Moron Throws Banana At Wayne Simmonds

If you haven’t heard,

LONDON, Ontario – Often as the only black player on his team, growing up in Scarborough, Ontario, Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds dealt with his fair share of racial slurs on the ice as he climbed the hockey ladder.

Few experiences could have prepared him for what happened on Thursday night, as a fan in the John Labatt Centre threw a banana peel at Simmonds as he skated in on a shootout attempt during a 4-3 loss to the Detroit Red Wings.

“I caught it from the side of my eye,” Simmonds said. “It was a banana. Hopefully, that wasn’t directed towards me being black.

“Because if it was, that’s just somebody being ignorant.”

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This incident reminded me of one from last season.

We played the Maple Leafs at Staples Center on January 10 (not a good time of the season). Some idiot (in a blue Maple Leaf blue colored sweatshirt) and his buddy kept calling Simmonds “Kobe”. They spoke in an awful Canadian accent that, to my ears, sounded tortured. Shortly thereafter, a couple of subtle racial slurs spat from their mouth. Before I could say a word and literally within seconds, a Kings’ fan two rows in front turned and told the guys if they didn’t shut their mouth, he was going to stick his fist through their teeth. This was not a small guy, unlike the tender built racists. Suffice it to say, they shut up and fast. At the end of the game, I asked the kids, “you two don’t strike me as Canadian. Where are you really from?” Their answer (with the fake accent gone), “we’re Ducks’ fans. We are just here to razz the Kings.” My response, “You’re morons and you’re here to put it on full display.”

Racism is ignorance.

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  1. I’m a Ducks fan, and while I razz on the Kings (or any other opposing team) from time to time, it is all in good fun. I never have, and never will, resort to spewing such ignorance and hate like those two morons who called themselves Ducks fans.

    • Racism doesn’t have borders. I am sure Kings’ fans have some bad apples, although LA fans are far more culturally diverse. Anaheim fans, on the other hand, all seem to have that witless, useless look about them…that is another article though. :)

  2. We need WS back in Los Angeles. A real playoff guy. Championsip heart.

  3. I’m honestly not sure if I would’ve bothered with the warning …. umm…

    yup … I woulda just punched that fucking asshole right in the face.

  4. I am trying to become a pacifist. It is a very difficult process for me because I was raised and lived my life with the idea that violence while not always wise was simply a part of the human experience so be prepared to use it when required and be very good at like everything else you try to do.

    Lets just say that I am paying physically for this attitude today and that I am happy to let things go as my mentor the sagely Mr Robert has told me. Live in the moment.

    That said when I see something as ugly as this happen I am challenged to my core to remain…enlightened. How does this happen today? What makes this something that is even considered to be done? What is the mindset of this person who throws a banana at Simmonds? “Hey, this is good for a laugh?”

    Racism is very much frowned upon in Canada and in fact, having lived my life with my feet firmly planted in both countries (the U.S. and Canada) I can say that there aren’t any “deep south” like places in the great white north and the last time I was in Alabama (5 years ago) I thought that things had largely changed.

    This person who throws this banana tonight makes a bad statement for every human but racism may happen everywhere for whatever reason. The fact that it was at a hockey game, that is what makes my eyes go all red and makes me want to beat this person until my hands are nubs (shouldn’t take long).

    As humans maybe we will always be stupid as this individual but as hockey fans I had hoped we were above it.

    When I play in Jrs I play against a kid who were of a race different to mine and we get into a fight. Getting into it there weren’t any names or racist words said, just “fuck you” and then the fists.

    I know it were different for Willie O and other players to break into the game but it has been a long time since then and we have had several star players from every race color and creed since then. Not enough? Maybe but still it is changing.

    This person may think it just a silly stunt but to many of us it is just such a let down. Such a stupid thing that it makes us just like every other sport and even then? How many times have you heard of a fan throwing a banana at Tyson or Vick or Bonds even?

    Shameful behavior that we as fans of this game are far too good to be a part of. I hope someone hands this person a suitable punishment. One that meets the crime so that they can learn how to behave in public and more importantly that they don’t be allowed into a hockey game until they can prove themselves responsible enough to deserve to be there.


  5. WS does not deserve that treatment nor any other person for that matter, no matter the race. Stupid people come in all colors and shapes and yet I am still amazed at how low some people will go.

    Wayne when you come home you will be cheered for what you did in our uniform.

  6. This is really a disgrace and makes me sad. I can’t believe stuff like this still happens. I feel for Wayne, but he is a strong guy.

    I will cheer for Wayne when he comes back to play here. I actually hoped he would spend a lot of his career here, to broaden the appeal of hockey in the SoCal market.

    On a lighter note, if he is in London Ontario, he can visit his buddy Drew who isn’t doing much right now.

  7. I think our Nightrain has some tough skin, but I do not. That Really pisses me off! Hope whoever the ignorant bastard was, he it she is being held accountable.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. Love that people are actually offering a reward. If I would of seen it, I would have lost it, and started pummeling the guy. I am brown skinned and know the pressures of ignorance first hand. From whites, and blacks. Racism is something that I have no tolerence for. Luckily my temperment is usually rational, but seeing that might of made me lose it. Especially since I’ve always liked Simmonds as a player.

  9. I’m gonna say what no one else will… This story is kind of hilarious.

    If you think that makes me racist, then you have a poor perception of the term.

    • On some level I agree with you. For religious reasons (I am Roman Catholic) I regard anything related to ethnicity as quaint – especially my own (I am quite aware that there is no shortage of my co-religionists who haven’t thought the matter through, and remain – illogically and inconsistently – tribal). As a consequence, I can’t take this stuff seriously, as such. It’s hard for
      me not to associate the banana peel more with the throwers than the would-be target. Would-be chimps, throwing a banana peel at – a hockey player? (what I see).

      Yesterday morning, a colleague (one of your co-religionists) and I were treated to some :20 worth of a red-faced rant from a member of the public which we were obliged to listen to. My colleague’s name got the guy started. After we hung up, we had a good laugh – after all, if only this group or that didn’t exist, then the guy could be happy, right? Relieved of his discontents, and maybe his body odor too. And look in the mirrow tomorrow morning and be more handsome. And beloved by God.

      We scheduled an inspection of his property for next Thurs. (my colleague says that will be Jewish New Year – our sort of humor).

  10. What an absolute dumbshit! What comes around goes around. I’m not into violence but some people just need a good beating every once in a while.

  11. BTW, for the record, I believe that violence is worse than racism, and racism alone isn’t indicative of violence. Racism sucks and has little place or purpose in the world. I don’t need to extoll about that. However you may say that racism is ignorance and be correct , but violence is equally deserving of the term. Just like I joke about violence, I think you can joke about racism, so since this really hurts no one except at worst, feelings, I take it as a joke. Yes the person who did is a jackass and probably a racist, but I don’t find this to be as reprehensible an action as most.

    • My experience is different. Those who have the audacity to do such things are capable of far worse. It could have been just some drunk idiot but, far more likely than not, it was someone with a deep seeded hatred for another based on the color of his skin and was willing to put that hatred on public display. I would not have hit the guy or sought to hurt him. That is why I approached the Ducks’ fan as I did. I, like Northstar, have learned to become more of a Pacifist and not use my fists to express intent – it’s not easy though.

      • I see most racists as cowards an I think many people are silent racists, even some people who claim outcry against such acts Will often harbor bigotry they may not Even be aware of. I have a question- If there was an Irish player and someone through a potato on the ice, would there be an uproar? I feel like There wouldn’t.

        Are racists capable of things worse than violence? Yes. But I find That those racists are really just hateful violent people at their hearts. they are mongrels before they r racists. If there was nothing but their own race around them they would be equally as hateful about something else.

        People who are inherently spurred to violence concern me more than most anyone.

    • I’m unclear on your point here, coming off your earlier post. What about the story is “hilarious”, the throwing of the banana or the reaction to it? I’m just a bit confused…

      • The throwing of the banana is funny. Its such a random thing That When I read it I couldn’t help but laugh. The reaction to it is also amusing because it’s something That should be shrugged off and Given little credence. So to answer your question… both. I’ve found humor in much worse things than this. I grew up with Hitler jokes being thrown at me often. If I can get over joking about my entire people almost being wiped out by a psychopath in a genocide, then I have a hardtime being overly offended by someone inferring a black guy is a monkey.

        • Soory for the delay here, been out of town. While I disagree with your overall assessment of the situation I at least understand it much better. Thanks for the reply.

    • I guess for me it’s based on context. If you throw a banana at someone, ok, big deal. If you throw a banana at someone that is black, I can see how someone can draw certain conclusions. If you throw a banana at a black person followed by racial slews, well, then we have a problem. If a banana is thrown and it’s not offensive or racist than one punch to the mouth should not be offensive or considered violence. Or, put another way, from your point of view, Surly, they both should be equally funny. I’ve seen just as many people carry scars from mental abuse as physical. And to me this would be considered mental abuse. I’m a laughing machine with a constant smile, who happens to be white, and I have a hard time finding humor in this.

      • *racial slurs

      • Yes, by my own standards violence can be equally as funny. Though I wouldn’t compare This to punching someone in the face. Its more akin to slapping someone lightly on the shoulder. My point is not that violence and/or racism are inherently funny, just that humor doesn’t leave the equation automatically. As for mental abuse, yes I’ve seen that too, mostly coming from loving parents. People who advocate violence often will take the Darwin attitude. If they are stronger than that is an evolutionary advantage. I feel the same way about psychological issues. We always get to control our minds, even when they are being abused. The save cannot be said for physicality. I acknowledge the damage that can be done to people mentally but the difference is that with mental damage there I’d always (speaking strictly about adults) personal responsibility That comes into play in terms of how one reacts to such things whereas with violence, physics themselves often dictye that one be rendered defenseless. Therefore, since we can always defend ourselves mentally but not always physically, I find violence to be the worse of the two.

        • I guess that would depend on who you are. Your version of slapping someone lightly on the shoulder could be a kick in the nuts to the person being “slapped”. Human emotion is not entirely controllable with too many variables at work in each and every individual on the face of the planet. What you find humor in, others may find repulsive.

          The things, which may be small or inconsequential to one may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back to others. The simply possibility of this being a reality along with its consequences doesn’t let me find humor in anything of the sort.

          • While You make a very good point Ben, its one that if I were to run with I could quickly apply to virtually any action and suddenly almost nothing is funny and almost everything is awful to someone. That possibility exists at all times, which Just why I always take the approach that people are responsible for not only their own actions, but just as much for their reactions. People often think a reaction us justified, as if thy are blameless for reacting because hey, someone else started it. That’s What I see here when people say this guy should be beaten up. Its a sandbox mentality.

          • We can all take any observation or philosophy in life and apply it to most any other situation to come out with whatever outcome we feel suits our arguements to any degree we feel necessary. Doing so would be a tragic misuse of our collective intelligence as it is painfully obvious we are speaking about one situation in particular. That is, if we were to be playing fair. You could run with my theory on how we treat one another if you wanted to but the context of this conversation (or at least my contention) is racism, nothing else.

            It is our luxury to come to any conclusions we feel, given the fact we can operate cognitively as a species. It is our responsiblity to do so without generalizing something that cannot be jumbled into one black and white explanation. That’s like saying all men are such and such; all women are this and that. It simply cannot be done while trying to make any fair and accurate conclusions of, on or about what it is we may be studying at the time.

            You may personally feel the onus is on the person reacting not to do so because we can all control ourselves but if someone were to kill your parents and savagely beat your very own children right in front of you, I’d find it hard to believe you would sit there and do nothing about it. Utilizing an example as ridiculous as this would be a great representation of taking an arguement concerning one subject and applying it to a situation that is tragically different where your previous statements about reactions would not apply and drastically so. Taking my point on racism and applying it to everyday situations would garner the same results.

          • I should also say that I am definitely picking up what you’re throwing down, though.

          • You’re a smart dude. Nice response. Love it when people can pick up properly on argumentative bullshit.

  12. Horrible that this happened.
    I’ve been a Kings fan since I was a little kid thanks to my Dad, and ever since the Ducks have been in town, I can’t even count all of the stupid/ignorant/non-hockey-knowledge things they say.

    Unfortunately, my uncle is a Ducks fan so I took him to a Ducks v Rangers game for his birthday…there were 2 lone Rangers fans in our section and after the Rangers scored a goal, the Rangers fans clapped, but did not stand up, did not scream, didn’t yell, didn’t talk crap, they simply sat and clapped for their team, and this bro Ducks fan in a Corey Perry jersey in the row in front of us says, “Go back to the Twin Towers you queer!” …Yep, no joke…this is what this Ducks fan said, out loud, and in a yelling manner. Luckily, not ALL Ducks fans are this way and some people immediately gave him hell for it, but this is just one in many cases where idiot Ducks fans, (who only became fans after the Cup win), say the stupidest, most ignornant things imaginable.

  13. This obviously was pre-meditated, so a guy just being drunk doing a stupid thing is not what happened in my opinion. I read another article that the person threw a banana earlier after Wayne scored to tie it up in the 3rd but it didn’t reach the ice. The guy had at least 2 bananas with him, possibly more.

    I guess if it rained bananas all night, it would be funny? If they know what seat or area it came from, I hope they can do a search on who bought the ticket.

  14. I’m going to throw hot dogs and hamburgers at Corey Perry and bagels and Hebrew National hotdogs at Getzlaf just so that the world will realign itself.

    On a serious note, I’m surprised one of the Eh’s didn’t stop the guy who threw it and beat the shit out of him. Even if you are racist and hate whoever, sports is no place to showcase it.

    Karma is a bitch though.

    • Karma is d good point, though it is not for anyone to out. If someone did beat the shit out him, they really wouldn’t be helping the matter at all and in turn would be just as much in the karmic doghouse as the guy who threw the banana.

      The ONLY time violence is excusable is when its in self defense, which always means someone is inexcusably acting violent. Therefore, violence is always inexcusable. Except When its agreed upon ofcourse- ie: boxing, hockey, football etc.

      • I agree with the second paragraph (and the first really, but I’m not responding to that). I don’t think violence solves anything. However, sometimes the only way bozo’s learn a lesson is getting their face pounded in with a knuckle sandwich. Doesn’t make the violent guy any better, but it would probably change the banana nut’s way of thinking. Fighting has a way of changing a lot of people. Well, I should say getting your ass beat has a way of changing people lol.

        • I think getting your ass beat has a way of making you want to beat someone’s ass.

          • It depends what you get your ass beat for I think.

            If you are getting your ass beat because you know you did something wrong through your actions or your words, I think it changes the way you behave.

            If you get your ass beat because of race, religion, are fat, wear glasses, get picked on, right place wrong time, etc., then yes you want to beat someone’s ass.

          • So you are assuming That an ass beating can make someone believe they were wrong. I guess that’s possible, but either you already know you did something wrong and therefore, why are we beating someone’s ass who is remorseful? That’s just cruel. Or, someone isn’t sorry and beating their ass is only going to make them think your an asshole for beating them up over something thy didn’t see as all that wrong.

          • I’m not saying this because I’m proud or anything of it, just as a matter of fact.

            I’ve grown up around a lot of fighting for a couple of different reasons. There are some (this is not including professional/training fighting, that is another story for another day) guys who just love to fight, no matter what. They prey on the weak. The weak either stand up for themselves (win or lose) or cower. The hyenas as I call them really will never get out of that stage until they decide to, if ever. Lot of temper / mental problems. I’m not talking about those guys.

            The guys I’m talking about are the ones who are a little less aggressive, but try to fit in with the crowd and attempt to be a tough guy, when in reality they aren’t. They also tend to pick on people a lot, but it generally isn’t in as heavy doses as the hyenas. These guys are vultures. Opportunistic. They generally have a big mouth. The guys with the big mouth, the first time they really get their ass beat, that mouth tends to shut up a lot more. Maybe not for good, but it generally shuts up because they let their mouth overrun their ass. These are the guys who generally do things for attention, such as banana thrower.

            The guys who get their ass beat, those who never asked for it, usually end up holding grudges, but won’t fight back most of the time for a multitude of reasons. These guys may or may not hold grudges.

            My point though about the vultures, their behavior can usually be stopped by a good ass whopping. They feed off of the attention, like little kids. A majority of times, a good ass beating will greatly reduce that behavior in them. It brings them back to reality. Those people tend to know what they are doing is wrong, but do it anyways, not overly crossing the line like hyenas with fists alone, but with mostly words and sometimes fists.

            I guess what I’m saying is there are some people who can learn a lot from an ass beating and it humbles them, while in other cases and ass beating only fuels the rage (both of these examples are with people who deserve it).

  15. Action reaction

    Racist act nets violent reaction. The guy doesn’t throw a banana and nobody wants to kick his ass. To me acting out against a fellow human for something that they haven’t any chance of having any control over (not saying that they should want to especially in this case, just making the point) is bullying and that is why so many of us are prone to wanting a violent reaction.

    Bullying will always lead to more violence. In this case I think the racist act is far more upsetting and terrible then it would be if anyone beat this person up for his actions. Would beating him up be the right thing to do? No, no it isn’t in my opinion but like I have said earlier if I were standing there I don’t know if I could have remained a pacifist.

    Ignorance left unattended is what has lead to genocide often enough in the past century that it makes me believe that you simply have to act on some things. In this case throwing a banana is more heinous then simply shouting a racist comment.

    The comment while vulgar rude and stupid can simply be ignored, throwing a banana is in itself an act of violence making any violence that comes from it a reaction to a situation more than anything else. Is it the correct reaction, that I suppose is up to the individual but I would think that just doing whatever it took to subdue the person would suffice.

    Then handing him over to ANY local authorities can be the joke that comes from what has become of both of our legal systems.

    • Eh. If you want to sat throwing a banana is an act of violence then fine. I disagree But I see why you would want to believe that. Still, reactions have to b controlled and measured and for the reaction to be violence is going overboard to Me.

      Perhaps I should clarify an earlier point. While self defense is the only time violence is excusable, that is not to say that just because an act of violence is perpetrated against you it is ok to retaliate in kind. Justified maybe, but still ignorant. You can make the argument all you like that if something goes unchecked it leads to worse, but reacting with violence will, in the long run, always lead to more violence.

  16. First Vancouver’s street party and not this.

    Sadly the decline of civility and common sense has began its spread across the whole of N. America. How sad for Canada.

  17. Here’s what some Philly fans think of the incident.

  18. Most ignorant quote from a Duckfan at the OC register “if Simmons doesn’t like it then don’t be black”.

  19. I keep checking this page and thinking that this head line reads “More bananas thrown at Wayne Simmonds”, and thinking really? how bad is it going to get?

  20. OK, so I just spoke to a friend at work about this who is black. When I told him about the incident, his response was:

    “What the fuck? Did the fan throw it because he (Simmonds) is a monkey or because he falls alot? I mean, if you’re going to be racist, atleast do something creative, like throw a burning crucifix or better yet, a pickaninny doll. Or if you have to throw a banana atleast throw a bunch of them. Canadians should stick to what they’re do well, being nice and playing hockey and leave the racism to people who are good at it, like Americans, the British and Indians.”

    I told him about the general response of uproar. He laughed and said “its really not a big deal, sounds like a lot of white guilt.”

    So take that for what’s it worth. Simmonds didn’t seem to care. My friend doesn’t seem to care. My theory is that people are upset because it happened in Canada, and everyone assumes Canadians are hunky dory folk and god forbid some of them be ignorant.

  21. Jacob.

    I agree in part with what you are saying but in the end violence will end violence will end in one way or the other. I agree that it is wrong to use violence against this idiot and in most cases but disagree with you on it always being the wrong action, that is another debate though to me.

    The debate here is that the person who through the banana decided to interact with Simmonds physically and his motivations are really the secondary issue. Throwing a banana at a black player is an act of cowardice and at the same time a physical confrontation. If the guy yelled NIGGER at Simmonds every time he skated past him that would be first a stupid ignorant thing to do but wouldn’t come close to being the same thing as throwing a banana at him.

    The Banana *is* an act of violence and a racist statement at the same time. The fact that the guy tried to hit him earlier but missed shows his intention was premeditated. This piece of trash thought it out and developed a plan for how to carry out his attack. Does it start with a banana and then a rock and then who knows? I don’t think it is likely but then I am not the kind of idiot who would through a banana at Simmonds either. ( I am a different kind of idiot)

    Like I have said before, I am practicing pacifist. I am trying to walk a different line in my life then I used to so maybe that is why I struggle with this one so hard. To me it is an act of bullying, picking on someone for being different and that makes me angry enough to wish ill will on the person responsible for the action itself.

    Racism is violence, to me they are the same thing. Because I have never seen a racist who wouldn’t use violence to carry out their plan for cleansing the earth of the target of their ignorance.

    I know that I am at a disconnect with you on this and maybe it comes from my past but I am very open minded to trying to see things differently and hope that someday I can see an end for the need of violence but I don’t think that will come until we see an end to things like racism first.

    Action Reaction

    • See and my buddy (the black one) thinks that yelling “Nigger” is FAAAAR worse. Interesting, perspective and all.

    • “Racism is violence, to me they are the same thing. Because I have never seen a racist who wouldn’t use violence to carry out their plan for cleansing the earth of the target of their ignorance.”

      This is a little harsh for me. I think there are many different strata of racists. There are certainly those kinds of racists, but just like sexuality is not black and white, but on a sliding scale, so to, I believe, is racism.

  22. If they threw a bunch of fruit at Corey Perry…..?

  23. I was mad earlier for a comment that a Ducksfan had posted on the OCR, and I’m happy that Eric Stephens pulled it. At least some Ducksfans are not completely classless.

    • The real question here Dominick, is why are you reading a Duck blog? Not to mention checking back more than once….

      • I look at all 30 teams. If you don’t know your opponent, then how can you know if you can beat them? I admit though, there are a couple of teams that I just check in with because I love to fuck with their fans, but if you ask me about most teams we compete with, you can be sure that I have an opinion because I keep tabs on them daily. Hell! Ducksfans don’t even mind filling in the blanks when I have questions, and I like to know about injuries, and line combos, who’s struggling, system, and any changes. Lots of stuff I’d preffer knowing ahead of time so that when we play them, I know what to expect.

        • Also, I don’t hide the fact that I’m a Kingsfan and if they don’t like it too bad. I gaurentee yyou if you ask anybody on that site, not a single Ducksfan will be confused on where my loyalties lie. 100% with the Kings.

  24. Violence does solve things sometimes. We live in an overly pussified nation.

    • I see violence to often be a pussy way of handling situations. Punching is to men as crying is to women. They are both outlets for unleashing emotions we don’t like to or can’t process.

      • You’re right. For a majority of things.

        But punching a guy is the least you can do in a lot of situations as well.

      • Well…I think it’s the inherent difference between men and women. Men are just physical beings and we can’t necessarily help it since we’re wired that way and the same goes for women as they are wired to be emotional beings.

        It sounds weird to just up and start punching a woman when a woman does something stupid. Really all it takes is some choice words and they’re probably more painful than the punching. But to a guy, saying choice words he can just turn around and say “What an asshole…” It’s through the message of physicalality that men oftentimes communicate. You do or say stupid shit, you might get knocked on your ass. Men, more oftentimes then not, understand that being socked in the face is usually followed up by a question “WTF? What did I do to deserve that?” At least imo.

        • I got the shit kicked outa me in a woman’s gay bar — by a chick half my size.

          Emotional she was, I grant. But ain’t no one gonna tell me women are less “physical”.

  25. Jacob, can you give me an example of what “white guilt” is? I have heard the term but really haven’t any clue of what it means. It seems like a problem that people in the states might have but is missed in large part in Canada at least in my experience.

    I spoke to a former NHL player (via email) who also was black and they said that they would have been highly offended and gone right to the bench if it had happened to them. They would have demanded that something be done to the coach or the security at the entry way and made certain that it was done before they would return to the ice.

    I asked if they had the opportunity to do so if they would have a physical altercation with this person if it had happened to them and their response was interesting. “you bet your ass I would I mean after how hard we have had to fight just to get a chance to play in the NHL now that we get here and have earned some respect to have to sit by and let some fool throw banana’s at us would be allot like saying look at that monkey run or here you go circus chimp. I would kick his ass twice, if he wants to make that statement then let me make one too”.

    I guess to have a better understanding of what black people would do or think of the situation we need a better sample size then you and me but I did find his response interesting because he is a black hockey player.

    Here is a funny thing though, ready his response made me sad inside and realize that while I doubt my self control is strong enough yet for me not to have jumped on this person, I would want it to be. There is no doubt that violence is a lower state of being and truly should only be used in self defence or as part of an agreed undertaking (hockey war etc).

    • White guilt is pretty much an American thing, though maybe Brits have it too (if they know what the word guilt means… Not so sure they do). It’s born out of guilt over slavery and results in being hyper sensitive to things that can be deemed racist. It also rears it’s head when people will get up in arms in defense of the victim of racism not so much out of actual care or concern, but out of feeling a need to fight racism because of their ancestors perpetration of racism. Does that make sense? It’s subtle and more of a group mentality, archetype kind of thing, than an individual way of acting. I feel like i am not explaining it well.

      Heres a good paragraph about it from Wikipedia:

      Judith Katz, the author of White Awareness: Handbook for Anti-Racism Training, is highly critical of what she calls self-indulgent white guilt fixations. Her concerns about white guilt led her to move from black-white group encounters to all-white groups in her anti-racism training. She also avoided using non-white people to reeducate whites, she said, because she found that this led whites to focus on getting acceptance and forgiveness rather than changing their own actions or beliefs.[3]

  26. When I think of all the stupid shit I believed about people — just because of who their parents were and where they came from — and how long it’s taken me to shake all my own stupid prejudices, I squirm when I hear about the asshole(s) who threw the bananas.

    No one — wise man or fool — can help the thoughts that pop into his or her head. All we can hope to do is control what we say and do and keep on trying to free our brains of the intellectual cholesterol that clogs up our thinking.

    I miss Simmer a bunch. I hope neither he nor anyone else has to go through this jive-ass bullshit ever again. But we all know it’s going to happen. Not because racism exists, but because people exist.

  27. Thanks Jacob and Bobby.

    White guilt is as sad and pathetic as racism to me from what I have read. I have heard this term during my life but assumed that it meant something else. Black white red yellow brown and anyone else, we are all equally capable of being an asshole and that is where this should be most clear.

    I mean, how many actual people owned slaves and more to the point how actual Americans are racist so why would all white Americans have guilt about it? I had always thought that America in large part wasn’t a racist country, at least not in my experience.

    What about Germans? Do Jewish people have German guilt over the holocost? How about the Armenian Holocost? To me there is guilt for the people involved in these unspeakable acts and that we should all as humans be vigilant about doing our best to make certain that these atrocities do not happen again but why would everyone feel guilt about something that they hadn’t part with?

    I understand that I am over simplifying things and don’t mean to offend anyone as a result but to me this idea of white guilt is as crazy as racism is itself. In this case it does show that there is time for a violent action as in stopping an atrocity (a holocost etc) but to simply meter it out because we disapprove of the actions of an individual as a people is the wrong way to go.

    Now if Simmonds himself were to walk over and kick this idiots ass then that would have been fine as the person physically interacted with Simmonds *and* made a racial statement about him. If Simmonds decided to respond physically then that would be up to him.

    Allot of excellent learning opportunities in this one. I have lived in a world where color has never mattered and been on the receiving end of racism and only ever thought or acted out against the specific people responsible.

    I am happy I wasn’t present in this case because I am too new to my pacifist code to be mature or responsible enough to have been able to maintain it. Next challenge driving in Los Angeles.


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