So, This Is How You Promote Chemistry? Through Chaos?

Rich Hammond tells us that this is how the LA Kings are expected to skate against the Penguins tomorrow.



Yesterday, Terry Murray said the following after the Ducks’ game:

They worked hard. I think, on our side of it, it showed that all the new players were in the lineup and we’re trying to get some of that team chemistry put together. We looked out of sorts for the first half of the game.

How does turning the lines on their heads help promote (“put together”) that “team chemistry”? Is this some new chaos theory that (rather than physics, economics, biology, and philosophy) combines insanity and desperation.

“But, it’s just the preseason!”

It is. I agree. A preseason designed to bring the new faces into the fold and get them used to playing with their potential linemates, right? To develop chemistry? What is the possible rhyme or reason for any coach to do this? It’s not a rhetorical question. I just don’t get it. Do you?

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  1. Each line is playing with someone that didn’t play last night. It’s probably the way the coaches get a decent look at em in a game situation. Speed, skill, sense, etc. I don’t know why King’s in the mix though I think it’s a waste but whatever.

  2. ” It is. I agree. A preseason designed to bring the new faces into the fold and get them used to playing with their potential linemates, right? To develop chemistry? What is the possible rhyme or reason for any coach to do this? It’s not a rhetorical question. I just don’t get it. Do you?”

    Maybe TM is still trying to decide who the ‘New faces’ are going to be. Gagne and Richards are obvious locks, but guys like Trent Hunter, Ethan Moreau, Jordan Nolan, and Andrei Loktionov are still in the running for spots. Especially considering how badly Parse is playing.

    I agree that the players need to be allowed to use the preseason to build chemistry. But, that’s pretty hard to do when you’re trying guys out and finalizing the roster.

  3. Ggggrrrrrriiittttttt.

  4. I have no problem with this here in the preseason, but I do have a problem with it when this stuff is going on November-April. Hopefully Terry has a strong idea as to how he wants the lines to be, and these are just experiments to rule out the “possibilities”. If he can’t do it now, then when can he?

    Breathe Bobby, breathe. As for the Doughty signing, it may be time to panic!!!

  5. I would have liked to see a Penner-Loktionov-Williams line.

  6. Lol, Well I got my Penner-Richards wish. What the fuck Hunter is doing on the right side..

  7. I can’t figure it out. It’s utter stupidity in my opinion.

    Kopi, Brown and Penner. No need for a lot of chemistry building there.
    Put Gagne and Richards together with Williams. One guy trying to get the chemisty there.
    Stoll, Richardson and Moreau. Again, only one new guy here.
    Cliffy, Hunter and Lewis. 4th line’s a toss up but Cliffy’s got his spot IMHO.

    If this isn’t good enough for Murray, maybe we can do this.

    1st Line: Quick, Doughty, The Waterboy
    2nd Line: Surly, Bernier, Mitchell
    3rd Line: Me, Your Momma, Murray’s Momma
    4th Line: Murray himself, DL and an Ice Crew Girl

    Let’s do this! Then again, it’s only the preseason so we can use games that are actually worth points to really dial in our crew.

  8. Change is sometimes a good learning experience and surprising results sometimes occur. What better time to experiment?

  9. You have Jamie Kompon running the offense and the PP – If you have a guy like Dave Tippet, who ran the #1 offense, that equals several more wins which equals Terry Murray keeping his job.

    Like I said, you don’t hire Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Halle Berry and Julia Robert and have them directed by Rob Schneider.

  10. Call me Old School…and I will say
    ‘That works for me’ on this point.
    Murray pisses me off when he line shuffles.
    I believe in team chemistry and cohesion, but Not
    Team Chaos. It makes me crazy when he starts with
    the line changes. You will never convince me
    that letting the same guys play together on a line
    is not the way to bring out the best in a player.
    Yes, this is the time of year to test our young ones,
    but also to let our regular lines get back in
    the flow, or with new acquisitions, let them
    adjust to their new linemates.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. Thank you TM, Thank you for showing us just how far you’ve gone from having an inkling of a clue about what it takes to assemble people together to accomplish a common goal.

    How we put TM in net, JQ/JKomp/Yellow Jacket Event Staffer as one line
    The pop machine in the locker room/the skate sharpener(the one against the back wall of the eq mgr’s room)/A picture of Luc as another line and A Tshirt from one of those stupid puck girls that threw out softballs for some lame reason that hasn’t anything to do with hockey/Kingston (or bailey whatever)/and an RC Cola “Royal Crown Kings Review” sticker from 81 as the final line.

    Then we let the players watch this stupid gathering of random slightly hockey related things and players (former and who cares) get thrown out on the ice each time we want a shift change.

    Might as well show that YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING then make up some team chemistry bullshit. TM, quit. Do it now so we can take this highly talented group of players that we finally have on our team to a cup. I can think of a few out of work coaches who can do a seriously better job then you have so far. Please TM, for the good of the team, retire granny, retire today.

    Chemistry, fucking please.

  12. Bobby, get a grip on yourself for Chrissakes!

    The season is still weeks away and you’re already having shit-fits. Good God, man! Have you no self-control?

    I look to you and Surly for quiet strength, stolid conservatism, rock-hard sobriety — the sort of people who don’t fly apart after losing a coupla PRE-FUCKING-SEASON games.

    What’s to become of me — and your faithful readers — if you get wet pants this early in the year? Whatever your medication is, double the dose at once. Like it or not, you are leaders of that great brotherhood of Kings fans, the Mystic Knights of the Sea.

    At your present rate, unless TM transforms our first line into the Legion of Doom and the second into the Return of the Triple Crown you’ll lead the mob that strings him up to a lamppost on Figueroa. Or if Dewey doesn’t sign by December 1st you’re gonna burst into flame.

    This path lies madness. Trust me.

    • Here here. I like how our most virulent and obscene poster (sorry Dominick, this guy is giving you a real run for your money – time to step up your game) is also our most reasonable.

      However if HWSNBP hasn’t signed by December 1st I think panic, or at the very least severe anger followed by spontaneous combustion is wholly in order.

    • I believe in a violent assault of wit and venom on anything that limits our team from reaching its full potential. I will not tolerate such an enemy, foreign or domestic. There is no yield in my vocabulary. You ask for subdued, I give you incited. I lead nothing. I am simply a member of the brotherhood of which you speak but I will not idly stand by and watch this madness because it is “pre-fucking-season”. I say it is fucking season and foreplay be damned. The Ducks should have received a dry fisting last night. Phoenix, a golden shower the game before. I want our enemies soiled in their own inadequacies, shamed to never return again and in fear of their own shadows as they walk into our domain. Let no one speak our name in vain or dare to challenge us in our quest for the Cup. Those who do must die a symbolic death. Those that dare to limit our potential shall meet an equal fate.

  13. I don’t know tuan, have you considered that bobby might be showing restraint?

  14. What are you guys worried about Bobby?

    Plenty of time on the way to Europe for the top six to jell playing “aisle hockey” on the plane while Doughty puts in 11 hours on the stationary bike up in first class.

    Nothing the Kings do shocks me at this point.

  15. Looks like Murray just covering his ass. If the team plays like shit he can chalk it up to these not being the real lines and the players trying to find some chemistry. I’ve been a supporter of TM but my patience with his system and line shuffling are wearing thin. I’m with scribe, if TM can’t get the team playing good by dec then he’s gotta get the fuck outta town and take Jamie fucking tampon with him

  16. Sigh………. TM is one of the few fucks that tends to elevate my blood pressure.

    The reason I haven’t stressed over DD is because we still have a pretty solid team without him. Only problem, though, is we have TM running the show. For goodness sake, go after and pay Tippet. Coyotes organization is in disarray , I’m sure he would listen.

    I don’t like talking shit already, but he sure makes easy. Please, hockey gods let there be some kind of madman genuineness in his philosophy.

  17. I don’t get it. If they want to mix things up to see what happens while testing Hunter in a maximize his potential show us what you can do situation they should go with:

    Penner – Kopi – Hunter
    Gagne – Richards – Williams
    Clifford – Stoll – Brown
    Parse – Loktionov – Moreau

    Maintains some semblance of chemistry, gives Hunter the ultimate chance to show what he can do (I can only assume that’s their reasoning for the actual lineup), test Williams w/ Gags and Ricky like everyone wants, tests what happens with Brown on the shutdown line and removes that responsibility from Parse giving him one last and FINAL chance to not be scrubbed.

    • Or really do whatever the F you want with that 4th line. Maybe Parse needs a game off to reflect on his shittiness but I think TM needs to try a Parse – Loki – XXXX 4th at some point unless he’s already eliminated him (which I doubt).

  18. Trade Stoll and give his slot to the combo of Lewis and Loki. When it comes to face off just shove out one of those pitching machines with a hockey stick taped to it and hope for the best.


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