The Other Side Of A Rusty Coin

Ken Campbell (Or is it Cambpell?) of The Hockey News wrote a nice piece about everyone’s favorite topic of discussion late last night, proving that the point Ryan Lamb-po-boy-ert was struggling to make yesterday can be put forth intelligently and without the unpleasant crusted beard trimmings of a troll.

Let’s go through it, shall we?

Judging by the comments on most hockey websites concerning the impasse between Drew Doughty and the Los Angeles Kings, the overwhelming sentiment seems to be that Doughty is nothing but a petulant, snot-nosed young man with an overinflated sense of entitlement.

First of all, I resent this.  To generalize the feelings of so many is folly.  No one ever said the kid was nothing but those things, they also said he was fat and personally, I decline to comment on the amount of mucus in his sinus.  What’s more, most people don’t use fancy words like petulant.  If you are going to paraphrase people, use the proper terms, such as asshole, schmuck and prick.  I got told several times yesterday that real and respected journalists do research and proofread, and this debasing of perfectly good and oft used curse words leaves me confused as to what level of respect to give to Mr. Campbell.  Next paragraph please.

That, of course, comes largely from people who believe if they were in the same position as Doughty is right now, they’d be thrilled to get a fraction of the money he makes to live the dream of playing in the NHL. Coincidentally, those people, for the most part, have no clue of the enormous sacrifices and level of commitment that were required for Doughty to get where he is and the fact he is among the best in the world at what he does. Ever wonder why hockey players never settle for less than what they believe they’re worth? Can it be that every single one of them is a greedy, self-absorbed jerk? Don’t think so.

Most of the world is extremely fucking greedy and as a cynic I have no problem believing that the majority of hockey players, or better yet, athletes in general, are greedy, self-absorbed jerks.  If I feel this way about most people, I don’t see what excuses athletes.  In some semblance of seriousness (not my strong suit), Ken makes a good point about the enormous sacrifices and commitment required for wunderkind to reach the level he is at today, even if part of that is integrally imbued talent.  So of course its perfectly fair, since we are talking in a relative sense of compensation here – Ken’s point presumably that an obscene level of work put in justly demands an equally obscene level of pay – that we then also pay the ballet dancers who commit their entire lives to the perfection of their craft millions of dollars to prance around on stage.  When I was 13 I believed I had perfected the art of masturbation.  I would now like my millions, please.  What was my lifetime commitment for, if not for my millions of dollars?  But of course I kid, partially.  What good are our passions in life if not to be backed up by the ability to buy a yacht or three.

As is the case with most high-profile contract disputes, there is a tendency to portray one side as evil and the other as good. Most have Doughty in the evil camp at the moment. But the fact of the matter is Doughty is fully within his rights to demand whatever amount of money and term he wants and the Kings are fully within their rights to tell him they have no intention of paying it. Doughty has no contractual obligation to take part in training camp and the Kings have no contractual obligation to allow him to do so.

Now we get to one of those good points I mentioned earlier.  If I were a sarcastic man, I would thank Captain Obvious at The Hockey News, but since I am of a more subdued, humble nature, I will simply say that he is correct in his matters of fact, even if those facts have nothing to do with the grouping of He Who Shall Not Be Paid into the less altruistic “evil camp”.

Will Doughty stunt his development by missing valuable training camp time during a crucial year in his development as a player? Perhaps. But there are also those who believe training camp is overrated in terms of preparing a player for the season. Is Doughty really going to get better playing scrimmages against guys who will probably never share an NHL ice surface with him? And the days of players using training camp to get into game shape went away with horsehair goalie pads. Players keep up a high level of conditioning when they’re not playing hockey and the fact is Doughty is probably in better shape right now than he will be at mid-season.

Holy shit, I had no idea that playing hockey deteriorates your fitness and that vacationing brings it to its pinnacle.  Is training camp overrated in terms of getting into ‘game-shape’?  Probably, if we used the strictest terms of being in shape, limited only to the physical.  However this being a team game, and systems always being adjusted, training camp is about far more than simply getting your endurance level up and improving your bench press numbers.  It is about adjusting to new teammates and finding comfortable sparks with the old ones.  It is about getting yourself into the group mindset and setting some of your individuality aside so as to better act as a synergistic digit of the arm of the team.  So no, Ken, training camp is not overrated, though it is not to say it is irreplaceable.  It is a time to work out kinks without the high stakes of points that affect playoff seeding.  The fact is that if our boy were to miss camp he may be in fine physical form, but he will be a few steps behind finding his rhythm with the team.  He will have to learn how to play with Richards and Gagne on the fly.  He will have to learn how to play Jamie Kompon’s new and wholly improved power play system when the games matter.  OK, that last bit was wishful thinking.

There’s a perfectly good reason why Doughty wants more than the $6.8 million annually the Kings gave Anze Kopitar on a seven-year deal two years ago. It’s because Doughty thinks he’s worth more than Kopitar. He might be right. Or he might be way off base. But he has every right to think it and to demand to be the highest-paid player on the Kings.

Once again, congratulations on refraining from having an opinion.

When things get emotional, as they have in the case of the Doughty negotiation, rational thought sometimes becomes a casualty. Case in point was when Kings GM Dean Lombardi declared he the Kings were considering docking Doughty $25,000 every day Doughty missed training camp. Lombardi was quoted as saying players sign up for 275 days of work. “That was the one thing that changed during the CBA, that players were paid during training camp.”

Not sure when Lombardi dug up that nugget, but suffice to say he had to clarify himself after saying it. First, players are not paid during training camp or the playoffs. They are paid on a per-day basis based on the exact number of days during the regular season, which is 185 in 2011-12. Lombardi was referring to a provision in the CBA that allows teams to dock players for each day they don’t take part in training camp, but that applies only to players who are under contract. Doughty is not and the only way his salary will be pro-rated in any way is if he signs his contract after the regular season begins Oct. 6.

Now we are into the good stuff.  Campbell schools Rich Hammond in CBA knowledge (and subsequently the rest of us who shot our mouths off based on Rich’s interview and comments).  I am no CBA master.  Most of the time I just go with what I believe to be common sense, which often times has nothing to do with legal language and minutia of bloated rule books.  Assuming that Ken has done his research properly, as we will see in the following chunk of quotes, Dean’s comment about docking HWSNBP’s salary per diem comes off as specifically a threat, though again, this does not affirm Byran Rampart’s (Nylan Balmpert?  I forget now, the guy who I blasted yesterday) assertion that the average cap hit of any contract offer goes down every day.  That notion is still just as ludicrous today as it was yesterday.  Let’s read the rest of Ken’s good stuff.

Lombardi acknowledged later that “things got out of hand,” after he made his comments and said the Kings were only considering imposing some sort of financial penalty against Doughty for each day he missed camp. “If you can deduct a day’s pay for a guy with a contract and a guy doesn’t show up and then you do a contract, would the same provision apply?” Lombardi said.

It only would if the Kings declared they were reducing their contract offer by a certain amount, say $25,000 for each day Doughty misses training camp. The reality is, though, Doughty will be paid how much or how little he and the Kings ultimately agree upon when they come to terms.

OK, now that you read that, let’s read the next part, something that came up in our comment section yesterday as well.

And while we’re talking about semantics here, can we all finally dispense with the notion that Doughty is a holdout? He is not a training camp holdout. Holding out is what guys like Keith Tkachuk and Alexei Yashin used to do. There’s a huge difference because those players had valid contracts and chose not to honor them, opting instead to withhold their services until their existing contract was renegotiated. Doughty does not have a contract, so how could he be holding out on the Kings? He’s a restricted free agent without a contract, not a holdout.

I’m sorry.  Let’s go back a minute and not read that part.  This seems to be a big issue with many people, and usually I am a stickler for semantics as well.  However, unless we just want to say “is not at camp because he doesn’t have a contract yet” in place of the several thousands easy usages of ‘holdout’, I’m fine with sticking to the single word term until a better euphemism for this specific situation is formed.  In the interest of the greater good, I will try to help out here.  Wunderkind is not holding out, he is holding his dick.  That’s just one more word and more appropriate describes the situation.  Then again… well nevermind, moving right along.  Last bit of the article.

When you strip away all the white noise, what you basically have here is a negotiation, plain and simple. The only problem is the two sides don’t agree on the terms of the deal and the fact it involves a high profile and talented young player has ramped up the attention, intensity and emotion.

This deal will get done one way or another. If a rival team was going to present Doughty with an offer sheet, it almost certainly would have done so by now. And when the contract does get done, this impasse between the Kings and Doughty will be nothing more than a blip on the screen.

First paragraph, for the third time, didn’t need to read that.    In other news the sky is still blue, unless you’re blind, in which case it’s the same non-color as everything else.

Second paragraph, I agree.  An offer sheet is not really a worry, although Bobby has told me that he thinks the longer this goes on the more likely it becomes I can’t really agree with that logic here.  The trade phone probably rings more and more the longer it goes on, but with the Kings’ ample cap space, someone isn’t going to suddenly decide the Kings will let their franchise defenseman go to an offer sheet.  Dean may do everything in his power to hold to a contract line, perhaps to a point beyond reason and to the detriment of the season, but he won’t outright lose the kid over half a million bucks in cap space or a year or two of term.

Now the big point, perhaps the biggest of all and the one Ken leaves for last, simple and elegant, becomes about what happens after this gets done.  We virtually all feel that the deal will get done, either before the season starts or reasonably shortly thereafter.  However what are the ripple effects, if any?  Lombardi has said that he holds no grudge.  I am willing to believe that, but as usual I am also willing to believe he is lying.  I firmly believe his teammates won’t give a shit.  Maybe if there are one or two holier-than-thou douche bags in the locker room, there could be a small rift, but I doubt it.  That leaves us, the fans.  Will we remember this and hold it against the kid?  Well, I can’t say, only you can, the mob.  Will this be just a blip on the screen, or will it be that one paint chip in your new car that catches your eye every damn time you get into or out your extremely large purchase?  Sport fans are fickle, but we are also ruthless.

Let’s hope this question remains unanswered.

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  1. I have not held these negotiations against Doughty up to this point and I don’t plan on doing so in the future, no matter what the outcome. I think he’s slightly misguided and that his actions lack foresight, but I don’t believe anything he has done to be worthy of anyone’s wrath.

    Let’s remember also that this enormous decision is probably being influenced by far more people than just Doughty and Meehan. There’s his family who each probably have their own opinion. There are the team of agents working with Meehan also giving their input. There are other players probably offering their input. Every fan that runs into him probably has something to say about it. Of course, it’s ultimately Drew’s decision and he’s a grown man, but at the same time, he’s 21 years old, probably doesn’t know a Roth IRA from David Lee Roth, and is therefore relying heavily on the advice of those around him. This is a huge financial decision – perhaps the biggest he’ll ever have in his whole life – and I can’t blame him for taking a misstep here or there when there are so many voices in his head.

    • Very good point about the chirping in his ear. Imagine how much worse JJ’s negotiations could have gone if his crazy dad was at his side? Lindros’ parents never helped matters. All the word has been that Dewey comes from a solid family, so its certainly not to say they are guiding him in any one direction, but the presence is definitely there and sometimes a multitude of opinions, regardless of their intent or good nature, can be confusing and frustrating.

      Very curious to know what it is specifically that the kid wants to come out so as to put him in a better light. That can only either be something to do with what he is asking for that is being misrepresented or a way the organization is dealing with him that is being improperly characterized.

      • JJ’s first contract was 2 years, with his dad handling it. JJ negotiated the next 7 himself. I’m just sayin.

        I do think your on to something with DD being misrepresented (and I’m not talking Meehan) and improperly charactarized. No information on what, or how, or even why DD is asking, has been released anywhere. Just assumed by pissed off fans, and a media that loves shit like that.

        • The thing I then have to ask myself is that if whatever the kid wants to come out will make him look better, what possible reason could there be for him not to say it? Well, it could be something that puts the organization in a bad light, and while that helps his immediate cause, it doesn’t help his future cause of success with the team (ie: DL attracting FAs to help make the team better), although you would think Meehan would press for him to put out info that damages the team and helps him. But anything can have a backlash. Ultimately I don’t like those kind of vague statements because they only ADD to the speculation. There are only two ways to strangle speculative thought, either don’t talk about it altogether on both sides and distract people to thinking about something else, or come out and be painstakingly specific about everything so no more questions can be asked that haven’t already been answered.

          My head hurts.

        • I’ll try to lay it out differently. Chara was drafted in 96′ got his first all star appearence in 02′-03′. His first Norris nomination in 03′-04′. DD was drafted in 08′ and got his first Norris nomination in 09′-10′.

      • “Very curious to know what it is specifically that the kid wants to come out so as to put him in a better light.”

        The best guess I’ve heard was from Niesy on Quisp’s page, and she wondered whether he may have denied an offer sheet somewhere along the way. If so, I think it would definitely change a lot of opinions…

        • That’s a really good point. Hadn’t thought of That. Maybe he turned down some 10mm per offer. Then again, that means slightly less if it comes from a trash basement team. But it WOULD say that he doesn’t only care about the money.

  2. Assuming he does sign and play it will depend on his play. If he’s lighting it up on both ends I’m sure fans will quickly forget. But if he comes in and plays like crap, makes loads of mistakes, can’t score for shit, etc, etc I can see his the fans can really get on hi case. I mean we’re in one of the worst recessions ever if not a depression and he’s haggling because 6 mil per season is just not enough. Fans don’t wanna hear that shit. Fans spend good hard earned money to watch the team perform at a high level.

    So from a fan perspective, and I only speak for myself, I’m expecting him to be the next Bobby Orr seriously. I expect him to light shit up like never before. If he wants to really make his statement that he’s the teams best player then he better back that shit up and then some. I expect him win the Norris within 3 years. Otherwise he’s just another greedy ass athlete that cares nothing more for themselves and their bank account.

    • Fan perspective is fickle. If were winning, but the fans have already made up their minds, then every mistake (no matter how insignificant) will be magnified, and studied, and disected, till DD is playing like crap. All the way till he’s nominated for a Norris, and they have to STFU about it.

    • Word…

      Only, I expect him to win the Norris THIS year. Chara has a Norris AND the cup. You want to demand that kind of money, you better put it where your mouth is, kid. I don’t pay my hard earned money to watch someone with “potential” get out on the ice and suck a bucket of monkey nuts. If he signs, cool. Live up to the paycheck, son. If not, I think I’d like that more at this point.

      Granted, that’s because I’m a prick and want to see him sit a year and lose a grip of money. Then again, that’s also based on the fact that I (just as the rest of us) don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes.

      When the smoke clears, then we’ll all be able to ascertain what really happened this whole time and only then will we, the fans, know whether or not to boo him worse than Blake got it or champion him as part of our TEAM. And yes, this is OUR team, not his.

      • Chara did sign for 7.9 before he won a cup or was even nominated for a Norris.

        • He also had 8 or so years in the league at that point, I don’t know how many world championship competitions and has never signed at 7.9 until this year when he signed for 8. He was at 7.5 for two years before winning the Norris. He was only pulling in 3.7 the year after his Norris nomination, was already an all-star by that point, only trailed a few people in the league in +-, is 6′ effin’ 9″ and scares the crap out of everyone in the league and we all know he can shoot harder than DD ever will be able to in his entire lifetime. As a kicker (because that’s not enough information for any sane person to be able to rationalize my contention here), he didn’t get the 7.5 until he had accomplished all of this and was an unrestricted free agent.

          Doesn’t need to be Chara in my reference when it could be Toews or countless others who have earned their spot before getting the big paycheck rather than looking for one based off of potential alone.

          Do I love DD being a King? Yes. Do I think he deserves the big paycheck? Um……

          • Your right, it was 7.5 in actual salary, and he did get a Norris Nomination well only making 2.4 mill in actual salary, as opposed to DD who was making 875K + bonuses that I assume brought him up to 2.6 when he 1rst was nominated.
            But then signed for 7.1 against the cap with an actual 7.5 salary before getting his 2nd nomination in 07′-08′ or actually winning one in 08′-09′.

            Chara didn’t accomplish any of those things his first 3 years in New York, like DD did his first 3 years with the Kings though, and all though DD’s accomplishments aren’t as great yet, there’s no telling if he might not be better when he reaches Charas age.

          • I’ll try to lay it out differently. Chara was drafted in 96′ got his first all star appearence in 02′-03′. His first Norris nomination in 03′-04′. DD was drafted in 08′ and got his first Norris nomination in 09′-10′.

        • Actually he was nominated for the Norris in 2003/2004. He was still with Ottawa and his salary was 2.4 million. He signed with the Bruins in 2006. 5 years at 7.5 per year. This was after 8 seasons in the NHL. And this comparison actually sucks for the not being payed one also. Chara was a proven player and leader when he signed with Boston. Even if you take away his monster of a shot and offensive ability, you would still get one of the best shutdown defensemen in the league. Chara is not a good example, not at all. This whole thing sucks anyway and I’m not gonna think about it anymore. I hope he comes up with a believable excuse for not signing the contract cause I’m starting to think that he doesn’t have one.

    • I mean we’re in one of the worst recessions ever if not a depression and he’s haggling because 6 mil per season is just not enough. Fans don’t wanna hear that shit. Fans spend good hard earned money to watch the team perform at a high level.

      … Fans always have the choice whether or not to go to the games, or not. No one’s holding a gun to any fan’s head to go anywhere. Crying about it won’t help anything.

      I expect him win the Norris within 3 years. Otherwise he’s just another greedy ass athlete that cares nothing more for themselves and their bank account.

      … Yes he absolutely should be the most bestest and most perfect hockey player that ever was and cure cancer in his spare time whilst making cheese souffles for the fans AT THE VERY LEAST, otherwise I will hate on him so much in between hardcore bites of my grande nachos – because he is making all this money that isn’t coming out of my wallet and frankly has nothing to do with me at all

      • “… Fans always have the choice whether or not to go to the games, or not. No one’s holding a gun to any fan’s head to go anywhere. Crying about it won’t help anything.”

        You’re missing my point. No shit no one’s holding a gun to anyone’s head to go pay and watch a game but we’re fans. Hardcore fans or we wouldn’t spend time on these blogs. Think about it, let’s say attendance drops by 80% over the course of the year, then 85% next season, then 90% the season after. TV deal goes away. Is the franchise then sustainable? Phoenix (BK), Atlanta (was Atlanta), Dallas and NJ of all places are facing financial issues. If attendance falls off dramatically, tv deals canned, merchandise not bought, food service vendors losing business, etc, etc. the team will ultimately be forced to either shut down or relocate. That means no more Kings games in LA. So if you think that being honest is “crying” about it then shit I guess I’ll “cry” some more.

        “… Yes he absolutely should be the most bestest and most perfect hockey player that ever was and cure cancer in his spare time whilst making cheese souffles for the fans AT THE VERY LEAST, otherwise I will hate on him so much in between hardcore bites of my grande nachos – because he is making all this money that isn’t coming out of my wallet and frankly has nothing to do with me at all”

        When did I ever mention him curing cancer or making cheese souffles for us fans? Nothing to do with me at all? Let’s try your experiment for a coupla seasons and see how the team holds up. No One, not one single soul, goes to see the Kings play at the Staples Center. But You just said it’s not about me???

        • Think about it, let’s say attendance drops by 80% over the course of the year, then 85% next season, then 90% the season after.

          … That’s mildly interesting. If the fans don’t show up, the Kings will fold or move somewhere they’re appreciated. Not really something in my or your individual control.

          Your point was that fans don’t want to hear about big-dollar negotiations during a recession. Number one, you don’t speak for all fans. Number two, the dialogue between Drew and the Kings or the money involved has nothing to do with you and it isn’t your business, whether you like that fact or not. Number three, if you’re personally offended by all of it, then stay away. Number four, there are some fans, like me, who don’t really give a damn about how much the players are making once the game starts, and just would like to go to a game to show my appreciation for the team – and see them play well and win.

          When did I ever mention him curing cancer or making cheese souffles for us fans? Nothing to do with me at all?

          … When I read silly shit like “I expect a Norris within X amount of years”, I feel like it deserves to be accompanied by more silly shit. I couldn’t give half a damn about Drew winning an individual award if the team as a whole isn’t successful. If Drew helps the team become stronger by playing at a high level and leading by that example, I have no problem with the amount of money he makes.

          • Wow! Failed to miss my point again but I am no longer surprised. I now realize your comprehension skill level. But Man I didn’t realize that someone had knighted you King blogger for the LA Kings and that your opinions supersede anyone elses! I understand that your comprehension skills are challenged. What I originally wrote, “So from a fan perspective, and I only speak for myself…” did not register with you no doubt. As to be expected.

            So for the fact that someone else has an Opinion that may not be in line with yours, well then it must truly, without any doubt be unequivocally wrong, misinformed or otherwise just plain stupid.

            I may have missed it when the Kings must have given you the honor of being their utmost fan in which all opinions expressed by you are to be held with the highest regards. Excuse me I did not know that. My apologies.

            You pal are obviously an angry and bitter person with nothing better to do than be an asshole to people. Have a good day bud!

          • What I originally wrote, “So from a fan perspective, and I only speak for myself…” did not register with you no doubt. As to be expected.

            … You wrote that part in your second paragraph, after you has already spoken for what the fans did and didn’t wanna hear, so spare me the B.S. about reading comprehension, alright? Might wanna read

            I may have missed it when the Kings must have given you the honor of being their utmost fan in which all opinions expressed by you are to be held with the highest regards.

            … That’s fine; if you don’t want to debate the points I’ve made and would rather go off on some random tangent, up to you. As for the little namecalling jabs – I’m not sure if you’re trying to make me blush or whatever, but have fun with it. Also, you have a pleasant evening as well.

      • Oh forgot to mention that all that shit on the boards paying for that space then tell themselves “Shit no one’s coming to the games anymore and we’re paying X and our return is shit. Time to find another place to put our advertising dollars.” Gone…

        If you really believe that it’s not about me, the fan, man I don’t know what the Kings do to get you excited then.

  3. That last part is something I’ve been thinking of. It could be crucial. Let me paint a picture.

    * The day before the team leaves for Europe, he signs a deal. Lets say that they reach a compromise that DL will pay him some extra over Kopi’s deal, in exchange for the supposedly contentious sixth year.

    * He has his bags packed and makes the flight to Europe. He plays the Europe preseason, gets a little rhythm, gets a little chemistry with the new-look team. His coaches, teammates, and employer all hold no grudge against him, professed or silent. Everybody is just happy that the team looks awesome and everybody is there for the start of the real season.

    * He plays in the opening regular season games in Europe, and does reasonably well. He takes a good share of ice time, appears to be in shape and on his game, and maybe picks up a point or two.

    At this point, it’s looking like the whole thing has blown over, no? all is forgotten once the player shows up for the games that mean points, and acquits himself adequately? And then…

    * The home opener. Pre-game. The team is introduced one by one with the usual over-the-top yet somehow under-produced fanfare.

    * The players come out to great applause. Kopi, Brown, Richards…

    * He is announced and skates out on to the Stapes ice for the first time this season. There is some cheering but also a good contingent of booing.

    * He feels bad that something that from his perspective, was really just business and an unfortunate part of professional sports, has created such ill will from his fans.

    * He, and really, the whole team, is left with a sour taste by this display of lacking support from the fans. They play uninspired hockey, never quite righting the ship, and the season that was supposed to run for the cup becomes a huge failure.

    * He is blamed, and is traded.

    * Next year, He scores 75 points, +21, wins a Norris and the Stanley Cup. Kings fans cry for DL’s head for ever considering to trading our budding superstar.

    Moral of the story: We can’t possibly know enough to pass judgement, unless they choose to share once it is over. So until we see how this really plays out, don’t be that guy. You don’t have to cheer for him if you don’t feel it, just support your team, and don’t boo the drew.

    • Funny. I can see your scenario happening since plenty are already planning on booing him.

    • Well your scenario sucks! lol.

      But I agree, never boo anyone on your own team. Boo other team’s players all you want, even when they used to be your players. That fair game. But never boo your own players. The only circumstance where I can find that acceptable is when they are clearly not trying and have given up, or a player just finished raping and murdering several children.

      • Your exceptions are good ones :-) I’m of that mindset too. I don’t boo my team, ever. I have a little more sympathy for fans that boo after a crappy performance, but only a little. I have no sympathy for fans that would boo the team or a member of it during something like the home opener introduction, which I have heard many say they intend to do.

      • Not even Blake? I sadistically enjoyed watching him work to earn the fans back.

      • So long as the guy buries the puck in the back of the net I don’t give a shit what he does to children.

    • I dig what you’re saying but there’s no way Richards, Gagne, Quick, Kopi, Brown, Clifford and (enter the rest of the team’s names in here) will get booed, nor feel the affects of the fans booing Drew. They know exactly what’s going on and if it were to affect them negatively (to play devil’s advocate) then non of them deserve the paychecks they’re getting either.

      • I’m not saying anybody else gets booed, but to think that Drew getting booed won’t affect the team chemistry is probably expecting too much from guys that are, in the end, still human. Drew getting booed might create animosity between him and the rest of the team. Animosity that wouldn’t be there just from Drew missing camp, because these guys are professionals and they’ve been there.

        My point is that his teammates will probably forgive Drew for missing camp. They might not forgive him if they feel like he has caused a lack of support from the “7th player”.

    • I am in no way condoning booing him. I only speak for myself and what other fans do is their business. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot do. Just like DD can say “hey assholes its just the business side of hockey” well I can see how fans can come back and rebut with a “hey asswipe we help pay your stinking salary!”

      My point being is if he wants to be paid like top dog then he better come out be top dog on a nightly basis. If he wants Character money he better shut guys like the Sedins down on a regular basis. Becase to me that’s basically what he’s saying with demanding so much money. And likewise to Stamkos but I’m not a lightning fan and they can rot in hell if I care.

    • Cmon man this is hockey not soccer!

    • Well thought out and very well said. This is how I would of wanted to say it but I could not of said it better.

  4. If he had signed right away and if his performance suffers this year, fans would be sympathetic to our top D-Man who is only 21 years old and maturing.
    If he’s not at camp, starts the year late and then his performance isn’t up to the near $7mil per year, the fans are going to boo the crap out of him. There is the slightest possibility that this could end very badly if the wrong sequence of things occur: Starts off slow >> Fans Boo Him >> Loses his confidence >> Fans boo more >> Asks for trade >> Kings can’t trade the massive contract >> Fans BOO EVEN MORE.
    Ideally, he performs up to par and fans will realize that he’s just a 21-year-old gifted KID that we are very lucky to have on our team and all is forgiven.
    Let’s hope for the latter.

  5. Everything Campbell says begs the question as to whether the Kings’ offer is fair. We don’t need to be bothered with recitations of the party’s negotiating rights, or generalizations about what the fans feel.

    If the offer is fair, then DD is not justified in holding out (yes, holding out. As in the opposite of putting out). From what has been reported here and in Helene E.’s recent article on the subject, the offer is fair.

    If the grief is over how many years, then settle and move on. Why? The Kopitar contract takes UFA-year added value into account.

    The suspicion comes to me that DD (its your negotiation, big fella – you’re old enough to shave or steal a car) means to hold the team up – use the urgency of the team’s immediate ambitions against it to leverage higher than fair market value (the high end of the range) for himself. I will not boo him over any of this, wherever it leads, but will likely fall into a hard-to-break silence if he is not on the ice for the first game of the season (I’m pretty much there, now). It wouldn’t be the first time (RB). I will welcome his contribution to the team, but regard him as a straight-up mercenary whose services we have chosen to purchase.

    Again, the issue is whether he has received a fair offer. If it turns out that he has not, then I will blame DL and support DD’s indefinite holdout. Simple as that.

    • Re: my third and fifth paragraphs – this applies to DL as well. If the money is settled, and DD will go six but DL won’t budge from seven, then this is DL’s mess and I support DD’s holdout. It is now time to compromise on what cannot be settled via argument.

  6. Interesting interview with DL this morning taken from a blogger on the Jewels blog.

  7. “He would play the game for a 6 pack of beer”

    You wrote an article about what it is like to play the game from the eyes of an early teen. The way it feels to glide across the ice and make the puck bend and flip to your will. To hit someone so hard that they fly and land feet away from you and yet you feel nothing and keep right on moving up the ice.

    These things are priceless and what the original author seems to keep on forgetting making me believe that Ken Campbell never had a clue about what it takes or means to be a hockey player who has the opportunity to be paid to do so is that the flat out truth is that the money really is the furthest thing from your mind and what you want most of all is to feed the addiction that is playing hockey at a high level. No matter who he is or what he has accomplished, this guy either never knew or has forgotten that you would sacrifice it all for one more great game at a pro level.

    The rest falls away so yes, fuck you Campbell and your condescending trite piffle that you are trying to sell as fine wine when it is nothing more than regurgitative swill.

    We would all sacrifice everything and even more to be in DD’s shoes and still expect to get a pay day that would make us, at the age of 21 one of the highest paid defencemen amoung EVERY defenceman in the league like what is drew is reportedly being offered.

    Fuck you Ken for thinking that we haven’t any idea of what it is like to be in DD’s position.

    Next time try and write about the absence of loyalty and then maybe about the death of the written word. Give us a lecture on how lucky we are to be alive in this age of wonder.

    Better yet, shove it in your shove hole and leave the rest to us.

    THN meh!


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