Tim Leiweke Tells A Certain Someone To Stand Up For Himself…Ballsy

Who else but Helene Elliott would give us this gem of an interview with Tim Leiweke today? The answer is nobody. Read the whole thing and then come back and let’s talk about one quote in particular:

“The difference of opinion here is that Drew may see this as disrespect, and it’s not at all. We have offered to make him the fourth-highest-paid defenseman in the NHL and equal the highest-paid King in our history. When I look at that, I think there either has to be a miscommunication or Drew’s a 21-year-old and probably hasn’t done what he may need to do here, which is stand up and take charge of the decision.”

This is one ballsy statement and I loved it.

In a time where you get a lot of politically correct talk about how negotiations are going well, everyone is doing their best, respecting the process and how things are amicable, Tim Leiweke of the infamous “it’s not about the cash, it’s about the cap” fame comes in with a right cross and tells He Who Must Not Be Paid he’s 21, an adult, needs to grow a pair and recognize that his representatives are not serving him well and it’s time to do what he should know is right and not be a sheep. That is what not doing “what he may need to do here” means before “stand up and take charge”. That’s a call to action.

So, what do you think? Too much? Not enough? He couldn’t have very well said, “hey, your agent is a prick, this is about his ego, not about your best interest” could he? Then again, Meehan supporters may be saying, “it’s a conflict of interest when Leiweke is giving this kid advice because Tim is thinking about his boss’ own pocket-book first and foremost.”

As a side note, did the quotes have a certain whiskey in a jar aura about them? “I love you man!”…

Update: Helene posted the rest of her interview with Tim Leiweke. Click on the link and check it out. The endorsement issue is fascinating, makes Drew seem shortsighted and supports the premise Meehan isn’t thinking with his client’s best interest at heart.

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  1. Now, if Uncle Phil and Uncle Phil’s Kings Fan Wife could say the same thing to Drew….I’d be happy!

  2. So what happens if Drew sits out the whole season? Does that still take off a year of free agency? Does he come back next season with a chance at arbitration? can he play anywhere at all this season (I would think not since the Kings own his rights)?

    All I can say Is bravo TL for supporting DL.

    • Free agency is 7 years of service or 27, whichever happens first.

      He can play in Europe if he wants. Arbitration is after 4 years of service.

      • So Drew has had 3 years of service but this season wouldn’t add to it if he sits on his butt all year. He can play in Europe even if the Kings own his rights? Interesting.

    • He will not gain anything sitting out a year in terms of arbitration rights. He will be in the exact same position next year, and will have blown about 7 million dollars. 66 days and counting.

  3. Love it. Drew needs to nut up and fire Meehan, stat.

  4. Is this going to help the situation? Doughtyful.

  5. Read it just before coming here. Second time in a week management/ownership have publicly mentioned/rhetorically rejected trade. However, come midseason and teams see where they stand for the stretch drive, the offers will come in earnest. Teams looking to load up, teams looking to unload and move to the future. At that point, DD will not look like the future, and
    offers from Ott. and Tor. will look different.

    “And we need to get him ready to go to Europe. He should not miss that trip. It would mean that we would begin to move on without him…” Very diplomatic. A reasonable, affectionate “Dutch Uncle” letting a lad know where he stands – on a road that leads out of Los Angeles. Not yet a warning, but an unmistakable message. Especially “…when you factor in injuries and you factor in Feb. moves at the trade deadline…”

  6. … You mean Tim Leiweke, who is part of Kings’ upper management, is taking the side of another member of the upper management? Shocking, I say!

    And, I’ve gotta say it’s quite unbelievable to see that the negotiations here have turned fans of the team so upside-down that Tim Leiweke’s now a good guy. I never thought I’d see people who really care about the Kings hockey club supporting a habitually lying piece of garbage like Leiweke who couldn’t give the first flying fuck about the hockey club. That’s amazing to me.

    “Please Drew, come back!!! We LOVE you!!!” Blow it out your ass, you greasy piece of filth.

    • You mean it’s not amazing that your are predicating your opinion of this statement on the past instead of the merits of the statement itself?

      It’s fairly comical that you take virtually anything said by Kings’ management, regardless of how extreme or level headed it may be, as a personal affront.

      No one said Tim is a good guy, but if his past indiscretions mean that he can never be seen in a good light for even a millisecond, well then my friend you don’t get to call anyone else biased until you rescind such an insinuation.

      • It’s fairly comical that you take virtually anything said by Kings’ management, regardless of how extreme or level headed it may be, as a personal affront.

        … A personal affront? Just seeing the statements for what they are – serving their agenda, their side of the negotiations.

        What’s annoying is the gullibility of people I assumed to be pretty intelligent, or at least people who cared about the team. That’s what I get for assuming, huh?

        As for Tim … I don’t need to say much more. He is what he is. This same shit happened about eleven years ago, when Tim decided to serve his agenda regarding the Rob Blake negotiations. Everything old is new again. I said back then that the Kings would never become an elite organization until they rid themselves of him and his input/influence, and I haven’t seen or heard anything from him that would lead me to believe otherwise. If you and others want to eat his shit up like it’s ice cream, go right on ahead and get your spoon and your bowl. I’ll pass.

        • Perhaps what is so comical is that seem to expect people to say things that don’t serve their agenda. Or maybe you prefer everyone just keep their mouths shut at all times? Maybe that would be for the best, but really, that would make following anything other than actual games pretty damn boring. Its your mocked shock that they say things that serve their agenda, compounded with your presumption that because a statement serves an agenda, it is automatically discredited as being somehow untrue or not worth taking to heart.

          Unless Tim is outright lying when he said they offered Drew a deal to make him the 4th highest paid defenseman in the league and tied for the highest paid King of all friggin time, then how is it really out of line to say that Drew should nut up and take a deal that when considered from any point of view other than his agent, WHO HAS ULTERIOR MOTIVES, is at the very least, pretty fucking fair. You find Tim so insipid that you are denying that he actually has a point, agenda or not.

        • J.T., Exactly what do you think the Kings should be offering DD? They have a good offer on the table for a 21yr old d-man that had one great year and one good year. It’s not like he’s a 50 goal scoring center. I think it’s time for DL to say to both the agent and the public that once the season starts all negociations will stop until June 2012. At that point we will see how badly DD want to play.

          • … Well – first, it would be nice to know what’s holding the deal up, but that type of real information is not available to us. Instead, what’s going on is there’s a bunch of people here and elsewhere speculating on speculation, which is not only boring and unfulfilling, but it also fosters a “side-choosing” mentality. It’s obvious you’ve chosen your side, and this site has chosen its’ side, it might as well be called “Dean & Lombardi” instead of “Surly & Scribe” right now. And, the side-choosing has reached the point where people are praising a snake like Leiweke simply because he said something that fit with the side they’re on.

            You say “we’ll see how badly DD wants to play.” What about how badly Lombardi wants to ice the best team available to him? Why is only one side responsible for this situation?

          • JT, I admire your spirit, as always. My sign-on name would work well for you, minus
            your soft spot for VAN (I have a bit of that with Chi. and Bos.). And I would be pleased for you to be a member of our union when our labor agreement runs out in three years.

            That said – sincerely – …it still comes down to the merits of the offer, and the offer looks
            quite fair. No? If 6.8 is enough – and it is (the market, not someone’s desires), then how about compromise at 6 yrs? Compromise is just that – splitting the difference that is left when you reach the end of evidence/arguments (assuming the negotiation is between rough equals, as here). It means both sides getting as close as possible to what they want, then living with a half-loaf of what remains. For the sake of moving forward. Doesn’t always apply, but appears to here. Of course, new information could possibly change this – admittedly (e.g. DL will not accept less than 7 yrs).

            I am dealing now with a kind of TL. No love for either of them here, but in truth our membership are sinners just like Management, albeit with less scope for mischief. In my position I imply otherwise, but I am quite aware of this. I have been working with a senior member of Management – my very own TL – for two years. I know him to be a man with considerable proven flaws. And some virtues – he has kept his word in our negotiations. This also despite my belief that my parochial-schoolboy rhetorical style grates on him, and my suspicion that he genuinely dislikes me. But again, he has kept his word. It happens. Even though he is Management and is not truly sypathetic to our views. It is what it is. (I actually prefer the mans lack of feigned concern – TL is somewhat nauseating on this point).

            In the end it comes down to the offer – unless you believe that, were DD to accept, the Kings would dishonor it – and I see no reason to suspect that.

          • You say there is only speculation JT, but we are all working off direct quotes from people involved. Now you say that they (DL and TL) are biased, somehow invalidating their opinions. Well even if That is so, A) its still not speculation and B) then the only possible information can be biased. Its DDs and Meehans personal choice not to Give us their opinion. But by your logic that would be just speculation too. So really, using your own logic, there is no such thing as possible fact to judge this on. So then what, we all just throw our hands up in the air and say ‘everything is bullshit? ‘ that’s no fun.

            Let me ask you, since you are so insistent on everyone’s opinions being bullshit, what would qualify as fact? The only ppl we can trust who know anything are the parties involved. Reporters get their only credible info from them.

            Seems to me like you feel Doughty is being ganged up on. That may be trye, but it is Drew’s own fault. Whether Lombard or Lieweke opened their mouths or not, once training camp starts people are going to malign the player.

            But Also this picking side stuff is overblown. Its not shoving our noses up Lombardi’s ass to purport that 6-7 years at 6.8 mill is entirely fair and that of Doughty refuses such an offer, something is wrong with him or getting in the way of sound judgement. Also your theory that this site is so pro Lombardi falls apart when you consider two factors. One we are hyper critical of his coaching staff and two, we asked you, as big a Lombardi hater as there is, to contribute with your own articles, written without any supervision by us. If you feel this site is so disgustintly pro Lombardi, acknowledge that you are partially to blame for that.

  7. The funny part about this is that all the kid needs to do is live up to his own namesake.

    Doughty as defined by Merriam Webster:

    “marked by fearless resolution”


    • Sooner or later you guys are gonna realize that my way is the right way after all.

      A Mafia photograph of J.Edgar Hoover with a dick in his mouth “persuaded” him to publicly deny there was any organized crime in this country.

      God knows how much patronage went to people who blackmailed JFK for all the pussy he snarfed in the Vaginal Office. Excuse me, I meant the Oral — No! Goddamnit, the OVAL — office.

      Just think how fast Dewey would sign ANY contract if we had those 8×10 glosses of him fucking a hampster (or other suitable animal life).

      You assholes scoff at me now. Just wait till that plane leaves for Europe and DD’s not on it. Then you’ll know how sensible my advice is.

  8. Can’t some people believe that perhaps TL and DL have the exact same position? “Good” and “bad” have nothing to do with this. Drew’s–or really his agent’s–position is untenable.

  9. Maybe they should have had Francesca Leiweke deliver this message…at the very least the optics would have been much more palatable.

  10. I love this place.

    Excellent point counter point.

    I say TL has said what he is feeling and I am perfectly confident about that. I think that the entire secrecy or at least the vast majority of it surrounding pro sports is pure fecal pie so I openly embrace anyone who speaks their mind truthfully, even TL.

    Don’t care about the rest, just props to someone in upper mgmt for speaking their mind and what I know that they feel to be the truth. If they and others would do it more often we sure would be a happier bunch.

    I would be less stressed out too.

  11. I just I really want to know what the stamp says.

  12. There is an update to Helene’s interview. Check out the bottom of the article

  13. I’m stoked that Helene got this info out to the public. I think it’s important for all of us, as fans, to remember that it is simply a business decision, and negotiations are won and lost on emotional responses. I hope DD8 decides to win this one and emotionally fire the fuck out of Meehan and come back and play.

  14. Leiweke has clearly learned the importance of public opinion during and AFTER contract negotiations. I understand his tactics and agree with them, but this is also posturing on his part. He doesn’t want to be the club whipping boy if this deal goes south, like he was in the past with Rob Blake. I give him credit for transparency, if hindsight validates it. He knows the season ticket holders don’t trust him after being repeatedly lied to, and there was a huge drop off in season ticket sales after Hurricane Blake came through the front office.

    Separate point, I hope the organization has a long term post-CBA strategy in mind (and this negotiation is part of it). After the last NHL vs. NHLPA negotiations, big name player acquisitions happened all over the League. It took months just to remember who went where. Hopefully, Lombardi and Leiweke are preparing for this right now. It would be nice to see the Kings in a position to scoop up some more established players at bargain prices because they planned ahead for the after effects of a lockout/work-stoppage.

  15. Actually maybe DD8 is pissed now. His agent was hired and is paid big bucks to negotiate the best offer and here the Kings go and simply make the best offer possible right out the gate. Think of all the change he could have saved by doing it himself. That would have more than made up the extra cash Meehan is asking for now.

  16. Looks like we actually will be seeing the word “PRICK” across that Doughty signature. Such a shame.

    • What part is a shame, that he will have earned the title if he misses a game of the regular season or that we are displaying it? Not that you guessed correctly or anything…

      • The first part. There’s nothing wrong with you displaying it. In fact, if it gets to that, you’ll find that most of us will concur.

  17. I agree. let them work this out and leave it alone until they do. But…….


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