I love my iPhone…and my iPad. Each has made me uber efficient at work and play. To add to the fun, S&S now has a new look on the iPad. Break those bad boys out and go to our home page. Notice the difference? Cool, eh? You can now swipe your way through our articles in the new format. Even better, click on the little box that has an arrow pointing right at the top of your screen (it’s to the right of your history icon) and then click on “Add to Home Screen”. Type in “Surly & Scribe”, click on the “add” and we will appear just like an app on your iPad. Wanna see what’s up and visit the site? Just click on the icon (our logo). No more browsing and typing the website into your url.

For iPhone users, you can add us the exact same way except that box with the arrow is at the bottom of your screen.

As for those who use Droid or other phones, I am sure you must have a similar feature. If so, post it in the comments. The different manufacturers all overlap their features with one another to keep anyone from gaining too much of an edge.

As a little teaser, we have some new features coming up that we hope will surprise and delight you. Don’t want to give it away quite yet though as we have just broken ground, symbolically of course. If you ever have any suggestions on how to improve the reader experience, don’t be shy. You can email us at lakingsnews@gmail.com or put a comment, below. GO KINGS!