Rich Hammond tells us that this is how the LA Kings are expected to skate against the Penguins tomorrow.



Yesterday, Terry Murray said the following after the Ducks’ game:

They worked hard. I think, on our side of it, it showed that all the new players were in the lineup and we’re trying to get some of that team chemistry put together. We looked out of sorts for the first half of the game.

How does turning the lines on their heads help promote (“put together”) that “team chemistry”? Is this some new chaos theory that (rather than physics, economics, biology, and philosophy) combines insanity and desperation.

“But, it’s just the preseason!”

It is. I agree. A preseason designed to bring the new faces into the fold and get them used to playing with their potential linemates, right? To develop chemistry? What is the possible rhyme or reason for any coach to do this? It’s not a rhetorical question. I just don’t get it. Do you?