Terry Murray’s Pause…Let’s Speculate

Let’s have some fun. Before the game, we got this from Hammond:

NOTE: Dustin Penner was a late scratch from the game, with an undisclosed injury. I’m hoping for an update after the game.

Upper body? Lower body? Out of body?

Immediately after the game we got:

Dwight King took Penner’s spot in the lineup.After the game, when asked about Dustin Penner’s status, and why he missed the game, Terry Murray paused, then said that he made the decision to scratch Penner in order to get another look at Dwight King. Before the game, a team spokesman said Penner “had an injury,” and that Murray would give an update after the game. So, we’ll see tomorrow.

This was followed by:

No, that was just me making a change in the lineup. I wanted to see Kinger [Dwight King] one more time. And I was kind of pleased with the way he performed, with a last-minute decision like that. What a great play on the goal. He played, probably, his best game of the training camp, all around. Really skating well, playing with two good players, reading off them, moving the puck, keeping up with the pace. I thought his game was outstanding, actually.

You paused after you read Terry paused didn’t you? You then paused again when you realized that you paused not just because Terry Murray paused but because Hammond found it important enough to mention Terry Murray paused, which had to have been a noteworthy pause because Terry generally pauses before he answers questions. Did the team spokesman make an incorrect statement? Maybe…but I don’t think so. Why? Because Terry Murray paused.

So, what could it be?

1. He is injured, Terry doesn’t want to talk about it. Why? Is the upper or lower classification taboo now?

2. He isn’t injured, the spokesman was wrong and Murray really wanted to put in Dwight King at the last-minute. Simple, but why the pause? Perhaps the pause was because Murray didn’t know that the spokesman had told Hammond Penner was injured. In other words, Terry was thinking the following during the pause, “son of a bitch, I told that [insert name of spokesman here] to keep his mouth shut, oh oh, I have paused, Hammond is waiting for an answer, damn it, I still haven’t answered his question, now the pause is just getting longer, why the hell is my eye twitching? Jesus, Hammond is skinny. SHIT! Turn off your brain, stop thinking, stop pausing, say something! SPEAK!!”

3. Terry Murray knew if he paused, we would write about it and he enjoys reading the site.

4. Penner has been traded and Zach Parise is getting on a plane to L.A.

5. That wasn’t Dwight King out there. That was Dustin Penner.

6. Dan Ellis sucks.

That is all I can think of…any other ideas?

Murray also said that he expected to make a couple roster cuts tonight, so hopefully those will be passed along fairly shortly…

Bye, Bye, Parse.

Bye, Bye, Happiness.

Hello waiver or trade

I think you’re a-gonna cry-y.

Then again, if Penner is injured, Parse stays.

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18 replies

  1. maybe the injury is something stupid like… explosive diarrhea, or maybe penner drank too much PBR on his day off and is hung over.. Maybe he spend the hole day @ the beach and fried himself a nice 2nd degree sunburn..

  2. Why you rely upon Hammond’s references to TM’s pauses and burps and wheezes and snorts is beyond me. Hammond is not a reliable source of information. He is the Norman Bates of contemporary sports reporters.

    His negatively tropic reaction to profane and abusive language is so severe it almost amounts to a morbid symptom. That alone is enough to acid-burn his name onto my shit-list.

    • eh… I like Hammond.

      I understand the need for some people to fell like fucking swearing. It’s the best fuckin shit on the planet when i feel like callin out some shithead on some bitch ass remark. (actually I don’t do that at all … that was just a lame excuse to post some profane ass mother fuckin shit).

      although …not sure how anyone can arrive at the “not a reliable source of information”. That’s pretty much baseless unless you can site me multiple specific examples of when Hammond intentionally posted misleading or flat out untrue information.

      • Who says “intentionally” posted?

        He can be just as fulla shit and still remain honest and sincere.

        Anyone who puts a cork in a source of dirty words is a censor down to the bone — which is fine for a family blog (whatever that is). But it’s the LAST kind of thinking that fuels journalistic accuracy.

  3. Murray paused, because he was trying to squeez out a fart. The fart was silent and deadly, but Rich wasn’t down wind, or he would of puked, then passed out.

  4. Who’s this FA Cam Paddock c/w that we signed… and why?

  5. 4. Penner has been traded and Zach Parise is getting on a plane to L.A.

    *faps furiously in the corner*

  6. Do the Kings have a trade in principle with the Devils?

  7. Wonder what Penner showed in the preseason?

  8. “…now the pause is just getting longer, why the hell is my eye twitching? Jesus, Hammond is skinny. SHIT! Turn off your brain, stop thinking, stop pausing, say something! SPEAK!!”

    Now that’s some funny shit. I could actually imagine TM thinking this.

    I do think it’s #2 though (no pun intended). Either that or what Dominick said.

  9. Parse ain’t going nowhere. He’s an NHL proven forward who needs to get wing friendly fast but he has incredible potential. He gets another shot to show that he can still do it an that he is not gonna get injured every year. Trust me … you’ll be glad they did.

  10. Am I the only one who likes Bernier more that Quick right now as my goalie?

    • “right now”.. I always preferred Bernier. Interesting dilemma this year

    • Agree with the “right now” part – not two years ago, not last season, but now…think he ends up the better of the two. More likely an eventual monster. Started watching this last year.

      Like the Devils talk, but Penner’s contract isn’t light for such an unpredictable contributor – couldn’t they do better? Maybe a three-way with Penner’s contract going away – perhaps with a non-contender as 3rd party – draft picks and the Devils pulling the trigger on rebuilding? Kovalchuk to… (love those three-ways…make improbable situations more… thinkable.)

      “Out of body”? keep it coming!

    • Am I the only one who likes Bernier more that Quick right now as my goalie?

      … 1A, 1B. Split the games. May the best man prevail.

      I’ve been calling for this for over a year now. They have two goalies under contract for this season and next, and because they feel that they’re getting bargains on both of the goalies’ salaries, they don’t want to give either one of them up. I don’t see a better way to decide this.


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