The Kings appropriately play the no-good putz Ducks tonight at Staples. This will be the first game where the Kings top 3 lines will be wholly intact, with a look at what could be the 4th line. Hammond brought us the full expected line up yesterday, so for the sake of simple reference…




I love seeing Loktionov get this look. Even though no one wants to see him in a low minute roll,the kid is pretty damn ready to make the big show. He likely won’t be putting Trevor Lewis, whom we assume will have that spot come the regular season, in the unemployment line any time soon, but clearly the coaches refuse to just cast him off without a fight. The same likely can’t be said for Brandon Kozun, sorry Bobby.

Speaking of getting a good look, how about that first defensive pairing? Based off what we all saw at the game of Wednesday, Vito Voynov is looking like a pretty darn respectable replacement for a certain someone. He’s even got the whole alliteration thing going for him as well. Let’s not pretend like that pairing with Mitchell isn’t a strong sign in Vito’s favor. It is and deservedly so.

But enough good stuff, what the hell about Scott Parse? You can tell me all you want that he had a year off sitting around in a suit, but the regular season is close and if this guy doesn’t show some pretty major improvement starting tonight, color me concerned. Or tally me banana. Maybe I’ll throw one at him if his play with the puck is as slippery as it was in his last outing. Too soon? It doesn’t even make sense guys. I’m just trying to get Parsenip’s name in the paper. His play likely won’t be doing that any time soon. I’m harsh because I care.

What scares me is Parse seemingly has his roster spot all locked up. Look, Terry, I know you have a ‘you don’t lose your spot due to injury’ rule and all, but can’t we make an exception when the guy barely played at all last year and didn’t play all that much the year before either? It’s not like Parse ever really had a spot to begin with, he had the promise of the hope of maybe filling a role that has subsequently already been filled by Gagne and Penner and Clifford. He looks uncomfortable on the right side, not to mention in his own skin. Hey, if he steps up then wonderful, but if not, are we going to see a bold move and stick Parse in the press box (cough cough waivers cough) and give old Trent Hunter a real contract? Hell, at the moment, I’m pleading for Ethan Moreau to be on the third line right wing. I realize that Lombardi is likely terrified of Parse leaving and pulling a Moulson / Boyle / Purcell, but to be honest, with our roster, and Loktionov and Kozun and Toffoli and Vey and Weal all waiting in the wings, two to four of them beating the door down, or at least pulling up to the curb, I don’t really care.

Anyways, fuck the Ducks, right?

I wonder if any of their fans will show up. I saw a guy in a Sharks jersey at the last game and I didn’t appreciate it, but that was because it was random. Let those quack jobs come and be taunted. As for King fans, hopefully the rival will draw a larger gathering at Staples than the Coyotes did. Despite Wednesdays never being too popular, the Coyotes have never been the biggest builder of crowds, in their own arena or elsewhere. Though for an exhibition game against a team with tedious attire, I was mostly happy with the turnout. However, tonight, when I do more irreparable damage to my vocal chords, I expect to hear some damn cheering in return. Deal?

Finally and tangentially, I have an extra ticket to Frozen Fury I’m looking to get rid of… Bought 6 and only have 5 people going now. Section 4, row R, seat 13. Paid $92 bucks for it. I’ll take $80 (face value) for it from a reader. Spend the savings on ear plugs since you’d be sitting next to me. Any takers?

Don’t forget, fuck the Ducks.