I only grace this fool Lambert with a mention at all because of one assumption he makes that I believe is an egregiously wrong error in interpretation, besides of course the obvious schmuck claim in the title itself that “Dean Lombardi’s lucky sports fans are idiots”.

Aside from arguing that He Who Shall Not Be Paid is the best player in the Pacific Division, something that should be true at some point, but is not true right now (Joe Thornton, Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, Anze Kopitar might have a thing or two to say about it), Lambert asserts that in Dean’s comments to Rich Hammond last week that:

for every day of training camp Doughty does not attend, the Kings’ per-annum offer drops by $24,727.27 — $6.8 million over the 275 work days of the NHL season.

What Dean actually said was:

“The problem we have, and we’re going to have to see how this evolves, is that generally with a player, you establish his market value and he signs up for 275 days of work….

…You’re not getting a full year’s work as of today.”

Question: Meaning the offer gets reduced by however many days he’s not here?

LOMBARDI: “Well, as we talked about before, there has to be some finality, in terms of when the players are supposed to report. It’s no different, I think, than what the other teams have done. It’s, `OK, now we have to regroup here and see what evolves,’ and then I have to go back to ownership. It’s no different than anything else. You do this based on 275 days of work, and now it’s down to 274.”

I will admit that I may be reading this wrong, but my understanding of this is that this statement is in regards to THIS YEAR.  Not the total cap hit.  The 25K thing wasn’t even said by Lombardi, it was assumed by Hammond.  Hammond tells us the offer is $6.8 per year after Helene Elliott & ESPN told us that Dean won’t go higher than Kopitar… which contradicts the very interview Hammond gives us where Lombardi says:

It’s no secret that he would be at the top of our team.

Which indicates they might have offered him a higher salary than Kopitar.  It’s unclear.  Last month at development camp Lombardi did specifically say he would consider making He Who Shall Not Be Paid a higher earner than Kopitar.

But back to the 274 (now 272) days of work deal.  Unless I am the one reading this incorrectly, the idea is that this particular year, wunderkind makes less than what was offered for the year (let’s also remember that cap hit does not equal a specific year’s salary – we may assume that he was offered 6.8 average cap hit, but that does not mean he was offered $6.8 million this year… that number could be higher or lower, so again, the 25k per day thing is bogus).

Ultimately, we are all basing these ideas off things that Rich Hammond said, not things that Dean Lombardi said, because Lombardi never said the overall offer would be reduced every day based off a percentage of 275 days presumed work.  He did specifically say:

You’re not getting a full year’s work as of today.

The only conclusion that we can truly draw, as with most of Lombardi’s interviews, is that we are speculating as to many of the specifics.  Lombardi may have “made the negotiations public” but he certainly has not disclosed any details as to what the offer is or how this so-called “holdout” affects the entirety of the deal.

Now I will say the only line that contradicts my opinion is this one:

You do this based on 275 days of work, and now it’s down to 274.

That is the only line you could interpret as referring to the year to year basis of the salary.  This seems to indicate a threat, one that would say that because He Who Shall Not Be Paid missed X numbers of days of work this year, he will be deducted that same amount of days of pay for every year of the contract.

So since there is so much up in the air, let’s just all agree on something that we can know to be certain.

Ryan Lambert is a clown.