Fan 590 Interviews Dean Lombardi

Dean Lombardi, candid as usual, talks about the Drew Doughty negotiations (generally), the cap, baseball (not the Yankees), and how he unfortunately saw this coming. Enjoy it. Here is the 590 Interview.

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  1. I do think Lombardi’s point regarding Chicago and what they had to do after winning the Cup is an important one. His insistence on managing the cap, while maintaining “the core” is vital for the future of the team. Lombardi comes off pretty well in this interview in my opinion. Its also unfair to brand him a “hold out”, as I have said before. A “bump in the road”….man I hope so.

  2. I agree. DL justifies his position very clearly. In a respectable manner he does not go into particulars. It is hard to argue with a lot of the points he makes here.

  3. Wow….sensational interview. They need some spelling lessons…Genaral Manager… but DL comes across quite well. We don’t want to have to blow up this team 2 years down the road.

  4. This makes me happier. Can’t wait to have this settled.


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