“It’s Not About The Money”

First, watch:

So, for him “personally, it’s not about the money.” I quote that because the video presents the statement as if that came directly from him. There are several ways to take this:

1. The “personally” part renders the rest of the statement meaningless. Those words are sometimes spoken by people who want to convince you that money is not the issue, it’s about “respect”, “love”, “the principle”, etc. when it is just about the money.

2. Taken literally, it could mean, it’s about something other than money, which means it is likely about the years. Imagine this – they all agree to $6.8 million. That’s not the issue. He wants 5 years at $6.8 million per. Dean wants no less than 7 years at $6.8 million. Take that $6.8 and turn it into any number you want. If you knew the money was agreed upon (and had been agreed upon for a while) but it was just about the number of years, what would you think then? Is Lombardi being unreasonable by demanding no less than 7 years? Is Meehan by asking for 5 and no more.

3. Everything he said was crap. It’s about the money, it’s about the years, it’s about him not showing up to play until he gets what he wants.

Then we get to the fun part – in the video, he is quoted as saying, he wants “all of the contract dealings behind the scenes to come out” so he “wouldn’t look like the bad guy.” I did dub the kid “he who must not be paid” after Voldemort so, in retrospect, I have contributed to the “bad guy” image. To HWMNBP, I respond, I agree. I probably speak for tens of thousands of Kings’ fans who also want the contract dealings and behind the scenes talk to come out from the horse’s mouth but, you see, you can’t have it both ways – you can’t, on the one hand, tell us that you are not willing to talk about it because your representatives have told you not to speak and, in the next breath, tell us you wish we knew what was really happening so you wouldn’t get soiled with an unfair image.

But, whatever, we have a season to get ready for, games to play, matches to win, and a Cup to seek with or without him and, as much as we would all prefer that be with him, he is a grown up and if he’s old enough to earn millions per season, he is old enough to take responsibility for his choices.

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  1. Perhaps, like Matthew Berry, he’s upset at the lack of Hooters vouchers in his season ticket envelope?

  2. Drew’s new theme song…
    “Responsibility….what’s that?”

  3. I have a different theory, and was going to make an article about it but you essentially beat me to it.

    This isn’t about the money, its about HWMNBP wanting to play for the London Knights. See, in juniors, this contract stuff wasn’t an issue, nor was his consumption of doughnuts. He could eat and play and still dominate. He wants to play junior hockey again, but with all the accolades and pussy that go along with the NHL. Call it a minor version of Freudian regression syndrome, in this case, junior hockey is the mother’s womb.

    And Bobby, we have not contributed to the negative image of HWMNBP. There is no circumstance under the sun where a player misses camp over a contract dispute and the fans just don’t mind because they feel the player is justified. We are sport fans and these people are here to entertain us. Yes, they are human beings, but their jobs and careers and livelihoods are as entertainers. No one at the metal concert in Chicago gave a shit why Axl Rose didn’t want to come out on stage, they didn’t feel bad in the moment that James Hettfield was all burnt up and shit. They wanted their money’s worth. Our money’s worth includes HWMSBP, so we expect to see him. Is that harsh? Yes. Unfair? No.

    • So, you’re saying we’re all the mob?

      • No, I’m saying that not giving a shit about the contract demands of a multi millionaire child is part of the package of being a sports fan. Sorts fans will and should sympathize with the team and a player should never be surprised by that fact. Unless you are a boxer, a golfer or a tennis player, or I guess maybe a bowler, people will always put the team before the individual in situations like this. Its not a created mob mentality, it’s a fact of fandom.

  4. “But, whatever, we have a season to get ready for, games to play, matches to win, and a Cup to seek with or without him and, as much as we would all prefer that be with him, he is a grown up and if he’s old enough to earn millions per season, he is old enough to take responsibility for his choices.”

    That sums up the whole debacle.

  5. Was drew reading from kovalchuks script?

  6. So, Surly, you’re basically saying is that HWMNBP is the hockey version of Matt Leinert!?

  7. Kiss my ass Doughty! Do we all have “STUPID” tatoo’d on our foreheads?

  8. …..ohhhhh….and because he’s wearing his Kings stuff, No doubt Meehan set up this little impromptu “film me skate – SEE, I’m NOT fat, and you didn’t hear this from ME, but I don’t care about the money…blah, blah, blah”

  9. I wish that clip had more video of the practice so we could see what kind of shape he is really in.

  10. Glad to see he’s working on his defense…wait..

  11. This has probably been said but …

    If it’s about TERM … then it’s still about the money.

    The only way it’s not about the money is if Dean promised 3 blondes a week and Drew wants 5.

    Wait .. that’s still about the money. Nevermind.

  12. This is set up to make the Kings and DL look like the bad guys. To me they are both at fault and now this is starting to hurt our “TEAM”. When this starts to hit the fans is when this will go really bad really fast for whoever we decide in our public court who is at fault.

  13. No this is set to look like the little kid on the playground in 2nd grade saying “hey that mean teacher is telling me to stop whining about not being able to play with the other kids”….wah wah wah feel sorry for me….sob….

    Wow it is amazing how over what’s-his-name I am at this point.

    In fact on Sunday at training camp I saw someone with his jersey and almost smacked them just for the satisfaction…..ah!

  14. It’s NOT about the money.

    It’s about the dough-nuts.

    — or the beer nuts, I can’t remember which.

  15. This is supposed to be “our” season and now this. Sign the DAMN Contract DD!!!!!!!!

    Myself and many other Kings fans have waited a long time for the Kings to have a season to look forward to. This is going to have a huge impact on how you’re received at Staples whether your on our team or another.

  16. the only thing it is ever about is the money; services fulfilled for a sum of money in a contract for a term length. The contract is the issue and the services renderred are for money. call it what you like but it is money for service.

  17. “It’s not about the money…” Now you’re insulting us by saying we’re idiots and want you to believe that it’s really not about the money? Drew I might have been born at night but not last night. Let’s cut the bullshit!

  18. It’s not about the money…it’s about the quawn. Get Jerry Fuck’in McGuire on the phone.

    If $6.8 a year is the agreed to figure, then of course Dean should insist on 7 years.

  19. Well the argument over the years if we assume the 6.8 is set is what we should really be talking about here if we are to be fair.

    At what point should who blink? Both sides are justified in their own positions, the only thing to tip the scale really is that Dean’s position is for the good of the team and the franchise (longer contract for a great player=good for the franchise) and HWSNBP’s position is better for no one else but himself. So in the end, I think we all come down on that HWSNBP SHOULD be the one the blink, however it might be smart of Dean to blink as 5 years doesn’t actually hurt the franchise, but is not as good as 7 years. Well, 5 years could hurt in 5 years if both Kopitar and wunderkind try to screw us at the same time and demand the moon or worse yet, bolt, but then again if that becomes the case, then we have failed as a franchise in those 5 years and most likely that failure would be in large part those two player’s faults.

    So, do I think Dean should blink if HWSNBP will agree to 5 years at 6.8? Yes, I do. However I want wunkderkind to blink because that is the only way i can come out of this without believing that our franchise player is more about himself than he is about the team. If Dean blinks it will take some undoing to get me to think of HWSNBP in the same light.

    • You, anyone that closely follows the team, and more importantly maybe some of the boys in the room.

      • maybe some of the boys in the room.

        … Hey let’s make things up when we don’t know anything about something. That’s always fun.

        If Doughty raises the salary bar for certain groups of players, I’m sure those players will really hate his guts when it comes time for their deals to be done.

        Hockey may be a team sport, but it’s also a job. A job in which compensation is doled out on an individual basis.

        • It is individual but their contracts do affect each other and not always positively. I’m not the cap guy, but Quisp did a version of this in regards to Kovalchuk. The whole cap hit vs salary and the revenue taxes that get levied on the players, how big contracts can take money away from lesser paid players, etc. No idea if this applies here, but it’s not a given that a guy signing a big deal helps everyone else.

  20. 5 years at 6.8 or 7 years at 6.8. Both sides need to suck it up and go 6 years at 6.8, if that is the issue. Get it done, move on to the season, and come back in 5 years and see what happens.

    • Because he’s not worth 5 years at $6.8. The next couple of years, his value is south of $5mil. That would mean that his value for the last 2 years would have to be worth over $8mil per year assuming he is worth around $6.8 in year 3.

  21. could it be that Dean is choosing to not disclose that it’s the NMC that is the issue. Fact is both Richards and Carter can atest that w/o it you’re expendable.

  22. could it be that Dean is choosing to not disclose that it’s the NMC that is the issue. Fact is both Richards and Carter can atest that w/o it you’re disposable.

  23. I have faith that come october Doughty will be a King. And king fans will be happy and Doughty fans will be doubly happy. Wish king fans were a little more patient, I mean, I’m thrilled to be a bonafide cup contender this year.


  24. HWMNBP?

    Jezz, almost feel so dumb asking I considered inventing a new alias…

  25. So what I’ll be the only one wearing # 8 Oct 1st in Vegas. Cmon kid you were loved and if you keep this up everytime you make a mistake you be booed mercilessly

  26. I’ve been trying for months to stand by the statements that not enough information has been released as to DD’s intensions, and that other factors could come into play here other than money. No matter how many times I say “DD probably isn’t all about the money” and try to explain how, many are content to argue it away. Now DD himself has said himself “It’s not about the money” and many stubbornly cling to their DD’s Greedy theories without even look at the other possibilities logically.

    I guess it’s like when DL was supposedly pissed at JJ and I kept saying it was a misunderstanding and that it’s being blown out of proportion by everyone. I even drove some nuts for sticking up for JJ as much as I did. No one would listen till JJ worked out a cheap 7 year deal with Dean by himself a year or 2 later.

    I’m still right, and everybody is still wrong with DD, and many won’t realize it till years later when the whole story does come out. So I’ll just have to wait again I guess. Too bad no one will remember who was right by then.

  27. 7 years @ 6.8 w/ ntc, 5 years @ 6.5 ntc, or 7 years 7 mil or 5 years 6.8 mil.

  28. The problem is that DD feels that he’s worth the $6.8mil today and more in later years. He’s actually not worth anything close to the $6.8 right now so if it does come out to be a 5-year deal, then the reality would be that he would be worth $4.5 in 2011, $5 in 2012, $6mil in 2013, $7 in 2014 and probably $8 in 2015. The total for the deal would be around 5-year $30.5mil or $6.1/year. That is probably his true value to the team. The reason you give him $6.8/yr for 7 is because you’re hoping that the tail end is where you really see the $8/year guy.

    • Who says 6.1 wasn’t offered for 5 years? 6.8 has only been confirmed for 7 to 9. If someone has confirmed even 5 years, provide some links. All that was confirmed on a shorter deal is the Kings won’t sign for less than 7, and that back in June (not July 1rst when the summer deadline was made) neither side was interested in a short term deal.

  29. Put it this way – if DD truly, honestly believes that it’s not about the money, then his agent’s got him eating out of the palm of his ass. Like when Blob Rake felt it was his “duty” to set the bar higher for the greater good of unappreciated defenseurs everywhere. Actually that would make a lot of sense, we already know Meehan has an agenda to get all his RFAs on 5 year deals, he’s probably convinced DD that it’s really important to all of hockey, no, the world.

  30. The real question is what else is there, other than money? Let’s analyze that.

    Imagine DD see’s guys like Richards sign long term, and regret it, because they still get traded, and have no say so. Imagine a guy stuck on a team he’s unhappy with, and the team won’t trade him. Imagine he’s seen guys get traded when their team is awsome, because their dumping salaries, and the player doesn’t have a choice. Imagine he see’s guys get traded to shitty teams because they have no say so, and they struggle with crappy teams for 5 more years, because that team owns their contract.

    Lets imagine Smyth had some talks with him about the importance of controlling your own destiny. He see’s Smyth traded (even if Smyth asked for it) and Smyth controls when, to who, and where he wants to go too.

    Now look at DD’s words and you can see how he could say “it isn’t about the money” for him.


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