Kings Mutha Fonkin’ Hockey!

It may just be an exhibition game, but damn am I excited for it.

Aside from my disappointment of not getting to see Simon Gagne tonight (resting up from the flu), I don’t have much to say right now to be honest. Consider this your game thread. I know Nick and Daryl will be on the radio tonight, so if you aren’t at Staples, you best be listening. I will post some thoughts on the game either late tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

Go forth, be merry, discuss and thank a fabricated lord of your choosing that Kings’ hockey is back!

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  1. All Hail the Hockey God for bringing forth another season of joy on ice!
    Do we put up a tree and get presents on official opening day???
    Just a thought…

  2. I’m going to the game in Phoenix, hopefully starting a 4-man Go Kings Go chant!

    • Represent Mike. Show those Phoenix fans (or lack thereof) what being a hockey fan is all about!

      • Holy hell that was an awesome game! I got Penner’s autograph before the game, and he is looking fantastic out there. Toffoli and Lewis also played really well. Kopi looked solid, not quite at full game speed yet, but damn close. Overall, we looked great tonight.

  3. This is going to be a difficult season for me as a Kings fan. It is going to be a very exciting season. I have been waiting through years of rebuilding and low expectations, an ever faithful fan of the crown. Now that we have reached a season with high expectations, and have a team that should be able to respond to the demand– I have to up and move to the east coast. Do you realize how difficult it is going to be staying up until damn near 2am a few nights a week for the entire season having to deal with 10:30pm game start times? Work is going to suck the next day that’s for sure. Tonight it starts, work will have to wait—GO KINGS!!!

  4. The game at Staples will be streamed live on KingsVision.

  5. Going to staples tonight!


  6. The last player to hold out on Dean had 2 goals and 4 points against the Ducks last night. :)

  7. Mike Richards is the REAL deal

  8. Evans is no longer allowed to say a “quick shot” when Quick is in net

  9. Same old powerplay. Sure they scored, but it was a dirty goal. Man, I was hoping the power play would look a little different.

  10. Is the King’s Hickey British slang like the dog’s bullocks?


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