Wayne Simmonds Called Sean Avery A What? All Aboard The Banana Boat

Ah, yes. Had to figure with Wayne Simmonds going to the East Coast, we were going to sooner or later get a Simmonds v. Avery tussle of sorts. Well, here you have it. Wayne apparently called Sean Avery a fucking faggot. I know what you’re thinking. As opposed to a celibate one? That, by itself, highlights the ignorance of this pseudo insult.


In fairness to Wayne, perhaps this is all a misunderstanding and he actually screamed, “Ducking Maggot”, “Bucking Braggart” (a stretch, I admit) or “no talent Bob Saget”. Each is within the real of possibility. Have I established reasonable doubt? If it doesn’t fit, you must…

I have no idea what banana boat has to do with any of this. I just had the song in my head. Day-O…

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  1. Well, that’s not going to go over well. Can you even defend what he said?

  2. … What, you mean Sean Avery got a small taste of the medicine he’s given to other players for years? Why, that’s just terrible.

  3. I’ve always appreciated how pissed Avery seems to be able to make people. Do you know how angry Ducks fans get when you wear an Avery jersey to the pond? I shall quote my friend from a Sharks/Duck preseason game at the pond:

    “Wow, I’ve never been boo’d by an entire stadium before.”

    Also, who else has forced the league to make a game day rule change?

  4. Maybe next time we’ll all toss some Banana’s at him during a shootout. That way it’s not racism, just hatred for an idiotic player who can’t keep his act together for less than a day.

  5. So then the banana thing was really just PRE-KARMA :)

  6. Would that be like throwing a butt plug at a player during the shootout?

  7. Simmer’s gonna look bad for this. Avery gained a lotta popularity for advocating gay marriage rights in New York.

    He shoulda called him a “fucking asshole”.

    That has no political or prejudicial overtones — and also has the benefit of clinical accuracy.

    • Naw the game is not about exhibiting anger it’s about hurling insults to get your target angry. Sean did a successful “Mom, Wayne hit me!”

  8. I have spent an hour thinking about this one. IF IF IF Simmonds called Avery a fucking faggot then I feel that he is no better than the guy who attacked him, maybe what comes around goes around after all. I haven’t seen footage so I hope someone has some and that this isn’t Avery’s lie riddled mouth we are relying on.

    If there is footage then I have to stand by my position but if not then I take it back. Avery was a pile of garbage as a team mate here and has learned little since leaving accept ho to manage to hang on with a team finally.

    What a world and what a week for Simmonds then huh? I mean here you have people thinking about how far we have come against racism and all the bullshit that surrounds it and then WS himself calls another man a nigger or the equivalence there of.

    Words always cause more trouble than intentions but here we are again worrying about the words and not the people who use them. The whole thing makes me want to throw up. Why can’t they just punch it out and keep there mouths shut.

    Can’t we all just get along?

  9. I am old fashioned but I only have ever had one person that I fought on the ice who I to this day would try and fight again if I saw him and we would still laugh about it afterwards. I am or was in a few cases still friends with the other guys who due to a lack of talent had to fight their way into a line up and honestly think that if these two had just punched it out they would likely have been fine with each other right afterwards.

    At least I would have to believe that there would be less name calling.

    My wife said “why are any of these words wrong? Make them all equally acceptable and then move on”. God I love my wife. I told her “honey, they are all equally acceptable and that is why everyone is angry”.

    She went to bed looking at me like I broke her teapot again and I am on the computer at 230 in the morning.

    Winner? I dont think so.

    Thanks Wayne, thanks for nothing.

  10. it’s not a big issue IMO

  11. hate to break it to king fans, but wayne has moved on. And so should we…

  12. ZONOEZ! Someone said something “derogatory” while playing in an emotionally charged professional sports match. I bet that’s never happened. Not even once.

    Seriously, if people are pissed off about a word, or set of words, then I fear for the future. Who fucking cares what he called him?

    Is Avery gay?
    Who cares?
    Is Simmonds a bad person for saying something?
    Who cares?

    Get the fuck over it people.

    If you can’t see the humor in all of this then you are truly fucked in the head.

  13. I think people need to get over the whole words thing. Actions speak louder than words in my opinion.

    If I call someone a retard, I’m making fun of the mentally challenged.
    If I call someone a loser, I’m making fun of those down on their luck.
    If I call someone an ass, I’m making fun of donkeys.
    If I call someone a Ducks fan, well, they deserve to get made fun of.

    In the same sense here, there are multiple meanings to the word faggot. What you are really calling someone is an asshole. Bitch. Dickhead. Fucker. Needledick. etc.

    If you called a knowingly gay person a faggot, I can understand. But calling another (presumably) straight male a faggot does not hold the same connotation, just as calling a woman a bitch is a lot worse than calling a man one. Same with the word cunt. That’ll really piss a woman off, it’ll probably make a man laugh if he gets called one (unless he is high on estrogen).

    Context people.

  14. While I feel differently about homosexuals then I do about racist issues, what Simmers said was just stupid. He’s under the magnifying glass and shouldn’t be making comments like that after what he went through a few days ago.

    I will give him the benefit of the doubt that it was an isolated incident for Simmers, and not an over all view on how he feels about gays, because we are talking about Sean Avery here, who could probably sucker the Pope into saying “God Damn You Mother Fucker!”.

  15. King fan in portland,

    I see you left out the “If I call someone a Nigger” part or the if I call someone a Beaner bit or if I call someone a Stinking Jew or a Filthy Serb etc. Your point is useless as a result in my opinion and I apologize for what I just wrote, only trying to make the point that you can’t have it both ways. Calling someone a Fucking Faggot is the same thing to gay people as any other slur. No matter how we feel about homosexuality it isn’t any more or less right to call people those words then anyone or anything else.

    So if I call a straight black guy a nigger faggot it is ok if it is meant in fun? I can’t see how.


    I get all charged up about these boards so according to you its cool and funny for me to say “HEY DHFK YOU FUCKING RETARDED SON OF A WHORE LIMP DICK SUCKING BITCH”

    Is that cool and funny? I don’t think it is either.

    In fact I flat out apologize for writing those words and only do so to make a point. It isn’t funny or cool its cowardly bullshit and I feel sad that some of us can’t see that part. If Simmers had called Avery a fucking wussy then who cares. Its the need to use derogatory terms that are also racial etc slurs that make this bullshit and since the NHL has neutered itself by adding the single worst rule in its history (instigator) nothing is done about it.

    No instigator and I am on the ice for what WS said and beat him senseless and then tell him why. (allot of proviso’s there)

    As it sits this is just another part of the game that has turned to crap because of the NHL’s determination to destroy everything that had made the game work before.

  16. LOL

    Your right, I apologize to any other ethnicities that I left out of my rant, please consider yourselves to be among the same character of those mentioned for the sake of argument in my response post. I meant no harm by not calling you slant eyed feather headed duf eaters.

    Then apologizing profusely for doing so. ;)

    The point remains that while words shouldn’t be taken too seriously, certain words contain a significantly larger amount of hatred then a simple punch to the face. One your attacking a persons physical being, the other you are attacking every part of who they are personally and spiritual/culturally and that is or can be so much worse and damning.

    Avery already showed his colors by turtling (no offence to any turtles out there), hit him whatever, call him a wussy? Sure, in the heat of battle but the rest is sad.


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