Read Scribe’s Article, Watch This Video, Then Go To Bed

Read the article yet?


Now watch this.

The perfect thing to solidify knowledge that the arid, hockeyless summer melts away. Watching this was a smack in the face of pride, elation and longing. All the elements for being consumingly jazzed up for the season are in place.

HF Boarder Rommel brings us this gnarly video. Check out his YouTube page, he’s got a ton of videos, the shorter, to the point exciting kind that I like.

I’ll read you the bedtime story tomorrow (not a joke).

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7 replies

  1. Ok, time to pack for Vegas…..that video got me super pumped

  2. Lots of practice, please. No groin injuries.

    Thanks for making the commitment. Welcome to the new LA Kings.

    PS A thought…

    Wonder how much, if any the sudden opening of purse strings is part of a scheme to promote good will and demonstrate a commitment to winning in order to smooth the road to Farmer’s Field. If that’s what it took to turn the corner with this club it’s fine with me.

  3. It’s over………..Fuck em

    You’re Ass Is OURS Biatch!!!!!!

    You got paid Mutha Fucka……now you owe>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. Drew signed finally!

    Saga is over. His name can be mentioned.

    I’ll take 8 years at 7 mil per.

  5. Bring on any team in the NHL!!! The video was great.

  6. Gotta admit, he’s got God given talent…


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