The hero’s journey is instinctively known to each of us. The call to adventure starts the path forward. The hero crosses the first threshold, passes through the belly of the whale, battles through the road of trials and eventually reaches a point of temptation away from the true path. In movies, the superhero experiences the latter through his dark moment where public perception turns on him. Alas, it never ends there. He conquers temptation, defeats darkness, atones with the father and reaches apotheosis, becoming God like, until he attains the ultimate boon.

Drew Doughty’s journey has been that of the hero. He, perhaps unwittingly at the time, followed the ideas proposed by Bastian, flirted with Jung’s archetypes and collective consciousness and exemplified Campbell’s monomyth. In the process, he tortured you, tortured me, and ended it all with his trademark smile.

If you have followed along closely, you will notice where Drew Doughty left off in the hero’s journey. He conquered temptation and defeated darkness. Atoned with the father? From Drew’s own words,

Our team is going to be great this year. I really just can’t wait to get there, and hopefully everyone can put this in the past. I know some people are probably pretty angry at me, but things happen and I’m just really happy.

Even the most cynical must admit there is a pattern emerging here, one that isn’t always visible to the observer during the journey but eventually takes shape near the crescendo.

So, what becomes of our superhero now? Is all forgiven? Of course. The rest and the future, like the past, is up to him, to fortune, to chance and, perhaps most important, to fate’s scribes. Let us hope the one writing the story is, like me, a hopeless romantic.


The ultimate boon.

Whatever could that mean here?

You are not just observers. You are part of this epic. This is your journey, that of a Kings’ fan through the years or decades of pain, patience, promise and hope. What do you say? Are you ready to make the myth?