It’s Done! Drew Doughty Is Back! 8 Years, $56 Million Dollars

The report is 8 years and $56 million dollars for a $7 million dollar per season cap hit.

Let us all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Drew got his dollars. Dean got his years. LA Kings’ fans are the biggest winners.

More to come after I catch my breath.

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  1. solid deal, solid term. Both sides gotta be happy with this.

    • He beat it out. Come, come on, tell us your thoughts on this signing, these dollars! Share!!!

    • He pushed the prick envelope almost to the brink, but he managed to avoid it! Now the important question, does he play on Saturday? Imagine the fucking applause.

      • I was thinking about that last night actually. Imagine if they didn’t tell anyone till right before the game? Had him sneak in through the back door, then just announced “And at Defense, #8…..” The place would have gone nuts.

  2. Good compromise. Doughty takes more years than the Kings offer, the Kings give more money than they offer. Boom. The dynamite it went.

    • Honestly guys, I jumped out of my office chair and fucked up my shirt from the coffee. Im so fucking ecstatic and finally feel like we have the whole team together. I cant believe it took this long to get such an integral piece of our team into place, but now that he’s there, I am having difficulty wiping this shit eating grin off my face.

      He definitely pushed the envelope and the limits of prickdom were found, pissed on, then crossed. Im a little bitter that it took so long, but I just cant wait to see the 8 on the ice. I cant wait to watch him hip check the fuck outta someone all day long.

      I love this game, I love this team and I love the pieces involved. It is one of my only outlets and quite frankly, news like this makes the entire summer(s) of bullshit worth it. I will be seeing you in 301 for the home opener. This season is going to fucking rock.

  3. Hopefully he got on the Dustin Penner weight loss plan

  4. I hope Voynov somehow still makes it. Guy is the next Viznaski (or however you spell it).

    • It’s really nice after all these years to have too many quality defensemen and what to do with them as our problem as opposed to years of pounding my head into the TV post Blake/Robinson praying for someone competent on the blue line.

  5. I get a good feeling that Voynov will still make it.

    Funny thing about this. I’m happy, but my reaction is more subdued than i thought. I think i had out it so far out of my mind out of protection that I can’t open up toit just yet.

  6. Happy deal is done, Now his play needs to make me forget.

  7. Drew must have been listening to game versus Avs last evening on KTLK 1150am on the internet in London, Ontario. He must have been impressed with Kopi’s hat trick and dreamed of being on the ice. Finally FUCK YES!!!!! DROP THE FUCKING PUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. … AWESOME. They compromised; Dean compromised!! Holy shit. Credit to both of them for doing this.

    For Doughty, now’s the time to earn it. The team will be counting on him to be the man.

    For those who turned on Doughty prematurely, guess what? You got him for EIGHT YEARS. Have fun booing and crying, or whatever else you wanna do to draw attention to yourself.

    • Being frustrated and lashing out at him doesn’t equate directly to turning on him. Very very few had written him off, and even those were just reacting in anger, just as they are now reacting with joy. Yang ain’t as sweet without a little yin to go with it.


  10. Awesome. I hope he’s been training on his own

  11. Also, I wish it was for 9 years.

    $7, #8 for 9.

    But hey, it’s done and I’m happy.

  12. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    8 YEARS.. Core Player!!!
    Welcome Back and see you in Vegas
    GO KING GO!!!!

  13. Super relieved that he’s gonna start the season and I hope he’l play at Frozen Fury on Saturday as I will be attending. I gotta admit though, if I was Anze Kopitar I might be feeling a little bit under appreciated right now.

  14. Great term!! a little expensive now but in 5 years the cap hit and cash won’t be as bad. He’d better own up to it!

  15. SO guys where is the signature??
    Frozen Fury here we come!!

  16. also hope this doesnt mean voynov goes down to manch. hes gotta stay. send down or trade martinez

  17. I’m happy that its done……but then I think about Shea Weber and in not so happy about the contract……I wanna hear Doughty’s side of the negotiations now.

  18. The only thing sweeter than reading this post will be seeing Dustin Brown raise the cup at the end of a long hard fought season!!!! GO KINGS!!!!!!!

  19. Well said JT Dutch.

    I think we all knew it would get done so surprise isn’t the right word but maybe extreme relief would be a better way to say it.

    Well, now we find out if DD is the generational talent that several people myself included believe he is and will continue to develop into or just another talented young player.

    I have no doubt about the kid, never have.

    Welcome back to your team DD, now earn the rest. It is going to be the greatest time of your life doing so.

    • maybe extreme relief would be a better way to say it.

      … Definitely. But, for me, relief is happiness.

      I’m very excited for the season to get started. All the moves, the hearsay, the bullshit … all that’s over, for all intents and purposes. Now’s the time to see what this team can do.

      I couldn’t be happier with this deal. Drew got a bit more per year than Anze did, and Dean got a bit more term. They really worked it to perfection. Dean Lombardi got this done. Standing O for the GM on this one.

      I’m having a bottle of champagne to celebrate. What a great night! Eight great years of great number Eight.

  20. Hearing Leiweke say “I respect Don Meehan” in his press statement, when you know he just wants to call the guy a cock stain, makes me glad I don’t have a job that requires verbal tact.

  21. After the day I had today…I can’t think of much more welcome news.

    It’s time to rip some Western Conference ass! Ya, baby!

  22. Compromise – where appropriate. Good.

    When the guy on KNX referred to “a king-sized deal”, I was 40% expecting trade. Immediate thought – if it doesn’t include Parise or Bolland…and if Bolland then it better be a fucking 3-way with Tor. or Ott. Mgmt. mentioning “trade” twice in the past week got me ready to not be surprised.

    Pleased, but still feel like I’m waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Wish I were more excited, but
    that will take shitting on VAN, SJ and ANA from on high, as we should, and proving we belong with Det. and Chi.- year after year. Like DL says he wants to do.

    This I call taking care of business – like eliminating Phx. in the first round. Necesary, laudable in a muted kind of way.

    Well TM, I believe the spotlight is pretty squarly upon you.

    • I agree, Feralcat. No longer can we say, the pieces are just not there. This falls unquestionably on TM to lead the way. Lets hope he has the means to get things done. He pisses me off on some fronts, but I still have faith he has what it takes to get us to the promise land. Go Kings Go!

  23. Hear, O Israel!!

    The prodigal hath returned and the Allmighty rejoiceth in him more than in ninety-and-nine just persons!

    This is precisely the outcome I hoped for. Lombardi himself let it be known shortly after Weber’s arbitration award: He was asked if he’d be willing to pay DD $7-mil and he answered enigmatically but straightforwardly that it would depend on how many UFA years he could get for the money.

    If Dewey is indeed the defenseman we all hope he is, then in four or five years the extra dough we’re laying out will be mouseshit compared to what it’s buying for us. Eight years for $56-mil is an absolute win.

    Please excuse me while I wipe the come off my pants.

  24. Thank God this is over!! Everyone compromised and got the deal done. I am happy about this….Now bring the cup to LA!!!


  25. Where is DDs signature? Don’t tell me you sold it to a Suck fan…
    You gardening cleansing son of a bitch…you did, didn’t you? Friggin sell-out

    • Jorgen, they said from the beginning that Doughty’s signature would remain on the page until he signed. He’s now signed so it’s understandably not there. :) I’m so excited for Kings hockey this season!!! GO KINGS GO!!!!!

      • Technically, DD hasn’t signed yet. It’s an agreement in principal. He has to undergo physicals and testing before he can sign. I know it’s nit-picking, but let’s see what shape he is in.

        • You nay-saying prick! What’re you trying to do? Give the whole fan community a fucking heart attack?!? Haven’t we spent too much time already in a state of hyper-tension and penile drip? Shut your bloody ‘ole, mister!

          Dewey is getting on that plane in peak condition. Peak! The kid’s made of iron, Goddamnit! Every breath he takes, every sinew, each strand of hair screams health and strength and shape. And he has a twelve-foot dick.

          You put the whammy on DD — if he shows up for that medical exam with even so much as an un-picked nose — and I’ll get you for it. So help me God. I’ll get you.

          • There’s a difference between nay-saying and advocating a ramp-up start for a week to catch him up to speed. That’s not a hex, it’s smart hockey. Starting the season off with good conditioning means more endurance. Look at Penner thus far, for example. (I can’t believe I just said that.) It sounds like Drew has been doing the same off-season conditioning, but he acknowledges there is a difference between skating with the Knights versus being on NHL ice. The regular season isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

            DOUGHTY: “No, I think I could play. I haven’t skated with an NHL team or anything like that yet, but I think I’m in great shape. I worked really hard this offseason, in the gym and on the ice. If they want me to play on Saturday, I guess I’ll play.”

            I’m glad he’s back, and he’s eager to win with the rest of them. Clearly there is a sense of duty and a desire to prove something in the whole club like never before. I just hope Murray uses his head with the way he coaches this team, and learns not to over-coach. Besides, for DD to wish Voynov well and hope he stays with the big team is icing on the cake for the current team chemistry. More than anything, I want to see a crown on top of the Cup, and skate that thing around Staples in the hands of this team.

            Incidentally, Drew must have an excellent tailor to skate the way he does with a 12-foot dick….

  26. wow…yawn! Still don’t care….


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