This is weird…it’s great, but it’s weird. On the subject of goaltenders, I am not nostalgic of the old days. Remember when we entered each season wondering just how much we were going to suck between the pipes? No more. This franchise’s greatest weakness has become its strength. Now, we have two young stars in the making and one impressive third in 6’4″ Martin Jones.

I don’t have any revelations to share with you about Jonathans Quick or Bernier. I want what you want and expect the same. Do what you did last season, but better and with more consistency. Steal some games when you have to, control the rebounds and keep them in front of you, good position stops most of the pucks, your talent (intelligence, coordination, agility and speed) takes care of the rest.

If Jonathan Quick can drop his GAA under 2.10 (he was 2.24 last season) and get that SV% up to .930 (from .918), this Kings’ fan will be smiling. As for Bernier, I want the same or similar numbers although they will likely come in less games. I don’t take much Terry Murray says before the season on face value (been there and seen everything is subject to change at a whim) but if he gives Quick more rest (read: around 50 games) and Bernier gets the remainder, we will have a fresh number 1 in the playoffs and a number 1a with enough games under his belt to seamlessly fill the void if the unexpected (injuries) arises.

Look, goaltenders hold a special place in my heart. I understand their quirky, obsessive, single-minded nature. I love their composed and controlled disposition and innate burning intensity. Bottom line is this – last season, I coined Quick & Bernier the two-headed dragon. This season, I expect them to earn the label.