The Culmination of Emotions Ends In Elation

The hero’s journey is instinctively known to each of us. The call to adventure starts the path forward. The hero crosses the first threshold, passes through the belly of the whale, battles through the road of trials and eventually reaches a point of temptation away from the true path. In movies, the superhero experiences the latter through his dark moment where public perception turns on him. Alas, it never ends there. He conquers temptation, defeats darkness, atones with the father and reaches apotheosis, becoming God like, until he attains the ultimate boon.

Drew Doughty’s journey has been that of the hero. He, perhaps unwittingly at the time, followed the ideas proposed by Bastian, flirted with Jung’s archetypes and collective consciousness and exemplified Campbell’s monomyth. In the process, he tortured you, tortured me, and ended it all with his trademark smile.

If you have followed along closely, you will notice where Drew Doughty left off in the hero’s journey. He conquered temptation and defeated darkness. Atoned with the father? From Drew’s own words,

Our team is going to be great this year. I really just can’t wait to get there, and hopefully everyone can put this in the past. I know some people are probably pretty angry at me, but things happen and I’m just really happy.

Even the most cynical must admit there is a pattern emerging here, one that isn’t always visible to the observer during the journey but eventually takes shape near the crescendo.

So, what becomes of our superhero now? Is all forgiven? Of course. The rest and the future, like the past, is up to him, to fortune, to chance and, perhaps most important, to fate’s scribes. Let us hope the one writing the story is, like me, a hopeless romantic.


The ultimate boon.

Whatever could that mean here?

You are not just observers. You are part of this epic. This is your journey, that of a Kings’ fan through the years or decades of pain, patience, promise and hope. What do you say? Are you ready to make the myth?

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  1. Welcome back Drew. The next 8 are going to be fantastic.

  2. Hopeful. Not a Believer. A lot of tribes between here and Jerusalem, still across the sea. Our feet will blister long before we get there – by the time we leave our shores. Looking at my equipment and provisions, thinking it over. Examining my sword, thinking about the Gods and my fruit trees. Watching the men and the captains – trying to get a read on what they’ll show when the barbarians bear down on us for the slaughter. Are we up to this, or just fools? Wondering: where exactly is the Kingdom of God to be found?

    Touching the wound or the chalice – could make me a Believer (I was properly named by my parents, to their sincere dismay).

    Still, I smile to hear the toasts and songs the first night out – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. It’s an exciting time to be a Kings fan. My Dad had me in Kings gear since I was a baby, so technically I’ve been a fan for 26 years…but probably 22 years by choice , ha! It’s been a tough road full of ups and downs, but every year this damn team makes my life better in some way.

    I truly believe they will be a Championship team in the near future. And let me tell you, when it happens, I will break down and cry like a silly kid and most likely rip off my shirt, expose my chest pubes, and run through LA high fiving every person that I see screaming out of pure joy and elation. I’ve already told my wife that WHEN the Kings win the Cup, it’ll be the best day of my life…but our wedding day will be a close 2nd.

  4. I’ve read guys on other blog sites who criticize DL and the Kings for “caving in” to Doughty’s demands.

    Are they COMPLETELY fucking stupid?

    The offer was $6.5 for nine years. After a bit of huffing and puffing — and a $7.5-mil arbitration award to Weber — the Deal gets done for a half-million more at eight years. All this despite having to negotiate with the Asshole of Assholes, who kept Stamkos down to five years.

    I believe Dewey has yet to show just how good he is. I believe that in this market he’s easily worth $7-mil. I believe that by the time he’s Weber’s age we’ll know we got him cheap. I believe DL pulled off one of the bitchenest coups in the NHL. I DON’T believe we got away with a deal this good.

    But we had an advantage that musta really curdled Meehan’s blood: Dewey really does wanna play for the Kings. And the thought of missing a trip to Europe was more than his 21-year-old ass could bear.

  5. So, what becomes of our superhero now? Is all forgiven? Of course.

    … What’s there to even forgive? It’s not like he missed any actual games. He missed some practices and some scrimmages.

    Where’s Allen Iverson to dispense his wisdom? “We’re talkin’ about practice, here. Not the game. We’re talkin’ about practice.”

    It’s all about the results. If Drew puts the numbers up on the board, he’ll be golden. If not, he’ll be targeted.

  6. No way Drew misses out on the Euro sluts.

    I’m glad he signed, I can live with the deal. Nothing exorbitant, but more than he is technically worth right now. The 8 years part is the deal for me, 3 years into his FA is great. Come FA time, I hope for his sake (and the teams) that he is worth a lot more than that 7 mil. Whether he would then stay a King is another question for another time, but I do like the deal.

  7. Fun Read

    So stupidly deep on D. With the signing of The Hunter we have our fragile but very very good 3rd line winger WS pseudo replacement and are looking better than we have in more than a decade going into the season. DD is a generational talent and will start proving himself even more so now.


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