Who else but Helene Elliott would give us this gem of an interview with Tim Leiweke today? The answer is nobody. Read the whole thing and then come back and let’s talk about one quote in particular:

“The difference of opinion here is that Drew may see this as disrespect, and it’s not at all. We have offered to make him the fourth-highest-paid defenseman in the NHL and equal the highest-paid King in our history. When I look at that, I think there either has to be a miscommunication or Drew’s a 21-year-old and probably hasn’t done what he may need to do here, which is stand up and take charge of the decision.”

This is one ballsy statement and I loved it.

In a time where you get a lot of politically correct talk about how negotiations are going well, everyone is doing their best, respecting the process and how things are amicable, Tim Leiweke of the infamous “it’s not about the cash, it’s about the cap” fame comes in with a right cross and tells He Who Must Not Be Paid he’s 21, an adult, needs to grow a pair and recognize that his representatives are not serving him well and it’s time to do what he should know is right and not be a sheep. That is what not doing “what he may need to do here” means before “stand up and take charge”. That’s a call to action.

So, what do you think? Too much? Not enough? He couldn’t have very well said, “hey, your agent is a prick, this is about his ego, not about your best interest” could he? Then again, Meehan supporters may be saying, “it’s a conflict of interest when Leiweke is giving this kid advice because Tim is thinking about his boss’ own pocket-book first and foremost.”

As a side note, did the quotes have a certain whiskey in a jar aura about them? “I love you man!”…

Update: Helene posted the rest of her interview with Tim Leiweke. Click on the link and check it out. The endorsement issue is fascinating, makes Drew seem shortsighted and supports the premise Meehan isn’t thinking with his client’s best interest at heart.