like the bad guy.” I did dub the kid “he who must not be paid” after Voldemort so, in retrospect, I have contributed to the “bad guy” image. To HWMNBP, I respond, I agree. I probably speak for tens of thousands of Kings’ fans who also want the contract dealings and behind the scenes talk to come out from the horse’s mouth but, you see, you can’t have it both ways – you can’t, on the one hand, tell us that you are not willing to talk about it because your representatives have told you not to speak and, in the next breath, tell us you wish we knew what was really happening so you wouldn’t get soiled with an unfair image.

But, whatever, we have a season to get ready for, games to play, matches to win, and a Cup to seek with or without him and, as much as we would all prefer that be with him, he is a grown up and if he’s old enough to earn millions per season, he is old enough to take responsibility for his choices.